Though health and energy could be better, the month ahead is still happy and prosperous. Good things are happening. Enhance the health with arm and shoulder massage until the 12th, with right diet from the 12th to the 28th, and chest massage from the 28th onwards. Women should pay more attention to the breasts from the 12th to the 28th. Good emotional health is also important that period. Health and energy will improve after the 23rd. On the 23rd the Sun moves into your 5th house (joining the Lord of your Horoscope Mars) and you begin a yearly personal pleasure peak. With 40% of the planets retrograde you may as well enjoy yourself as events in the world have slowed down. The two planets involved in your spiritual life are both retrograde this month. So, dreams and intuitions need more verification. They are most likely true but perhaps not in the way you think. Mars Squares Uranus on the 3rd and 4th. This can bring some conflict with friends or computer problems. A good idea to be more mindful on the physical plane those days. Love seems happy but not serious. Its more about fun and games than anything committed. Singles are allured to those who can show them a good time. On the 22nd Venus moves into Virgo your 6th house. This can bring love and social opportunities at the work place and perhaps with co- workers. Finances are happy this month too. You earn in happy ways and spend on happy things. Money and financial opportunity can happen as you’re out in a resort, the theater or athletic field. The 12th and 13th brings a happy romantic meeting for singles.


Watch the health this month - especially from the 23rd onwards. Enhance the health with more rest and the maintenance of high energy levels. Chest massage and massage of the heart reflex are important until the 22nd. After the 22nd give more attention to the small intestine. Abdominal massage will be helpful. This month you face a problem that many face. You need to balance a successful career with a successful home and family life. You need to juggle between the two. Your 4th house is very powerful this month - 50% of the planets are either there or moving through there. So it is good to resolve old issues from the past. Emotional healing will happen. Memories will come up spontaneously so that you can review them from your present state of consciousness and present understanding. Things that were traumas in childhood only bring a smile in the present. You don’t change history, you only reinterpret it in a new way. Those of you involved in conventional therapy should have breakthroughs this month. Career, as was mentioned, is still important, but now you can pursue your goals in meditative kinds of ways, rather than overtly. Put yourself in the state of where you want to be. Get into the feeling of it. Later on, as the planets shift, you will take outer action. Finances seems good. Retrograde activity is strong this month, but finances don’t seem affected. Mercury is moving forward - and quickly. Mercury in his own sign of Gemini shows increased earnings and good financial judgement, he is comfortable in his own sign. Trading, buying and selling, sales, marketing and good PR seem important in finances.


You’re in a prosperous and healthy month Gemini. Enjoy. You’re still in the midst of a yearly financial peak which began on June 21. This peak will last until the 28th. So earnings are strong and the focus is on finances as it should be. Uses your natural talents - your communication and writing skills - and prosperity will happen. Let people know about your product or service. Trading, buying and selling also seem to bring profits. Your mental faculties are always sharp, but this month they are sharper than usual. Your 3rd house of communication and intellectual interests, is very powerful. 50% of the planets are either there or moving through there. A wonderful month for students - below the college level. Learning comes easily and there should be success in their studies. Love is complicated this month. Your love planet is retrograde all month and getting ready to change signs (at the end of the month - the 29th). So go slow in love. Review the love and social life and see where improvements can be made. Later, when Jupiter starts to move forward, you can put your plans into operation. Career is still good, but slowing down. Many positive things are happening behind the scenes - but you don’t see them yet. Your social graces boost the career. Likeability might be more important than your actual professional skills. Attending the right gatherings - perhaps hosting them as well - will boost the career. Much of your socializing seems career related.


Now that the dust of the previous two eclipses is more or less settled, get ready for a happy and prosperous month. Sine June 21 you have been in a yearly personal pleasure peak. This continues until the 23rd. The Sun in your sign brings prosperity and financial windfalls. You look and feel (and people see you this way) prosperous. You spend on yourself. This position also enhances the physical appearance. It brings star quality to the image. It also brings self esteem, confidence and physical energy. On the 23rd the Sun moves into your money house and you begin a yearly financial peak. You will probably feel this even before the 23d as there are many planets in the money house. With so many planets either in or moving through the money house, prosperity can come from all kinds of places and all kinds of people. Mars in the money house until the 30th brings the financial favor of bosses, parents and parent figures. It can bring pay raises - official or unofficial. Venus in the money house until the 22nd shows that social connections and family are boosting finances. Mercury in the money house from the 28th onwards brings a solid financial intuition. Love is complicated these days as the love planet is retrograde. So go slow in love. Allow the beloved space. He or she is working out certain things. The retrograde of your love planet slows things down but doesn’t prevent love. Singles will date and go out etc. But perhaps less than usual.


A healthy and happy month Leo. Enjoy. The month begins on a spiritual tone. Your 12th house is powerful and you seem interested in spiritual things. You are always a generous person, but after the 12th even more so. Your financial planet, Mercury, moves into the 12th house of spirituality. You are more charitable . Any sob story will open the pocket book. On the other hand, the financial intuition becomes very strong. Financial guidance comes in dreams, hunches and through psychics, tarot readers, astrologers and spiritual channels. The Divine is very active in your financial life - it wants you prosperous. On the 23rd the Sun moves into your 1st house and you begin a yearly personal pleasure peak. All the pleasures of the body get indulged - hopefully not to excess. A great period to get the image and body in the shape that you want. Many planets are in your sign or moving through there this month - 50% of the planets. So health is good. There is an abundance of energy. The personal appearance shines. There is great self confidence and self esteem. You are more the Leo than usual. Toward the end of the month there is a surge in earnings. Venus moves into the money house on the 22nd. Your financial planet moves into your sign on the 28th and Mars moves into the money house on the 30th. All of these movements signal prosperity. Love could be better. You seem at odds with the beloved. Saturn all alone in the 7th house shows challenges - perhaps disappointments. Saturn is retrograde to boot. But love is important to you and you will handle the challenges


The work place looks hectic this month and there are many challenges there. Job changes could be happening. These challenges are short term issues and will resolve by next month. Health is good and will improve even further as the month goes on. Be more mindful on the physical plane on the 3rd and 4th. Love is complicated this month. The planets involved in love are retrograde. So patience is necessary. Don’t take the slowdown or glitches too much to heart. Its just astrological weather. A disagreement with the beloved happens on the 5th and 6th but happily is short term. It passes quickly. Venus moves into your sign on the 22nd and this should help love, but its still complicated. Your 12th house is easily the most powerful in the Horoscope this month. 50% of the planets are either there or moving through there. So there is a great focus on spirituality. The dream life will be hyper active and there will be many supernatural type experiences happening. The invisible world is letting you know that its around. Venus’ move into your sign on the 22nd brings financial increase to you. Money and financial opportunity will just come to you with little effort or focus on your part. A good period to buy clothing, accessories or objects of beauty. Your taste is excellent. Romance might be complicated but the social life in general is active and happy - but this is more about friendship, groups and group activities - not so much about romance.


Health and energy will improve after the 23rd. In the meantime enhance the health through foot massage (which not only strengthens the feet but the whole body) and spiritual healing techniques. If you feel under the weather see a spiritual type healer. The month ahead is a very strong social month. Your 11th house of friends is chock full of planets - 50% of the planets are either there or moving through there. But this is more about friendship than romance. Romance however could happen through these activities. You can meet someone as you’re involved in a group activity or professional organization or someone who is friends wants to be more than that. Friends can make romantic introductions as well. On the 30th your love planet moves into your 12th house. Thus romantic opportunity happens in spiritual type venues - the yoga class, the meditation seminar or spiritual lecture, the charity event - these kinds of places. Venus and Mars travel together on the 12th and 13th and this will bring a happy romantic meeting for singles. Finances are complicated. Your financial planet, Pluto, is still retrograde all month. So things are slower. Earnings still happen but with more glitches and delays involved. Finances should improve after the 23rd but they are still not what they should be. Use this retrograde cycle to review finances and see where improvements can be made. Your job now is to attain clarity about finance. Later, when Pluto starts to move forward, you can put your plans into action.


Health and energy need watching after the 23rd. Rest when tired. Enhance the health with chest massage and massage of the heart reflex. After the 30th abdominal massage will be good. Part of the problem is the demands of the career. You begin a yearly career peak on the 23rd but will feel it even sooner. Your 10th house of career is chock full of planets and the month seems very successful. You have a strong work ethic - which helps the career - but could also show over work. Handle the career demands but make sure to get enough rest. Better to cut out extraneous things than to cut out rest periods. Keep the focus on the really important things. Your financial planet (along with many other planets) is retrograde all month. So finances can be slower. They come, but with delays and glitches. With Jupiter in your 5th house almost all month you tend to be speculative and risk taking - but this is not the time for that. If you’re speculating do so with half or less of what you usually speculate. If you’re investing, do so with half or less than what you tend to invest. Love is still unstable. However love opportunities happen as you pursue career goals and perhaps with people involved in your career. You’re mixing with powerful and prestigious people this month. Your social contacts help the career. The social grace seems as important as your professional skills. After the 22nd there are romantic opportunities online or as you get involved with groups, organizations and friends.


The 9th house is a very benefic house. The Hindus consider it the most benefic of all the houses. And this is where the power is in the month ahead. 50% of the planets are either there or moving through there. This bodes well for you. Also keep in mind that being a Sagittarius you’re a natural 9thhouse person. So you will be involved in what you most love to do – travel, explore foreign lands, indulge in metaphysical, philosophical and theological pursuits. This is the kind of month where a juicy theological discussion or the visit by a guru is more interesting than a night out on the town. There will definitely be philosophical, religious and theological breakthroughs this month. And, when this happens, the whole life changes for the better. Before this happens you need to perform the offices of the 8th house - which is strong until the 23rd. This involves purging yourself of negative mental and psychological patterns. Also good to get rid of possessions that you don’t use or need. They are distractions and just “clog up” the mental and financial arteries. Getting rid of them opens the gates to new influxes of energy and light. Health will be good this month. With your health planet, Venus, in your 9th house, if there are pre-existing conditions, you will get best case scenarios. Your financial planet, Saturn, is still retrograde all month (along with many other planets) so finances could be slow or involved with glitches. However, earnings will come. After the 23rd you need to work harder for earnings. There are more challenges to deal with and perhaps more expenses. But this is a short term problem and will resolve itself in coming months.


Last month on the 21st you began a yearly love and social peak. This continues until the 23rd. Love seems very erotic. The sexual magnetism seems the most important thing. However, as you know, one can’t build a long term relationship only on sex. Good sex covers many sins, but other things are important too. But in the meantime enjoy what you have. Eroticism continues even after the 23rd as the Sun moves into your 8th house. In fact this is where the real power is this month. So libido is stronger than usual. The spouse partner or current love is having a wonderful financial month – very prosperous. Capricorns tend to slimness, but if you need to lose weight this is a good month for it. Also good for detox regimes – physical, mental and emotional. Get rid of the clutter in the body, in your possessions and your mind and feelings. Clear the decks for the new energy that wants to come in. If the bowl is full, you can’t add more water. Finances are a bit stressed this month. There are many challenges to overcome. Family support could be better. There can be financial disagreements with a parent or parent figure. A good month for tax and insurance planning and if you’re of appropriate age, for estate planning. Health is good this month – but better after the 23rd than before. Enhance the health with arm and shoulder massage until the 12th and with right diet and abdominal massage afterwards. Women should give more attention to the breasts – there are reflexes and meridians that energize them.


The love and social life is the main headline for the month. Your 7th house of love is where the power is. 50% of the planets are either there or moving through there. So the love life is active and happy. With so many planets involved love can happen in many ways and through many people. You’re socializing with many different types of people, and though it sometimes gets tense – sometimes you have to work harder to keep the harmony – love opportunities are there. Often so many options are not good. It creates confusion. Singles don’t know whom to choose. On the other hand, this is a good problem to have. Saturn in your sign all month shows a need to “lighten up”. You could be coming off as too cold, too distant, too controlling. You might not even be aware that you’re doing this – its like being under the influence of a drug. This is the one drawback in the love life these days. But it is easily corrected. Make it a spiritual project to project love and warmth to everyone you’re involved with. This will help the love life. Saturn in your sign is great for business – your management skills are very strong – but its not that great for the social life. Finances are better before the 23rd than after. Your financial planet is retrograde but until the 23rd receives helpful aspects. After the 23rd these helpful aspects are gone. The financial intuition, which is usually excellent, needs more verification these days. The intuition can be correct but your interpretation can be amiss. Get confirmation for these things. Health needs watching from the 23rd onwards.


One of your yearly personal pleasure peaks began on June 21 and continues until the 23rd. So it is a fun oriented month. And though your 6th house of work is very powerful this month, you’ll manage to have fun as you work – you’ll be able to incorporate it. With the Lord of your Horoscope retrograde all month personal confidence is weaker than usual. You’re not sure of your personal goals. And, perhaps it is a good thing as most of the planets are now in your social sector, the sector of others. So strong self will is not called for now. The month ahead (and the next few months as well) are about others – being there for others. Your way might not be the best way these days. Let others have their way and your own good will come to you naturally and normally. There are some financial bumps on the road but overall finance should be good. Your financial planet Mars will be in your 6th house until the 30th – almost all month. This shows earning the old fashioned way – through work and productive service. This position can make you more speculative and risk taking – more than usual – but only do those things under intuition. Mars makes stressful aspects with Uranus on the 3rd and 4th – so avoid financial risk taking that period. Also Mars will be opposed by Saturn most of the month, slowing down earnings and perhaps bringing some added financial burdens to you. You will be able to handle these things. Mars will move into your 7th house on the 30th showing the importance of others – and especially the spouse, partner or current love in finances. Venus will move into your 7th house earlier – on the 22nd. This shows a love interest with someone in the neighborhood.

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