Full Moon Magic With Alexandra Roxo

Full Moon Magic With Alexandra Roxo

Every moon cycle brings a chance to reset, reflect and focus on serving your best self. With a full moon on the horizon, there's no better time to begin a full moon ritual to help you manifest your intentions. What IS a full moon ritual, you ask? We had the honor of talking with healer and co-founder of the Moon Club, Alexandra Roxo, to answer your questions around moon rituals and help guide your journey.

After years in the film industry, how did you find yourself on your current path?
Films take a while to make and I wanted to do something more tangible in its energy exchange. For many years, I've been passionate about helping other women find their voice and inner fire. I decided to make it official and begin working with clients one-on-one as a Spiritual and Creative Mentor. I still direct and write but adding this work to my life has been so gratifying! I work with private clients and have also launched Moon Club, a group coaching program that includes events, panels and rituals. 

Speaking of Moon Club, what exactly is it? 
 Moon Club is a monthly subscription to group mentorship and coaching programs that get you access to 3 virtual events around around the Moon Cycle + a monthly workbook + online community forum. The first monthly, as the Moon is growing, is a panel or guest lecture with a speaker.  Our first month was Miki Agrawal (founder of Thinx) and next month will be a writer who has done multiple Ted Talks and written some incredible books. I can't say who quite yet, but I LOVE his work.

In these online events, people get to interact via video and chat with our guests and ask questions. They are think tanks, fire-starter convos, and Q&As. Then, when the moon is full, we have a Full Moon Ritual with a guided journey (like the one I've given here!). While the moon is getting smaller, we have a coaching salon where we work with people one-on-one to reorganize for the next cycle. It's a way to keep inspiring growth, change, spiritual activism and accountability.

You seem passionate about helping connect people in a meaningful way using technology - why do you feel it's so important to build these digital communities?
I feel like we spend SO much time on our phones, but how much of that is spent truly connecting heart to heart? If we are going to be on the phone or computer, let's CONNECT. The fact that 500 people liked a photo means very little to me. I want to hear people's stories, what's inspiring them, what they are struggling with, and not numb out on the internet but use it for its full potential! One day, I was leading an online ritual for almost 500 people across the world and the impact hit me. People were connecting and meditating together and I could feel the energy. People were messaging "I'm crying! I'm moved." Whoever says you can't move energy over time and space needs to come to my ritual!

Onto moon rituals, can you break down the basics for beginners? 
Every month, due to the movement of the Earth, our position changes as to how close we are to the Moon. When she is full, the tides come in. People historically go a bit batty, hence the word "lunatic." It's not folklore. It's proven and scientific that the energy of the moon moves the tides and US as we are full of water. The new moon is the start of a new cycle. The full moon is the height of a cycle. A ritual can be whatever you imbue with intention. Traditionally, on a full moon you release the hopes and dreams that have been building as the moon has grown. Before the new moon, when the moon's energy is still and she is dark, it's a good time to release anything from the cycle you want to let go of. A simple ritual could be gathering a group of friends on the full moon and lighting some candles, doing a meditation, pulling some cards and sharing wine and cakes, or tea and fruit - whatever suits your fancy!   

On the new moon, I would recommend going inside one's self to think about your life and let it be complete. You can do a quiet meditation with a candle, take a ritual bath, there are so many things you can do!  Research, read books and articles, and then feel out what's best for you. Or come join one of our rituals and we will guide you through it! 

Listen to the full moon journey here!

What are some of the benefits of a full moon ritual? 
Once you start aligning yourself with the energy of the moon, which corresponds to the feminine, you are able to balance your yin side, your feminine mysterious side....you align with your cycle more and see how that aligns with the moon. You become way more in tune with yourself. You know when is a good time to pitch a project and when isn't. I've had many many seeds I've planted in ritual come to fruition!  I love doing both new and full moon rituals, as it creates balance. 

How would you convince a skeptical friend to join you in a moon ritual?
I would say, A: If you like to meditate, you can do a ritual with us and go on a journey which is very much like a meditation. B: Look to science! See how scientists over time have studied the moon. Look to history!  Read about ancient cultures' relationship to the moon. It's nothing new. Cultures have been working with the energy of the moon for centuries.

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DIY Full Moon Ritual!  

I've included a guided recorded journey for this Full Moon, and here's how to use it...

- Clear and sage your space. Set the mood. Get your crystals out. Put on something you feel good in. Light some candles. Turn your ringer off.

- Take 5-10 minutes to meditate and quiet yourself. Feel into your body. If you use oracle cards, you can pull one.

- Put your headphones on and listen to the guided journey! You can do it seated, but I recommend lying down. Try to listen in deep to yourself. You may find something hidden in there that will really help you.

- Keep your journal close for any ideas that pop up to write down after. You may want to turn on some great tunes afterward, dance in the mirror or make some vows to the moon on your roof!

xx Alexandra 

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