May 2019 Horoscopes


The month ahead is basically happy and prosperous. Though you have two strong planets in stressful alignment with you, the other planets are leaving you alone. Health should be okay. Finances look especially good. You’re still in the midst of a yearly financial peak until the 21st. Not only that, but you have “happy money” this month – money that is earned in happy ways. You’re also spending on happy things. Speculations seem favorable – but you should only do this under intuition. Children and children figures in your life seem helpful financially. They can be motivators (especially if they are young) or actual contributors (in the case of older children). Mercury in the money house from the 6th to the 21st shows earnings through trading, buying, selling, sales, marketing and good PR. Venus, your financial planet, is in your sign until the 15th. This is another indicator of prosperity. Financial opportunities seek you out. You have the image of a prosperous person and dress the part. An excellent period for buying clothes and accessories. The choices will be good. Health is good but you can enhance it even further with a face and scalp massage (until the 6th) neck and throat massage (from the 6th to the 21st), and an arm and shoulder massage from the 21st onwards. Love also looks happy. Venus in your sign shows the devotion of the current love. For singles it shows that love pursues you not the other way around. There’s nothing special that you need to do to attract love, just go about your business.


A happy and prosperous month ahead Taurus. Enjoy. The earth element is very strong this month and this is wonderful for you. Earth is your native element and you are very comfortable with this. Your natural practicality is even stronger than usual. This spells prosperity. Power in the earth element gives the ability to manifest ideas - to make them real – solid – tangible. On the 21st  as the Sun moves in to your money house you begin your yearly financial peak. But you will feel the prosperity even before the 21st. Mercury moves into your sign on the sixth and this will bring financial windfalls and opportunity to you. Money will seek you out rather than vice versa. You are a money magnet this month. Perhaps the ease with which you make money makes you a bit speculative – a bit rash or careless. Mars is in your money house all month. Speculate by all means but in a mindful way. The planetary power is in the maximum eastern position this month. So, you are in a period of maximum independence. This is your time to make any changes that enhance your happiness. Later on, it will be more difficult. Love is being tested all year and the testing continues this month. The problem is not you. You look great, have great personal charisma and charm, but the spouse or partner seems very serious - perhaps a bit depressed. He or she is feeling older than his or her actual years. Be patient.


Mars is out of bounds all month. Thus, friends or friendship obligations can be pulling you out of your natural sphere. Your online activities can be also out of the ordinary. Mars will be in your sign until the 16th. So, like last month, be careful of haste and rush as these can lead to accident or injury. The current love and perhaps friends as well can see you as spoiling for a fight. It is great to stick up for yourself, but you don’t need to overdo it. Watch the temper until the 16th. On the 21st both the Sun and Mercury move into your sign. You begin one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks. A great time to enjoy all the sensual delights – the pleasures of the body. Also, a great month to get the body in the shape that you want. You look good. The personal appearance shines. The opposite sex takes notice. But love can be complicated. Too much self-will is generally not good for love. You and the current love are seeing things from opposite perspectives. Unless you can bridge your differences there will be conflict. Health is good this month. You can enhance it further through back and knee massage. An herbal colonic might also be a good idea. Mars will be in your money house from the 16th onwards this can make you a bit reckless in finance. On the other hand, it shows a financial fearlessness and an ability to achieve financial goals quickly. Mars in your money house favors high-tech and online activities. You will probably be spending on these things as well. The mind is sharp and the communication skills better than usual. A very good month for writers, teachers, students, sales and marketing people.


Health is improving day by day. Though you still have two long-term planets in stressful alignment with you, by the 15th, the short-term planets will be leaving you alone. You can enhance health even further with thigh massage and massage of the liver reflex. The career is still good and seems successful, but interest will be winding down as the month progresses. I read this as a good sign, as short-term career goals are achieved and now you can move to other interests. The power this month is in the 11th and 12th houses. The month ahead is very social, not necessarily romantic. It’s more about friendships and group activities. With your 11th house strong, this is a good month to enhance your knowledge of high-tech, science and astrology. Many people have their horoscopes done under these kinds of aspects. A parent to parent figure is having a banner financial month. Mars moves in to your sign on the 16th. This is excellent for the career. It shows that career opportunities are seeking you out. It shows that you have the favor of elders, parent figures, bosses and authority figures. Do you have the image and persona of a successful person? You dress that way and people see you that way. Career obligations can take you outside your natural sphere. The month ahead is also very spiritual - your 12th House of spirituality becomes very strong after the 21st. This is a good time to pursue your spiritual goals, study sacred literature and focus on your spiritual practice.


On an overall level your health is excellent this year. But the month ahead is not one of your best health months. Overall energy is not up to its usual standard. So be sure to get more rest this month. Enhance the health, as always, with a back and knee massage. Try not to overdo the sexual activity. An herbal colonic would be a good idea if you feel under the weather. Part of the reason for the lower energy could be the strong career focus this month. You are in a yearly career peak and the demands of career are very strong. You are very successful on a worldly level these days. Love was happy last month and is happy this month as well. The 17th to the 19th seems especially good. Finances also seem good. Your financial planet, Mercury, moves speedily this month. This shows financial confidence. Until the sixth Mercury is in your ninth house showing enlarged financial horizons. From the 6th to the 21st Mercury will be in your 10th House, this brings the financial favor of bosses, elders, and authority figures. This can bring a pay raise - official or unofficial. The financial judgment is very sound from the sixth to the 21st. Decisions should be good. Mercury goes out of bounds on the 28th and stays that way for the rest of the month. Thus, in finance you’re outside your usual box. In unknown territory. Nevertheless, Mercury in his own sign from the 21st onwards is good financially - he is strong in his own sign and house.


Finances should improve after the 15th. Until the 15th you seem rash and reckless in finance. You spend impulsively and perhaps make impulsive financial decisions. After the 15th the financial judgment is much more stable and realistic. Moreover, Venus will be receiving better aspects. Until the 15th it is good to use spare cash to pay down debt. You seem involved in the finances of the current spouse partner or love. It is good to focus on the prosperity of others and to be mindful of their financial interests. More patience is needed with children and children figures. They seem a burden. They seem pessimistic and perhaps overly serious. Most of the planets are still in the Western social sector of your chart. Mercury, the Lord of your horoscope, is also in the Western sector. So, while self-esteem and self-confidence are good the focus is on others. Let others have their ways so long as it isn’t destructive. Love goes best from the 6th to the 21st. Sudden money can come to you from the 17th to the 19th. Some of you will need to make important financial changes. An unemployed Virgo is a rare thing. But if you fall into that category there is a wonderful opportunity on the 7th and 8th. On the 21st both the Sun and Mercury move into your 10th house. You begin a yearly career peak. You are honored and appreciated for who you are as much as for your professional achievements. Being involved in charities or altruistic projects boosts the career.


You are basically in a prosperous period this month, but it will happen slowly and with delays. Be patient. Your financial planet Pluto is retrograde all month. Not only that but he is traveling with Saturn. This is not a month for the quick buck. Take the long view in your financial life. Build wealth slowly, steadily, methodically. While your own wealth might be happening slowly, your spouse, partner or current love is in a yearly financial peak. He or she will be generous. You seem very popular this month. You’re going out of your way for others and they appreciate it. Like last month, your love planet, Mars is out of bounds. So, love takes you outside your normal sphere. You are mixing with people that you normally don’t mix with. You are outside your normal social circle. Love makes you think outside the box. Until the 16th love happens in foreign lands, with foreigners, or at college or religious functions. After the 16th it happens as you pursue your career goals. Status, power, and prestige seem important love-wise. Your social grace and social connections boost the career. You are probably mixing with people of high status and power. Your love planet at the top of your chart is good for love. It shows that it is high on your priority list. Those involved in a relationship would feel that their relationship is the real career, the real mission, from the 16th onwards. Health needs more watching from the 16th onwards.


Jupiter in your money house shows prosperity for the year. But Jupiter is retrograde all month so though earnings will be slower than usual. Important purchases or investments or financial decisions need more study. Since Jupiter is retrograde for many months it is not practical to stop your financial life. However, you can do more due diligence. Earnings will probably be greater before the 21st then after. Love is the major headline this month. While singles are not likely to marry, they seem to be having a good time. You are well in the midst of a yearly love and a social peak. There are many romantic opportunities. But the stability of these things are questionable. Enjoy the romantic life for what it is without trying to project too much onto them. The 17th to the 19th brings a sudden social opportunity. Health needs more watching until the 21st. As always make sure to get enough rest. High energy is the first defense against disease. You can enhance your health through arm and shoulder massage until the 16th. Breathing exercises are also good until the 16th. After the 16th pay more attention to your diet. Good emotional health is also important after the 16th. Your health planet, Mars, spends the month out of bounds. Thus, in health matters you seem more experimental and going outside your normal sphere. Your job situation could also take you outside of your normal sphere. Cars and communication equipment need more tender loving care.


Health needs more watching after the 21st. The good news is that your 6th house of health is very strong. You’re paying attention here. You can enhance your health through face and scalp massage until the 15th and through neck and throat massage after the 15th. Vigorous physical exercise is good until the 15th as well. After the 15th Earth-based therapies are powerful. Soaking in mineral rich waters, mud packs, spending time in the mountains or old forest where the earth energy is strong are also good. Your job prospects are super this month. If you are unemployed there are plenty of jobs out there for you. And, even if you are already employed you will have opportunities for overtime or side jobs. Children and children figures in your life are having a strong financial month. Your personal finances are more complicated. Your financial planet, Saturn, is retrograde. So, your job right now is to attain financial clarity. You probably won’t be able to avoid major purchases or financial decisions during Saturn’s retrograde however, you can minimize these things. Only proceed after your doubts have been resolved. On the 21st both the Sun and Mercury enter your 7th house of love. You begin a yearly love and social peak. The romantic life will be active and happy. Very important to bridge the differences between you and the current love. Opposite perspectives on things don’t make either of you bad people. In astrology opposites are the natural partners. They are seen as complements not as adversaries.


With Saturn in your sign for the past year and a half you’ve been much too serious. This is the month for fun. Your 5th house of fun and creativity is ultra-powerful. You are in the midst of your yearly personal pleasure peak. This lighthearted attitude should also help the love life and social relationships. The month ahead looks prosperous as well. Your financial planet, Uranus, is receiving much positive stimulation. Though you are not a speculator by nature, this month can bring luck here. Health and energy are also very good. Many planets in the element of earth this month are very comfortable for you. Your naturally good organizational skills are even better than usual. You have a strong focus on health but be careful not to overdo it. When health is good and the 6th house is strong there is a tendency to magnify little things into big things. The focus on health should be about healthy lifestyles and preventives. On the 16th Mars enters your seventh house of love. Try to avoid power struggles with the beloved. Most likely you will be socializing more from home and with the family. Social and romantic opportunities are likely to come from the family or family connections. For singles family values seem important in a lover. Career is not a major issue this month, but this will change and coming months. Family and children seem more important than the career.


Career is more a less on hold as Pluto your career plan is retrograde all month. Not only that but Saturn is traveling with Pluto further slowing things down. So, with your 4th house ultra-powerful you might as well focus on home and family issues - this is where the action is until the 21st. This is a month for making psychological progress. Those of you who are in therapy should have breakthroughs this month. But even if you are not in formal therapy you will experience nature’s method of psychological healing. Generally, you’re not a person who deals too much into the past. But of late, ever since Uranus moved into your fourth house, the past is becoming ever more interesting and ever more with you. This month especially so. Old memories will come up, apparently spontaneously so that you can look at them from your present state of consciousness. This mere looking will redefine past events in a better light and healing will happen. Finances are good until the 21st but afterwards will need more work and effort. The dream life will be especially active from the 17th to the 19th. This is part of the healing process going on. On the 21st your fifth house becomes strong and you enter your yearly personal pleasure peak. It’s party time. Time to enjoy life. Love is close to home this month. A romantic evening at home is preferable to a night out on the town. But this attitude will change after the 21st. Then you will prefer the night out on the town. Love doesn’t seem serious then, just entertainment.


2019 is going to be a super career year. A year of elevation and professional success. But now that Jupiter is retrograde and most of the planets are in the night side of your chart, the career is under development. With your fourth house of home and family becoming ultra-strong after the 21st, it is good to pursue career goals by the methods of night rather than the methods of day. Dream, visualize, enter the emotional - psychological - state of where you want to be. Later you will take overt actions towards your goals. Your home base and your personal point of emotional harmony will lay the groundwork for future career success. The higher you want to go, the deeper your foundation must be. Love is basically happy this month but better from the 6th to the 21st than before or after. Until the 6th love opportunities happen as you pursue your financial goals or with people involved in your finances. Wealth is a romantic turn on. From the 6th to the 21st love opportunities happen in the neighborhood, at lectures, seminars and school functions. Intellectual harmony is very important in love. From the 21st onwards love is close to home. There is more socializing with the family and from home. Family members like to play Cupid. Family connections are a source for social and romantic opportunity. Health is basically good this month but after the 21st needs more watching. Enhance the health with neck and throat massage until the 21st. After the 21st arm and shoulder massage is powerful. Breathing exercises and fresh air are important after the 21st.