January 2017 Horoscopes

January 2017 Horoscopes

Mercury is retrograde until the 8th, so don’t be surprised if a call that should take 3 minutes winds up taking half an hour! It's better, if possible, to re-schedule the call. Two Houses are powerful this month - your 10th House of career and your 12th House of spirituality. You’re both more idealistic and more ambitious at the same time. The two urges pull you in opposite directions. Let your ambitions be idealistic and your spirituality more practical, and you’ll resolve the two issues. The Sun had its solstice last month. This month, both Venus and Mars - two very important planets in your chart - have their solstices. They pause in the heavens and reverse direction (in latitude). For Mars, the Lord of your Horoscope, it happens from the 27th to the 31st. For Venus, your love and financial planet, it happens from the 29th to the 31st. So, a pause in your affairs is in order. It is a pause that refreshes. A change of direction is happening personally, in love and in finance. Health needs more watching until the 19th. It's not a serious issue, just a case of energy not being up to your usual standard. You can enhance your health through back and knee massage, and health and energy rebound from the 19th onwards. Venus enters your 12th House on the 3rd, and in the sign of Pisces she is most exalted - most powerful. So your financial intuition is very sharp. Love is more idealistic. Love and financial guidance will come in dreams or through psychics, astrologers or spiritual channels. (This is especially true on the 12th.)

The month ahead is happy and successful, but be more patient in finances until the 8th. Your Financial Planet, Mercury, is retrograde. Don’t judge your finances then, as things are not as they seem. The whole picture will change after the 8th and change even further after the 13th. Earnings will happen before the 8th, but more slowly and with complications. Jupiter is your 6th House and thus there are happy job opportunities coming - now and in the year ahead. Children and children figures in your life are prospering. Love seems happy as Pluto (your Love Planet) receives positive stimulation. There are many love opportunities for singles - family and family connections seem involved. Church or college functions are likely venues for romance. On the 19th, the Sun will cross the Midheaven of your chart and you enter a yearly career peak. You don’t need to worry too much about family as they seem very involved here. Your success seems almost like a family project. The family as a whole is elevated this month. Both Venus and Mars will have solstices this month. But, for you, the important one is Venus’ solstice from the 29th to the 31st. She pauses and changes direction. So a personal pause is in order for you. This will probably happen naturally - there will be a kind of lull in your personal life and at work. Don’t fear it. Enjoy it. Health is good this month, but better before the 19th than after. Enhance your health through foot massage from the 3rd onwards. You'll respond very well to spiritual healing too.

Though there are many opportunities for love affairs and other non-serious relationships, marriage is still not in the picture, nor is it advisable. Saturn, as was the case all of 2016, is still in your 7th House. This is a time for re-ordering your love life - for cutting back - for focusing on quality rather than quantity. It tends to deny or delay marriage. For those already married or in a relationship, it tends to “stress test” the relationship. Finance is not a big issue this month. The money house is empty (only the Moon moves there on the 11th and 12th). This is probably a good thing. You seem satisfied with the status quo and have no need for major changes. The 10th through the 12th and the 28th are excellent financial days. If financial problems arise (god forbid), it's probably due to inattention. While your personal finances are status quo, the finances of your spouse, lover or partner are soaring this period and you seem very involved here. But they can experience glitches and delays. Though Saturn is still stressing you out (especially those of you born later in the sign of Gemini), health is basically good. It will get even better after the 19th as the Sun enters Aquarius. Surgeries could be recommended to you but detox regimes should be explored. If you do decide on surgery, you seem well able to withstand it. Most of the planets are moving forward this season. And, on the 8th as Mercury starts moving forward, you will feel great progress in your life. You will feel that you’re moving forward.


Mars, your career planet, will move into your 10th House on the 28th. Your career is about to get more hectic. However, Mars will be having his solstice that period so there is a lull from the 27th to the 31st, and then a change of direction. This is the lull before the storm. Afterwards you can expect frenetic activity. The main headline this month is your love life. You’re still very much into a yearly love and social peak, so there is much more social activity happening. A lot of it has to do with finance. You’re socializing with the people you do business with (and it helps), and you like to do business with friends. Friendship and business are not separate these days. But this also shows that wealth is a romantic attraction. You also gravitate to spiritual-type people, foreigners, professors and the clergy. Saturn, your Love Planet, has been in your 6th House for more than a year now and will be here for the rest of the year ahead. So you’re allured to health professionals or to people involved in your health. The workplace is not just a work place this year, it seems an important center of your social life. On the 19th, the Financial Planet moves into your 8th House. For those of you of appropriate age, it is good for estate planning. For most of you, it is good for tax planning. You seem very involved in the finances of your spouse, partner or current love - who, by the way, is having a prosperous month. Your personal finances get really good after the 19th.


Your Financial Planet, Mercury, is still retrograde until the 8th, so avoid important purchases, investment or financial decisions until then. The good news is that when Mercury re-enters Capricorn on the 13th, your financial judgement will be sound and conservative. A good period to set up long-term investment or savings goals, and also good for setting up budgets. You’re more in the mood for this now. You tend to speculate by nature. From the 5th to the 13th, the urge will be stronger, but you should avoid it. If urge overpowers you, speculate with less - perhaps half - of what you originally intended. This is a great month for job seekers. There are a few happy opportunities happening. Money is earned the old-fashioned way this month - through work and productive service. On the 19th, the Sun moves into your 7th House of love and starts to make nice aspects with your Love Planet. You will be in one of your yearly
love and social peaks. Personal popularity is stronger than usual. You seem proactive in love - you’re into creating a good social life rather than waiting for the phone to ring. On the 19th, the planetary power starts to energize the upper half of your chart. Career is starting to become more important. Your career planet will spend almost all month (from the 3rd onwards) in your 8th House. Your mission is to make others rich. As you succeed, your career blossoms. Venus will have her solstice from the 29th to the 31st. A career pause is in order - and will probably happen naturally. After that the fun begins.



Your self-confidence and self-esteem could be better, but it's not really your fault. It's not a character flaw. The planetary power moves away from you and towards others, and you’re feeling this. Mercury, the Lord of your Horoscope, is retrograde to boot. It's a good time to take a vacation from yourself and focus on others and their needs. Sit loose to life and enjoy yourself. It's okay to not be in control. Allow a Higher Power to be in control. Things will go a lot better and easier. Self-esteem and self-confidence will improve after the 8th, but is still not what it should be - or will be. You’re still in the midst of a yearly personal pleasure peak - a fun kind of month. Finances were excellent last month, and this month you have to work a bit harder for it. On the 3rd, Venus, your Financial Planet, moves into your 7th House of love. This gives many messages. Your social contacts and friendships - always important financially - are even more important this month. Likability is important, not just a skill. Earnings will be strong because Venus is powerful in the sign of Pisces. Your financial intuition is super - and, as our readers know - intuition is the short cut to wealth. Pay special attention to the financial intuition on the 12th as Venus travels with Neptune. Watch your dreams that day. When the Financial Planet is in the 7th House, there are often opportunities for partnerships or joint ventures. Mars in your 7th House complicates the love life. If you can avoid temper and power struggles, your love life should go fine.


Love has been unstable for many years, and by now you’re getting used to it. You can handle the sudden changes - “the anything can happen” mentality. The instability is still here in the coming year, but you’re handling it better. This month, your Love Planet spends most of the month in your 6th House. Thus, the workplace is a venue for love these days - also a center of your social life. Just do your job - be productive - the best worker you can be - and love will find you. On the 1st, your Love Planet travels with Neptune. Thus, there is great idealism in love. There can be a romantic opportunity with a co-worker or someone involved in your health. You have a special allure for health professionals right now. The gym or health club is another venue for romance. The month ahead is a family-oriented month, so it will be good to get the home and family life in order. Also excellent for psychological kinds of therapy. On the 19th, the Sun enters your 5th House and you begin one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks. It will also be good socially. High-tech kinds of entertainment allure you now. After the 19th, you work hard and you play hard. Both your 5th and 6th Houses are strong. Health and energy will improve after the 19th. Before that make sure to get enough rest. Rest when tired - easy to say, but not always easy to do. Foot massage is always good for you, but this month, scalp and hip massage are also good. Exercise is good too, with a focus on muscle tone.


You have to work harder to achieve your financial goals until the 19th, but if you are open to intuition - which is excellent now - things will go easier. The year ahead is all about going deeper into the spiritual (not the material) laws of wealth. It's about accessing the supernatural, not the natural, supply. This understanding (and it will happen by the end of the year) is the only thing that brings true financial independence. Earnings will increase dramatically from the 19th onwards. This is not an especially strong career month. It's more about attaining emotional harmony and emotional wellness. Family values are more important than career. Feeling good is more important than doing good. This will change in the months ahead, but for now, this is the situation. Your career planet will be in your 3rd House until the 19th. Thus, being there for siblings and neighbors is a priority. Gaining knowledge - studying - is a priority. Students below the college level should do well. After the 19th, the career planet moves into the 4th House of home and family, so the family becomes the career - the mission for the period. Important to be there for them. This is a period where you build the internal foundations of future career success. Love is very idealistic and tender this month. Venus spends the month in spiritual Pisces from the 3rd onwards. This is excellent for love. Venus is in her most exalted sign. The attractive power - the social grace - is exalted. For singles, this shows love affairs rather than committed kinds of relationships - and these seem like fun. There is a happy romantic meeting on the 12th. Your friends - and/or your current love - are more sensitive these days. Easily hurt. Watch your voice tones and body language around them.


The planets are moving forward this month and so is your life. Progress is fast, just as you like it. 90% of the planets are forward until the 8th, and from then on ALL of them move forward. 2016 was a prosperous year and the year ahead looks the same. Your Financial Planet is in your sign showing that financial opportunities seek you out. You have the image of wealth. People see you this way. The month ahead is unusually prosperous too. Your money house is strong and you’re in the midst of a yearly financial peak - one of them. You spend on travel and education - but can also earn from this too. Business travel seems in the cards. Looks like construction or redecorating is going on in the home. Passions run high among family members. Tempers flare. No need to make things worse than they need to be. Venus in your 4th House from the 3rd onwards will help the situation, making it easier to maintain harmony. On the 19th, the Sun enters your 3rd House and it is time to give proper care and feeding to your mental body. It has needs just as the physical body does. Give it right nutrition - ideas of truth - correct information and knowledge. Catch up on your reading and those letters, e-mails and texts that you owe. The whole point of wealth is to give us freedom to develop other parts of ourselves. Love seems happy though complicated this month. Your Love Planet is retrograde until the 8th. On the 5th, he moves back into your sign so love is seeking you out. On the 13th, Mercury moves into the money house and you have the financial favor of friends and the beloved.


The year ahead is very successful. For many of you this will be a pinnacle kind of year. Promotions and pay raises are in store. Also honors and recognition. Recognition will come as much from your charitable activities as from your professional abilities. The month ahead is happy. You’re in the midst of one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks. You look great. The Sun in your 1st House gives sex appeal and star quality. You couldn’t hide it even if you tried. (Pluto has been having the same effect for many years - but it's more enhanced right now). Love, though, is not a big issue for you. A kind of status quo month. Singles will date, but there’s no major change in the love life. Usually this is good. It shows satisfaction with the status quo. No need to make major changes. There are times when it is good to be for others and times when it is good to put your own interests first. One is not necessarily saintly and the other not necessarily selfish. It all depends on the cycle you’re in, and right now you’re in a “me first” kind of cycle. Create your own happiness and the world will be a happier place. Your way is best right now. You should have life on your terms. On the 19th, the Sun enters the money house and you begin a yearly financial peak. Your spouse, partner or current love will also prosper - and he or she seems generous and supportive. This is a good period to pay down or refinance debt. Borrowing will go well too - if you need to. A time to do serious tax planning. Those of appropriate age should do estate planning - or fine tune existing planning. Health is good.


A happy and successful year ahead Aquarius. Jupiter in your 9th House shows foreign travel - and happy foreign travel. College students are successful in their studies. Those looking to enter college also have good fortune. You’ll have to work harder at these things, but success will happen. The month ahead also looks happy and successful. Health and energy are excellent. If you have pre-existing conditions, they seem a lot easier or in abeyance these days. Avoid making major changes to your health regime until the 8th. The changes you contemplate might not be necessary. Study things more. Job opportunities (or work assignments) also need more study until the 8th. Things are not as they seem. Until the 19th, it is important to get “spiritually right”. Most challenges in life - though they seem worldly and physical - are in reality, spiritual problems. If you get these cleared up, the other things clear up too. Career is not a big issue this month, yet happy opportunities come (especially on the 7th). Love is more spiritual this month too. It’s the kind of month where you surrender your love life to the Divine and let that handle things. Just get out of the way. Romantic opportunities for singles happen in spiritual venues - meditation or yoga classes, charity events and the like. Bars and the clubs are not venues for romance this month. On the 19th, your love planet, the Sun, crosses your Ascendant and enters your 1st House. Love starts to pursue you. Just go about your business and it will find you. Those already in relationships will find their spouse or current love very attentive and supportive. Social opportunities will also seek you out.


Health and energy are much improved over 2016. Only one long term planet - Saturn - is in stressful alignment with you. You’re still dealing with exacting bosses and attaining success through sheer merit. Like last year, you simply have to be the best at what you do. No use railing at the work or challenges - you just have to keep improving your game. The month ahead is happy. Until the 19th, you’re in a good social period - not in a romantic kind of way - more with friends and groups. Romance is complicated until the 8th. Your love planet is retrograde, so don’t make rash decisions one way or another. Gain clarity in love. After the 8th, you’ll see things more clearly. On the 13th, your love planet will enter (actually he will re-enter) your 11th House. This favors online dating and social media. Being involved in groups and group activities can lead to romance. Finances are good this month too. On the 1st, your Financial Planet, Mars, travels with Neptune. This is a nice payday or financial opportunity. Mars will spend almost all month (until the 28th) in your 1st House. This shows financial opportunities pursuing you. There’s nothing special you need to do. You’re dressing more expensively and projecting an image of wealth. Mars will have his solstice from the 27th to the 31st. He pauses on the heavens and changes direction (in latitude). So a pause in your financial life is called for. This is nothing to fear, it's just natural. The lull will initiate a new - and better - direction in your financial life.