Gemini season is here! Find out what's in store for you for June and see which style best matches with your sign, carefully curated by our editors.


A happy and prosperous month ahead Aries, enjoy. Jupiter is in your sign all month and Mars the Lord of your horoscope is also there. Self-esteem and self-confidence are very strong there is great optimism about life. Travel and travel opportunities are coming. Mars, the Lord of your horoscope began his solstice on May 27 and it continues until the second of this month. Mars pauses in the heavens in his latitudinal motion and then changes direction. This is the case with you there is a pause in your personal affairs and then a change of direction. Venus will be in your money house until the 23rd. This shows that much of your socializing this month is business related. Singles find wealth to be a romantic turn on. There are romantic opportunities as you pursue your financial goals or with people involved in your finances. Your third house is very powerful this month especially until the 21st. Thus it is a good month for students, teachers, intellectual workers, writers, bloggers, sales and marketing people - the mental and communication faculties are greatly enhanced right now. Learning and communication come easy. On the 23rd as Venus, your love planet enters your third house, love is close to home. Perhaps with neighbors or in the neighborhood. You are more allured to the person’s mind and communication skills than other things. Romantic opportunities will happen in school, lectures, seminars, perhaps the library or bookstore. Health is basically good though you do need to watch your weight. After the 21st health will need more watching. There is nothing serious afoot just short term stress caused by short term planets. It passes very quickly.


Basically a happy and prosperous month ahead. Venus in your own sign until the 23rd brings beauty and grace to the image and appearance. Your aesthetic tastes are excellent. Your sense of style is excellent. Mercury, your financial planet, is in your sign until the 14th. This brings windfalls and happy financial opportunities to you. However, because Mercury is retrograde until the third there could be delayed reactions here. Though Saturn is still in stressful aspect to you, overall health seems good this month. The state of your health basically determines your physical appearance. So stay healthy and you can dispense with all the lotions and potions. If you feel under the weather do something that enhances the personal appearance. Buy a new outfit, get your hair or nails done two things to spruce up the image and you should feel much better. Now that Jupiter is in your spiritual 12th house it is good to focus on your spiritual life. The answers you seek are there on the spiritual level you just have to access it.


A happy and prosperous month ahead Gemini. Enjoy.

Health is good. The Sun is in your own sign until the 21st. So you look good, the personal appearance shines. You have good self-esteem and self confidence. You feel you can handle anything that life throws at you. With most of the planets in the independent East. You get your way in life and the cosmos supports you. This is a time to take those steps, and make those changes that enhance your personal happiness. You know what is best for you, others will come around to your way of thinking. On the 23rd Venus will enter your sign bringing glamour and beauty to the image. Your personal sense of style is super. Until the 21st you are in a yearly personal pleasure peak. I’ll good time to enjoy all the pleasures of the body. Also good for getting the body and image in the shape that you want. On the 21st the Sun will will move into your money house and you begin a yearly financial peak. Your love planet, Jupiter is now in Aries since last month. So you tend to be a love at first sight kind of person and tend to jump into relationships very quickly. Also you would attract those kinds of people as well. They would like things to move fast. Singles will find love opportunities online, the social media, and as they get involved in groups organizations and group activities. Friends can act as matchmakers these days. Also someone you considered a friend might want to be more than that. Health looks good this month and as has been the case all year you can enhance it further through foot massage and spiritual healing techniques. With your health planet going retrograde on the 23rd good to avoid major changes to the health regime or procedures or Tests. Reschedule them for another time. If these things need to be done try to do them before the 23rd while your health planet is still moving forward.


Career is happy and successful. Yes you are working hard and the demands are great but success is happening. Your family planet travels with Uranus on the 10th and 11th family members should be more mindful on the physical plane. There can be shake-ups at home or in the family circle. Happily this transit is very brief. Until the 21st you are in a very spiritual kind of cycle. The dream life will be more active and your spiritual faculties will be sharper. The financial intuition will also be very sharp then. A true intuition is the shortcut to wealth. On the 21st the Sun will move into your sign and stay there for the rest of the month ahead. You begin a yearly personal pleasure peak. But even more than that. Financial windfall‘s will come to you - earnings opportunities will also come to you. Money and opportunity will seek you out rather than vice versa. You have the image of a money person from the 21st onwards. People see you this way. Perhaps you spend on yourself as well. Love doesn’t seem high on the agenda this month your love planet, Saturn, will start to retrograde early in the month on the fourth. Also your first house of self and personal happiness is much stronger than your seventh house of love. So this is a me-oriented kind of month. Get yourself, your image and personal happiness In order and love will find you eventually. Health looks good. You can enhance it further with massage of the liver reflex and the thighs also a good idea to massage the scalp and the face. Good muscle tone has become important in health issues. So, while you don’t need to be a body builder it’s good to have good muscle tone. So vigorous exercise according to your age and stage in life is advisable.


Though Saturn is still impacting on you, overall health is basically good. With both Jupiter and Mars in your ninth house this is a month for foreign travel and religious and philosophical type breakthroughs. Your understanding of religion will be very much deepened now. Saturn in your seventh house either denies or delays a marriage. Nevertheless the love and social life seems to be active and happy. Leo’s are attracted to older, more settled kinds of people; to people who are above them in social and professional status. They are attracted to power people. There is nothing wrong with this per se but there is a tendency to be involved in relationships of convenience rather than real love. Career is active and successful as your 10th house is very strong. Finances are much improved this month; Mercury, your financial planet, starts moving forward on the third. Since he will be in your tenth house until the 14th money can come to you through pay raises official or unofficial, and the financial favor of bosses parents and parent figures. On the 14th Mercury will enter your 11th house, a benefic house which also shows good earnings. Mercury will be in his own sign from the 14th onwards. Thu he is stronger and more comfortable on your behalf. Earnings should be good this month. Your 12th house of spirituality is strong from the 21st onwards. (Not only that but the Moon will spend double her usual time in that house), so you’re in a strong spiritual period this month.


Health and energy will improve after the 21st. In the meantime make sure, as always, to get enough rest. Enhance the health with ankle, calf and neck massage. Love and social goals have probably been attained so far this year. This month is more of an erotic kind of month. Sexual activity is increased. Libido is much stronger than usual. This is an excellent month for paying down debt or making it, depending on your needs. You have excellent access to outside capital. It is also good for buying insurance, tax planning, and dealing with estates. If you are of appropriate age it is good for estate planning. Your financial planet travels with Uranus on the 10th and 11th. This shows money coming in sudden and unexpected ways. Sometimes this brings a sudden, unexpected expense. But the wherewithal to cover it will also come. You can serve your family best by succeeding in the outer world. In romance second thoughts are likely. Perhaps your relationship seems to have slowed down. This is temporary - your love planet goes retrograde on the 28th. In future months things will resume. You might feel financially tight on the 17th and 18th - perhaps you have to take on some extra responsibility but if you re-arrange thing - the resources are there. Family issues - especially from the 4th onwards, need time for resolution.


Love and the social life are the main headlines this month. This is always an important interest for you but now even more so. It looks very happy. Singles have opportunities for serious romance. Those already in relationships have a busy and active social life. Romantic opportunities happen at the gym or while you are working out. Educational venues also seem interesting for romance. Romantic opportunities can happen at school, a lecture, or seminar. Sometimes even at a bookstore or library. Mars, your love planet, began his solstice on May 27 and continues until the second of this month. Thus there is a pause, a healthy pause, in your social life and then a change of direction. A good change of direction Though you have a few long-term planets stressing you out, health should be good. The short-term planets are making harmonious aspects to you. Health can be further enhanced with foot massage and spiritual healing techniques. With your health planet retrograde, this is not such a good time for medical tests or procedures. Reschedule them for another time. Also not advisable to make dramatic changes to the health regime either. These things need more study and research. Your financial planet Is still retrograde and will be that way for many more months. This will not stop earnings only slow things down a bit. Still major financial decisions need a lot more study and due diligence. On the 21st the Sun moves into your 10th house of career and you begin a yearly career peak. Much career progress will happen.


With your financial plane in the sign of Aries since May 11, you are attracted to the quick buck. You want wealth fast, in a hurry. This poses many dangers as there are people, unscrupulous people, who will exploit this urge. The good thing about this position is that you are learning financial fearlessness. Win or lose, if you overcome your fears, you have succeeded. Pluto, the lord of your horoscope, is retrograde. So you seem to lack direction. You’re not sure about where your path to personal happiness will be. But with most of the planets in the social western sector. You do not need to be sure of what you want Let others have their way (so long as it isn’t destructive) and your own good will come to you in due course. Like last month the social life is very active but also very unstable. Romantic opportunities come suddenly and unexpectedly and can depart just as suddenly and unexpectedly. With Uranus in your seventh house for many years now a marriage would not be advisable. Enjoy love for what it is but there’s no need for commitment. You could be spending more on health issues but also earning from this field. Health should be good this month if there have been health problems in the past you should hear good news about them. You should be getting best case scenarios. Career is not a big issue this month but you can further it through good communication skills. Career related travel is likely after the 21st.


Your financial planet Saturn, goes retrograde on the fourth. He will be retrograde for many more months. So more caution is needed in finance. Important financial decisions are better off delayed until you arrive at relative certainty. Saturn’s retrograde will not stop earnings but slow things down a bit. The love and social life is the main headline this month. You are in the midst of a yearly love and social peak until the 21st. Mercury, moving forward on the third will also help the love life as there is more clarity here. Singles have abundant romantic opportunity and will be dating more than usual. Those already in relationships will be attending more parties and gatherings. With finance slowing down you might as well enjoy your life. Have fun. Romantically, you seem to have many choices. You can opt for fun type of relationships, love affairs, or something more serious. Perhaps you will indulge in both. Health needs more watching this month until the 21st. So, as always, make sure to get enough rest. Enhance the health with neck and throat massage until the 23rd and with arm and shoulder massage afterwards. Venus travels Uranus the 10th and 11th. This can produce some changes at the job and in your health regime. The full Moon of the 14th occurs in your sign and is basically a happy time. There is more sex appeal to the image, more self-esteem and self confidence. Libido is stronger than usual. Libido will also be strengthened from the 21st onwards. Whatever your age your stage in life, libido is more than usual. There are no a quickie solutions to home and family problems. Time, and time alone, will resolve things. With your eighth house very strong after the 21st, you are in a good period for mental, emotional, and financial detox. You expand by cutting back, by getting rid of things that impede your progress.


The month ahead is other oriented. This is especially so after the 21st when you go into a yearly love and social peak. With Saturn, the Lord of your horoscope, going retrograde on the fourth, self-will and self confidence are less than usual. Perhaps this is a good thing. As your way might not be the best way in the month ahead. Let others have their way, so long as it isn’t destructive, and your good will come to you normally and naturally. With both Jupiter and Mars in your fourth house of Home and family this is a good month for renovations of the home or construction projects. Health is reasonable this month but needs more watching after the 21st. There is nothing serious afoot only short term stress caused by the short term transits. So make sure to rest and relax more. Enhance the health with neck and throat massage until the 21st and arm and shoulder massage afterwards. The spouse partner or current love is having an excellent financial month especially after the 21st. Singles are attracted to the wealthy. Until the 21st there is a strong focus on health and work - job seekers have good fortune then. This focus on health will stand in you in good stead for later on.


Finances have been fast and frenetic all year. Perhaps it is good now to take a little bit of a breather. Your financial planet Neptune starts to retrograde on the 28th. This slows things down but does not stop earnings. Neptune will be retrograde for many more months. So important purchases or financial decisions need more study and due diligence. Also, the financial intuition will need more verification. You have been involved with the home and family for some years now. But on the 10th and 11th you seem more involved than usual. You seem closer to a parent or parent figure. Although Neptune is retrograde the month ahead seems prosperous especially from the 21st onwards. Until the 21st you are in a fun-filled and creative cycle. Focus on the things that give you joy. After the 21st you become more serious and work-oriented. Until the 21st love is more about fun and entertainment than anything serious. It favors love affairs rather than serious kinds of love. After the 21st there are romantic and social opportunities at the workplace or with fellow workers. Singles are allured to therapists and health professionals. Health looks good this month. You can enhance it further with right diet and abdominal massage. After the 21st good health means good social health. If there are health problems restore harmony with the beloved and friends as quickly as soon as possible.


Ever since Jupiter entered your money house on May 11 you have been in a prosperous kind of cycle. On May 25 Mars entered your money house increasing the prosperity further; Mars is very strong in his own sign. A positive for earnings. But there are some caveats here. Mars and Jupiter traveling together can make you overly speculative and risk-taking. There is a desire for quick wealth, overnight wealth. But this rarely happens. Even overnight success stories are not really overnight but have had years of previous preparation. With your career planet now in the money house you measure success in terms of dollars and cents not so much about status or prestige. If you earn more you are successful, if you earn less you are less successful. Not everyone thinks this way and even you don’t always think this way but lately you do. Your fourth house of Home and Family is very strong until the 21st. So this is a time to focus on the home and family and let career issues go for a while. Those of you involved in psychological therapies will make much progress this month. Your love planet, Mercury, will be in your fourth house from the 14th onwards. There are many ways to read this. You will socialize more from home and with the family. Family and family members will be involved in your love life. Perhaps they make introductions. Sometimes old flames from the past reappear so that you can resolve old issues. On the 21st the Sun will enter your fifth house and you begin a yearly personal pleasure peach. Have fun - in leisure there was luck said Andrew Carnegie and he was onto something. Health needs more watching until the 21st. There is nothing serious afoot only short-term stress caused by short term planets. However if you allow yourself to get too tired you become vulnerable to all kinds of things.

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