June 2017 Horoscopes

June 2017 Horoscopes

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The Lord of your Horoscope, Mars, spends almost the whole month “out of bounds” - outside his usual limits denoted by the Sun. Thus, you are going outside your usual sphere to find answers. Though you’re not at your financial peak, the month ahead looks prosperous. Your Financial Planet, Venus, enters the money house on the 6th and spends the rest of the month there. She is powerful in her own sign and House, so earnings should increase. Venus travels with Uranus from the 2nd to the 4th, showing unexpected money - money that comes from “left field”. Sometimes it brings unexpected expenses too - but these will be covered by the unexpected money. Your career planet is still retrograde and this shows that time is needed to resolve career issues. Thus, you have the liberty to focus on your home, family and personal emotional wellness. When home and family are in order, the infrastructure of future career success is strong. The power in your 3rd House until the 21st is good for students below the college level. There is focus on their studies - their intellectual faculties are strengthened - and thus they should succeed in their studies. Love seems happy. Until the 6th, you’re still having things your way. Your partner is attentive and devoted. After the 6th, he or she is helping financially. Wealth and solid support enhances love from the 6th onwards. Singles are allured to the wealthy - to the good providers. Romantic opportunities happen as you pursue your normal financial goals. You have good ability to integrate love and your financial life this month. This is a month where you like to socialize with people you do business with - and you like to do business with friends.

The month ahead is Taurus heaven. The focus on finance and prosperity is strong. Making money is perhaps Taurus’ greatest pleasure. It is good for its own sake. Your financial planet, Mercury, is moving forward and in your own sign until the 6th. This shows financial windfalls and opportunities coming to you. Nothing much you need to do - just show up. Like last month, you spend on yourself and your image. Maybe you are dressing more expensively. Wealth is like a fashion accessory these days. On the 6th, Mercury enters the money house - his own sign and House - a powerful position. He is strong in this position, so earning power is increased. In the meantime, you are still in the midst of a yearly financial peak until the 21st. Job opportunities have been wonderful all year, but now get even better as Jupiter will start moving forward on the 9th. Your job planet, Venus, moves into your sign on the 6th and spends the month there. Thus job opportunities - and good ones - are coming to you - seeking you out. On the 21st, your Financial Planet moves into your 3rd House of communication and intellectual interests. You may spend more on books, magazines, lectures and education, but this also shows earning from your communication skills. Writers, sales and marketing, PR and teachers should have a financially lucrative period. Love seems happy but complicated. As Venus moves into Taurus on the 6th, she makes beautiful aspects to your love planet. This brings happy romantic opportunities for singles. But don’t rush to the altar just yet - your love planet is still retrograde.

You are naturally gifted with strong intellectual and communication skills. This month, they seem very much enhanced. The Lord of your 3rd House (communication) is in your sign until the 21st and Mercury, the generic ruler of communication, enters your sign on the 6th. So, the mind is sharp and quick. Knowledge is absorbed effortlessly. A good period to take tests and exams - you should do well. Mars leaves your sign on the 4th so you’re less in a rush, less impatient and less combative. Your love planet, Jupiter, will start moving forward on the 9th and this will help your love life. There is more clarity here. Saturn, as in the past two years, is still in your 7th House of love. Let romance develop slowly and naturally. The good news is that you don’t seem that interested in serious romance - singles prefer love affairs - and these seem to go well. The month ahead is prosperous too. On the 21st, the Sun enters the money house and you begin a yearly financial peak. Two other planets will also be there - Mars from the 6th onwards and Mercury from the 21st onwards. In financial matters, you seem to be going outside the box this month. There are no solutions in your normal sphere, so you’re going outside - a good thing. Investors are investing outside the normal sphere - outside the comfort zone. Online activities - and perhaps friendships - are happening outside the box as well. 

A happy and prosperous month ahead, enjoy. Mars spends almost all month in your sign - from the 4th onwards. This gives many messages. Parents, bosses and authority figures in your life are devoted to you and helping. You have wonderful career opportunities coming to you. You are seen as successful by those around you. You project an image of success. Career opportunities and demands are likely to take you outside your normal sphere - into unknown areas - it's exciting. The Eastern sector of your Horoscope is at maximum strength now (and next month too), thus you’re in a period of maximum independence. You don’t need anyone’s permission to create your own happiness. Go for it. Make the changes that need to be made. Though you look good and the opposite sex takes notice, love is complicated this month. Too much independence is never that good for relationship. And, your love planet, Saturn is still retrograde. This doesn’t deny romance, only complicates it. The Sun is your Financial Planet. His move into your sign on the 21st shows prosperity. Windfalls come to you. Expensive personal items and accessories come. You spend on yourself and invest in yourself. You project an image of wealth and prosperity. But you will experience some nice paydays even before this. The Sun and Jupiter make fabulous aspects from the 2nd to the 5th. This can bring financial increase or a happy job opportunity. Health is excellent this month, and if you can avoid conflicts, it will be even better.

Career is still good - in spite of the change and excitement from the 2nd to the 4th. Your spouse, partner or current love is also successful that period. Venus, your career planet, moves into your 10th House (her own sign and House) on the 6th and spends the rest of the month there. She is powerful here and this spells career advancement, but the main headlines are social and spiritual. Your 11th House is very strong until the 21st. Thus you’re involved with friends, groups and group activities. These are fun in their own right, but also good from a bottom line perspective. Your Financial Planet, Mercury, will also be in your 11th House from the 6th to the 21st. Online activities and high tech proficiency are playing a big role in the financial life. You will spend more on these things, but will earn from them as well. Mars enters your spiritual 12th House on the 4th. On the 21st, both the Sun and Mercury enter this House, so you are at a spiritual kind of peak right now. You’re having peak spiritual experiences. Meditation, study of sacred literature and your spiritual practice all go well. ESP and synchronistic experiences are plentiful. You are more idealistic, more interested in charities and altruistic type causes, and these too help the bottom line. Spirit is not only concerned with your spiritual growth, but with your financial well-being as well. Intuition is important in finances.

Health and energy are improving, but still needs watching until the 21st. The important thing is to maintain high energy levels. Low energy is the primal root cause of all disease. Enhance the health through scalp and face massage and through cranial sacral therapy. Good muscle tone is important too. Exercise will help. Love seems stressful these days. The problem is most likely not you but the challenges that your partner or current love is going through. He or she seems very stressed out. There will be improvement from the 21st onwards as the Sun and Mercury are moving into positive alignment with the love planet. But even so, it is still complicated. Your love planet starts to retrograde on the 16th. Singles will still date, but serious romance will take some time. Love might be less than desired, but your career is active and successful. You’re still in the midst of a yearly career peak. The Lord of your Horoscope (denoting you personally) crosses the Midheaven on the 6th and stays in the 10th House until the 21st. This denotes personal success and elevation. Your charitable and philanthropic activities help the career - you are recognized for these and for who you are. Personal appearance is playing a big role in the career, too. Finances are excellent this month. The financial intuition shines from the 2nd to the 5th and sudden - unexpected money - comes this period. Jupiter, which has been in your money house since September of 2016 starts to move forward on the 9th. On the 6th, your Financial Planet moves into Taurus, her own sign and House. She is more powerful here and this denotes greater earning power. All systems are go.

Interesting things going on in the love and social life this month. First, your love planet, Mars, changes signs. He moves into the sign of Cancer, your 10th House, on the 4th and stays there the rest of the month. Second, he is “out of bounds” almost all month - from the 1st to the 29th. So, in love and in your social life, you’re way outside your normal circles. It could be that your career is pulling you here or it could be that your search for love can’t be satisfied in your normal sphere and you’re forced to explore other areas. Both would fit the symbolism here. Your spirituality is also “out of bounds” this month - from the 18th onwards. You’re exploring teachings and practices outside your norm. The month ahead is very successful. The Sun enters your 10th House of career on the 21st and you enter a yearly career peak. Friends are also succeeding these days and they seem helpful here. Socially, you’re mixing with the high and mighty people in your life. People above you in status and power. This helps the career as they are in a position to help. You have a good knack for befriending exactly the right people who can help you. Your social grace - which is enormous - is a big factor in your career success. Likability matters. While your career is good, finances could be better. Pluto, your Financial Planet, is not only retrograde but receiving stressful aspects - especially after the 21st. Sometimes career advancement demands some temporary financial sacrifices and this could be one of those times. It seems wise to make them. You’ll recoup later on. Love is unconventional but seems successful.

A happy and successful month, exciting too. Health and energy are much improved over last month. It gets really good after the 21st when your Sun becomes part of a Grand Trine in the heavens. Its an “era of good feeling”. Your job situation seems to be taking you into the unknown this month. Perhaps you’re assigned unknown tasks outside your usual sphere of duty. We see a similar situation with health. You’re exploring different therapies, different regimes and perhaps different health professionals - all outside your normal sphere. Usually this is because your normal sphere doesn’t have the answers you need and you need to go “outside the box”. Should be a successful and profitable month too. The wonderful aspects to your Sun (you have them all month but especially after the 21st) shows career success and recognition, and next month will be even better. Your love planet is moving forward and spends most of the month in her own sign and House - the 7th. She (Venus) is very strong in this position. Thus the social grace and magnetism is stronger than usual. The power in your 9th House from the 21st onwards is good for foreign travel, for planning foreign trips, for religious and academic studies. College students (and college bound students) seem successful. If you’re involved in legal issues these too seem successful. The outcome seems harmonious to you. Your financial planet, Jupiter, has been retrograde for many months now - he starts to move forward on the 9th. A good signal that forward progress is happening in the financial life. Be alert to intuition - the still small voice. It is the shortcut to wealth.

Neptune, the Lord of your 4th House of home and family, starts to retrograde on the 16th. Though its inconvenient, the timing is pretty good. The planetary power is starting to shift to the day side of your Horoscope. Your career and outer activities are starting to become more important. Family issues are going to take time to resolve. There are no quick solutions here. So, you may as well focus on your career and serve your family by being successful. The month ahead is active and hectic, especially so on the social level. Health, like last month, still needs watching until the 21st. Enhance the health with scalp and face massage until the 6th and with neck and throat massage after the 6th. Cranial sacral therapy is good all month. With Venus as your health planet, good social harmony is an actual health issue. So, if problems arise, restore harmony with friends, partners or the current love as quickly as possible. Love is less tempestuous than last month. Mars is moving out of your 7th House on the 4th and love should be more harmonious. You and your current love seem to be getting on better. It is good to attend career or business related parties. You’re likely to meet important people who can help you. A romantic attachment with a powerful person is likely for singles. Love opportunities happen in the usual way - at parties and gatherings - but online activities also seem important.

Because Neptune is the Lord of your 3rd House of communication, his retrograde will function very much like a Mercury retrograde - only it will go on for much longer. So, avoid signing contracts after the 16th. It is good for negotiating - for back and forth discussion - but not for finalizing. Take more care in your communications. Take the time to make sure that the other party got your message in the way you intended. Be more careful with your mailings - make sure the zip code is right and all the little details are right. A little extra care will save a lot of heartache later on. You may not be able to prevent all the communication snafus, but you can reduce them. Your career is going very well now. You are in a cycle of success and recognition. Jupiter has been in your 10th House of career since September of 2016. This month he starts to move forward, so the pace of success is quickening. Your powerful 6th House is wonderful for job seekers and for those who employ others. Health needs watching from the 21st onwards. There’s nothing serious afoot, only low energy. Make sure to get enough rest. Neck and throat massage and cranial sacral therapy will be powerful until the 6th. After the 6th, arm and shoulder massage will be good. Breathing exercises will also be powerful after the 6th. The love life becomes active and happy after the 21st. You are in a yearly love and social peak. If you can avoid power struggles love should be happy.

Your career planet, Pluto, is retrograde all month. Your Financial Planet, Neptune, goes retrograde on the 16th. Most of the planets are in the night side of your chart and your 4th House of home and family is still very strong. So the focus should be on home and family - more importantly, on your emotional wellness, rather than career and finance. The lull in your career enables you to have some fun this month. Your 5th House of fun and creativity is powerful until the 21st. A fun kind of period. A personal pleasure peak. When the time comes for fun, it's not “irresponsible”. The cosmos work for a balanced development. Life is to be enjoyed. Even our problems are to be enjoyed. Health and energy are improved over last month. The retrograde of your Financial Planet is not going to stop earnings, only slow things down a bit. Finances look excellent from the 21st onwards. Neptune will be retrograde for many more months, so your excellent financial intuition needs more verification. It won’t be practical for you to stop your financial life for many months, but you can exercise more care and resolve all doubts before making important decisions. Job seekers have good success after he 21st. There are at least 3 job opportunities happening. A strong 6th House (especially coming after a fun period) puts you in the mood for work. Thus boring, detail oriented jobs - that you usually dislike - go much easier. Love seems happy - especially from the 2nd to the 5th.

Last month was excellent for doing repairs or renovations in the home. This month, until the 21st, is also good for that. The month ahead looks prosperous. Your Financial Planet, Mars, is making beautiful aspects to Neptune (the Lord of your chart) from the 4th onwards. Mars will spend the month in your 5th House - the House of children, fun and creativity. So the act of earning money is pleasurable. You earn or make important contacts while you’re at the theater, a party or ball game. You earn in happy ways, and you spend on happy things - leisurely activities. Speculations are favorable from the 4th onwards. Mars spends almost the entire month “out of bounds” - outside his normal sphere. Thus it describes your financial life. You are exploring methods that are outside your sphere. In fact, the cosmos are urging you to “think out of the box” - to extend your limits - to expand “the borders of your tent”. We see the same situation in your love life. Mercury, your love planet, will be ‘out of bounds” from the 18th onwards. So you are dating or socializing outside your normal circle. You are attracted to people who are outside your circle - exotic types. Health needs watching until the 21st. You will see dramatic improvement after the 21st. Until the 21st, enhance health through arm and shoulder massage. Don’t let tension build up in the shoulders. Breathing exercises and fresh air are health tonics. After the 21st, be more careful in dietary matters.