We are all energetic beings, created through vibrations. Each living being is made of physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, each creating the foundation of our earthly experience. Our auric fields transcends outward from our physical body, and the variance in colors provide insight and information about your emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental well-being.

Color, especially aura colors, are waves travelling through space. Our energy bodies, the chakras and the aura, show colors because the energy bodies are vibrating at different frequencies. These different frequencies are seen as auric colors. 

What does your aura color say about you?

Red Aura

Red is a strong color associated with the root chakra, the place of  primal urges. It is a color that is connected to our inner love and connection with the earth, vital energy, and enthusiasm for life and our human existence. People who have red auras have a deep desire to succeed and excel in the material world.


Pink Aura

Pink in aura indicates a soft playfulness and someone who sees the joys and childlike innocence in the world. They are tender and loyal lovers. It is a color of growing compassion, tenderness, kindness, and gentle nature.


Yellow Aura

Yellow is one of the easiest aura colors, indicating happiness, joy, love for life, optimism, and awakening psychic abilities.

Yellow can also indicate spiritual development, growing wisdom, new ideas, and mental clarity.


Green Aura

Green color in the aura indicates growing compassion, love, and a desire to be of service, to help others. It is a color of balance, harmony, and inner peace.

This color reflects personal growth, openness of the heart, willingness to change and transform.


Blue Aura

Blue color indicates peace, quiet order, and person who can speak her truth, and knows her own authority. It reflects quietness, calm, and seriousness. Person with a lot of blue has a strong sense of purpose, is sensitive, and has a developed inner guide or teacher.