Native Soul Meditation

Native Soul Meditation

Find your native soul. Get back to your true self. Step into your authentic power.

We get caught up in the constraints of work, school, and family pressures that take us away from exploring and expressing our truest and rawest existence.  

But you are born wild, with stars in your eyes and flowers in your hair. We frolicked through the streets of Venice embracing our wilde and free selves in our favorite Fall styles.


Native Soul Mantra:

No matter where you are at this moment, take a deep breath. Close your eyes and imagine yourself standing on top of a hill covered in wild flowers. Imagine the bright blue sky above you, and the warmth of the sun on your skin. Feel the breeze lift your hair off the back of your neck. Smell the scent of the ocean on the breeze. Hear the wind rustle the plants around you, as they tickle your ankles. Hear a hawk calling in the background, calling to the infinite sky. Now imagine extending your arms wide to the sun and surrendering to the wild and native soul that you are.

Repeat the mantra “I am infinite. I am wild. I am free.”



Model Kelley Koski 

Photographer Karly Ryan