May 2018 Horoscopes

May 2018 Horoscopes



A very important month — financially and otherwise. Uranus has spent seven years in your sign. This month, he leaves your sign (on the 16th) and moves into Taurus, your money house. This is not yet a permanent move — he will retrograde back into your sign on November 7th — but the bulk of his impact on your image and personal life is over with. You’re more settled now, more stable. Your image and self concept is more or less set, and your love life will start to become more stable too. The month ahead is prosperous. You’re still in the midst of a yearly financial peak until the 21st. Earnings are strong. There is luck in speculations and money is earned in happy ways (and spent on happy things too). Uranus’ move into the money house shows major financial changes happening in coming months - dramatic ones. I feel these will be for the better. But the financial situation becomes more unstable - unstable but exciting. You’re throwing out all the financial rule books and learning what works for you through trial, error and experiment. (This tendency becomes a lot stronger in 2019 when Uranus enters the money house for the long haul.) Career is still very important but becoming a bit less so. Mars will leave your 10th House on the 16th and enter the 11th, so the month ahead is more social. There is more involvement with friends, groups and group activities. You’re more involved in the online world. And, often, when the Lord of the Horoscope is in the 11th House, people have their Horoscopes done. Your knowledge of astrology should expand.


A happy and prosperous month, Taurus. Enjoy. Uranus’ move into your sign — not yet a permanent condition — is a harbinger of things to come. You’re going to learn to be comfortable with change — and sudden change. This is not Taurus’ strong point. They like their routine. They like predictability. They like stability. So this is going to be a spiritual lesson for you. You must embrace change - enjoy it - learn to be comfortable with it. This will be a process that will go on for at least seven years, but there are some very nice things that come with this. You are seen by others as successful. You have the image of the successful person. People look up to you. Very happy career opportunities will seek you out - nothing much you need to do - just show up. A parent or parent figure seems very devoted to you. Bosses and superiors are kindly disposed as well. Health is still excellent — especially until the 21st. Even Mars’ move into your 10th House (and in stressful alignment with you) will not affect your health too much you still have overwhelming planetary help. However it shows a busy career. Strong career demands. It shows a need for more aggressiveness in the career. Being involved in charities and altruistic causes should help the career. Money is always important to Taurus and on the 21st, as the Sun enters your money house, you begin a yearly financial peak. Your Financial Planet, Mercury, moves speedily as well - this shows confidence and rapid progress.


There is still social instability this month — especially from the 11th to the 18th. But this will lessen as time goes on. Uranus is moving out of your 11th House of friends and moving into your 12th House on the 16th. This is going to bring important spiritual changes — in your practice, your teachings and teachers. You will feel this more strongly in 2019 when Uranus enters your 12th House for the long haul, but you’re feeling the beginnings of it now and in the next few months. It is time to take a more scientific approach to your spirituality. Astrology also seems important in that regard. The month ahead is basically happy and healthy. There are no long term planets in stressful aspect with you. Energy levels are high and when this happens all kinds of doors open up. Things that seemed impossible are now suddenly “doable”. Your Health Planet Pluto will be retrograde all month so avoid making important changes to the health regime. If you do, make sure to do your homework and due diligence. Your spiritual 12th House is very strong this month. This will bring spiritual type breakthroughs - for those of you open to them. There will be many more over the next seven or so years. Love is more delicate this month. Your love planet is still retrograde, and until the 21st, is receiving stressful aspects. So you need to work harder on your relationships. The problem is that the spouse, partner or current love seems to lack direction. But your should see improvement in love after the 21st. Unwise to make important love decisions one way or another. This is a time for getting clear.


Health still needs watching but is improving day by day. Mercury moves away from his stressful aspect with you on the 13th. Uranus and Mars move away from stressful alignments on the 16th. A big change from a few months ago. Perhaps some pill or therapy will get the credit for this, but the reality is the shift of the planetary power in your favor. Uranus’ move into your 11th House is a major — once in seven years — event. This will bring major changes in your social circle and friendships. Over the next 7 years — you’re only feeling the beginnings of this — you will be in a new social circle. Venus’ move into your sign on the 19th is wonderful for love. It improves the personal appearance. You dress more stylishly. You exude a sense of grace. But love is still complicated and singles are not likely to marry these days. By the 16th, your 10th House of career empties out. Career goals — the short term ones at least — have been achieved and the focus shifts to social issues — friendships, groups and group activities. This is the reward of career success - we mix with different kinds of people. Finance doesn’t seem a big issue this month. Your money house is basically empty. This would tend to the status quo. However, being involved with groups and friends - also online activities - boosts the bottom line. After the 21st, the Sun (your Financial Planet) moves into your 12th House of spirituality, so the financial intuition is very much enhanced. You are probably more charitable these days too. Get right spiritually and finances will take care of themselves.


The sudden changes going on in your career are only the beginning. Get used to it. Learn to become comfortable with career change. All the fixed patterns are being broken up — and this will go on for seven more years. Sudden changes are not necessarily bad - good and exciting things can happen suddenly too. Over the next seven years, many of you will change careers and career paths, and even if you don’t literally change your career, you will change your approach to it. Uranus’ move into Taurus your 10th House also signals changes in love and the love attitudes. For one thing, you will be a bit more cautious in love. You won’t just jump into things and regret it later. Moreover, the relationships that you do enter into will be more stable. Your love life is excellent this month. The career is the scene of romance. Just pursue your career goals and love will find you. With the love planet now at the top of your chart (near the Midheaven), love is your highest aspiration. You are allured to powerful and successful people. You are socializing with these kinds of people. In fact, much of your socializing this month seems career related. Health needs more watching this month. As always, make sure to get enough rest. Make sure the spinal vertebrae are aligned. In spite of all the changes going on, career is successful. You are still in the midst of a yearly career peak. Raises (official or unofficial) are likely from the 13th to the 30th. Your good professional reputation brings referrals and other opportunities.


Love and career shine this month. Jupiter, though retrograde, is making beautiful aspects to your love planet, Neptune, all month - though the aspects become more exact later in the month. On the 21st, as the Sun enters your 10th House, you begin a yearly career peak. Follow intuition in the career. Good to be involved in charities and altruistic causes - you make important connections there. Your Financial Planet, Venus, will be in your 10th House until the 19th. This shows the financial favor of bosses, elders, parents and parent figures. If you have issues with the government, this is a good time to deal with them. Guard your good professional reputation as it seems especially important in finance. On the 19th, as your Financial Planet moves into your 11th House, it is good to cultivate friendships and to be involved with groups, organizations and group activities. You will probably spend more on technology, but will earn from it as well. It seems a good investment. Venus’s move into Cancer on the 19th creates a wonderful Grand Trine in the water signs. There is harmony in feeling and harmony in love. It is both excellent for love and for finance. Be careful of excessive moodiness in finance - sleep on things before you make an important decision or purchase. There is a nice payday on the 31st. Health needs more watching from the 21st onwards. Major changes going on in your health regime this month (and in future months). Give more attention to the neck and throat.


Health and energy are very much improved this month. If you’ve been suffering from some condition you should hear some good news about it. Though the two planets involved in your finances — Jupiter and Pluto — are both retrograde, this will be a prosperous month. On the 19th, Venus, the Lord of your Horoscope, enters your 10th House of career, showing personal success and elevation. You are at the top of your world — where you belong. Also, she starts to make nice aspects to Jupiter in your money house. There is luck in speculations (as Neptune is involved in this aspect too) and “happy” money. Sure, if the Financial Planets were moving forward, earnings would be faster and perhaps larger, but still it is very good. Children and children figures in your life are becoming more settled and less rebellious. They still seem in a hurry (especially after the 16th) but a new sense of seriousness is happening in them. This will go on for many more years. Your love life is also becoming more stable these days. Many of you have divorced in recent years. Now (and especially in 2019 and beyond) marriage becomes more doable. Uranus’s move into your 8th House on the 16th (this year it is only a flirtation with this House, but in 2019 it will enter for the long term) shows sexual experimentation. This is a wonderful thing so long as it isn’t destructive. Experimentation is how we learn. Throw out the rule books and see what works for you.


The planetary power is now at its maximum Western position for the year. The two planets involved with self esteem and self confidence — Jupiter and Pluto — are both retrograde all month. Your 7th House of love and social activities is very strong, so this is not a time for self assertion. It is more about others and their needs. Good will come to you through others and their good graces and not necessarily from your personal initiative or effort. So, let others have their way so long as it isn’t destructive. Their way is probably the better way. The social life is very active this period and big changes are happening. You’re mixing with high and mighty people — people of power and prestige. In fact, your career is furthered by social means, rather than personal merit. Who you know is more important career-wise than how good you are. Personal “likability” is very important. Uranus’ move into your 7th House is announcing major changes in the social life. Now you feel only the beginnings, but in 2019 you will feel it for the long term. Married people will have to work harder on their relationship. Singles have an exciting love life, but not very stable. Learning to deal with social instability is going to be the main spiritual lesson in coming years, but love is happy in the month ahead. Venus’s move into Cancer on the 19th creates a Grand Trine in the Water signs (your natural element). You are in an era of “good feeling” from the 19th onwards. Singles will most likely not marry (nor should they) but there is love happening. Uranus’ move into Taurus impacts mostly on those of you born early in the sign of Scorpio (October 23-25) but all of you will feel it somewhat. This can bring career changes and dramas in the lives of people involved in your career.


Health will need more watching from the 21st onwards. Make sure, as always, to get enough rest. Arm and shoulder massage enhances the health until the 19th. After the 19th, pay more attention to the diet. Good digestion becomes important. Good emotional health as well. The good news is that health is important this month and you’re paying more attention. Uranus’ move into your 6th House of health on the 16th shows major changes to the health regime. You are becoming more experimental here, which is basically a good thing. It is every person’s job in life to “learn oneself” - how you personally function. This is what is going on now (and especially from 2019 onwards). The rule books on health get thrown out the window and you learn what works specifically for you. The power in the 6th House all month is good for job seekers. There are many opportunities out there. Those already employed can have job changes — either in your present situation or with a new company or firm. Finances are good this month but become less frenetic after the 16th. You become more conservative, less of a risk taker, after the 16th. Love is the main headline this month. On the 21st, as the Sun enters your 7th House of love, you begin a yearly love and social peak. An active kind of social life. Your love planet , Mercury, moves speedily this month showing confidence and someone who covers a lot of territory. For singles, this means much dating. The needs and preferences in love change very quickly these days — making you a mystery to yourself and to those involved with you romantically.


Mars has been in your sign since March 17th. Saturn and Pluto have been in your sign all year (and Pluto has been there for many years). Saturn’s effect is to slow things down — to proceed methodically and patiently. Mars wants everything in a hurry — now — instantly. So, the effect of these two forces is like driving with the hand brake on. You can’t really get up to speed. Perhaps this is a good thing. Mars can create problems due to rush and impatience. Mars is your family planet and perhaps you’ve been overly involved with the family, but things are changing. Mars leaves your sign on the 16th. That same day Uranus, which has been in your 4th House of home and family, leaves and moves into your 5th House. Things are settling down at home. There is less emotional volatility. The family situation is becoming more stable. Mars’ move into your money house on the 16th shows spending more on the home and family and perhaps earning from this as well. Family connections (and the family itself) seems important in the financial life. Capricorns are conservative type people. But with your Financial Planet moving into the 5th House on the 16th, you seem more speculative and risk taking in finance. Your personal creativity becomes more marketable. This position favors real estate (perhaps speculative real estate) the entertainment field and industries that cater to youth. Pay attention to your children and children figures in your life — they have good financial ideas and insights. Venus moves into your 7th House of love on the 19th. So there is love opportunity for singles - only, as has been the case all year, you need to lighten up more.


This year is an excellent and successful career year. But now, with the two planets involved in the career retrograde, go slow. Get clear. Avoid making important decisions. You need more facts. Besides, your 4th House of home and family is where the power is this month, so focus more there. If your domestic life is solid, your career will be solid later on. There is another reason to pay more attention to the home, family and your emotional wellness. Uranus is moving into your 4th House on the 16th. This will bring major changes here. In coming years, there can be multiple moves, multiple renovations of the home and shakeups in the family situation. Your attention is needed — and you’re giving it. You’re working to create a “team spirit” in the family. Probably you’re “modernizing” the home — installing all kinds of high tech gadgetry there. Aquarians tend to be “futuristic” thinkers. But these days (and you’ll feel it even more from 2019 onwards), you’re very interested in the past. History (family, personal and the country’s) is becoming an important interest. Sometimes we need to go back before we can move forward. Love is also close to home — especially until the 21st. There is more socializing at home and with the family. Family connections are involved in the romantic life (they like to play cupid). After the 21st, love and romantic opportunities happen in the usual places — places of entertainment, the theater, resorts, parties and the like. But love is about fun, it doesn’t seem serious.


Though health needs watching from the 21st onwards and energy is not up to its usual standards, many nice things are happening. There are happy career developments going on. Right now they can be “behind the scenes”, but you will see them later on. Venus’s move into Cancer on the 19th brings and era of “good feeling” — there will be a Grand Trine in the Water element — your native element. There is emotional harmony. There is more fun — more harmony with children and children figures in your life. Foreign travel wouldn’t be a surprise either — though you should allow more time for getting to and from your destination. You’re coming off a yearly financial peak and short term financial goals have been more or less achieved. By the 16th, the money house will be empty showing that finance is not a big deal. Uranus’ move out of the money house on the 16th brings more stability to the financial life. Something you’ve longed for over the past seven years. Your Financial Planet is in Capricorn until the 16th which also brings stability — a conservative approach to wealth. After the 16th, Mars moves into Aquarius, your spiritual 12th House. You always have a good intuition but now even more so — and especially in financial matters. The high tech and online world have been financially important for the past seven years and is still important this month. Enhance your health through neck massage until the 21st, and through arm and shoulder massage afterwards. Breathing exercises are good after the 21st.