Though your 10th house is not as strong as in the past few months, it is still very strong. Only the spiritual 12th house can compete with it in terms of power. On the 16th Mars, the Lord of your Horoscope, enters the 10th house and stays there the rest of the month. So, there is much career and personal success this month. You are elevated, honored and appreciated as much for who you are as for your professional achievements. Mars at the top of your chart shows that you are at the top of your world (or aspire to be). People look up to you and want to be like you. It is right to focus on the career and let home and family issues slide for a while. Carpe Diem, the saying goes – seize the moment. The power in your 12th house shows a focus on your spiritual life and practice. And here is the challenge. How can one be successful spiritually while also being successful in a worldly way? Especially when spiritual values are generally at odds with worldly ones. There are no rules to this. Everyone finds their own answer – and you will find yours. Venus moves into your sign on the 7th and stays there for the rest of the month ahead. This is wonderful for both love and money. Financial windfalls and opportunities come to you. You look like a prosperous person and dress the part. An excellent period to buy clothing and personal accessories as the taste is excellent and the choices will be good. Love and love opportunities are also coming to you. If you are already in a relationship the beloved is very attentive and eager to please.


Health and energy will improve after the 19th. In the meantime enhance the health with foot massage until the 7th and with scalp and face massage afterwards. Spiritual healing techniques are powerful all month. If you feel under the weather a spiritual type healer can help. This is a successful month. You’re still in the midst of a yearly career peak until the 19th. Uranus, your career planet, is moving forward in your sign. Happy career opportunities are coming. Family seems supportive of the career. There is a blurring between the home and the career. So, you might be making your office more “home- like” and making the home more “office like”. Venus will have her solstice from the 8th to the 10th. This shows a pause in your life and work and then a change of direction. It is a pause that refreshes. Try to wrap up important purchases or investments before the 17th as your financial planet, Mercury, starts to retrograde then. Earnings will happen even during the retrograde but probably slower and with more delays involved. Mercury will spend most of the month in Pisces, your 11th house. This favors the financial intuition (but after the 17th get more verification of it) and earning through your high tech and online skills. Friends are helpful financially as well. Good to be involved with trade and professional organizations as this too helps the bottom line. Love is mixed this month. Pluto receives both good and stressful aspects. So, this is how love goes – good and bad – bittersweet. There is a happy love opportunity from the 1st to the 3rd as Venus makes nice aspects to your love planet.


Your 8th house is very strong this month – especially after the 16th as Mars moves there. So, the month ahead seems sexually active – more so than usual. Whatever your age or stage in life, libido will be stronger than usual. Love is expressed sexually and is the main attraction. Good sex will cover many sins in a relationship. But the 8th house is more than just about sex. It is about personal transformation and gaining an in depth understanding of life. It is about learning how to “die daily” – about purging the mind and body of effete material. For many years now personal transformation has been a major interest and this month more so than usual. These projects should go well. The spouse, partner or current love interest is having an active financial month. He or she is very focused here and thus will probably have a banner financial month. For you, finance doesn’t seem a big interest – career is much more important than finance. Your money house is basically empty – only the Moon will move through there on the 6th and 7th. The Moon’s waxing periods – from the 1st to the 10th and from the 23rd onwards – show more energy and enthusiasm for finance. The Super Full Moon on the 10th should be an excellent financial day. The month head is very successful. On the 19th the Sun enters your 10th House and you begin a yearly career peak – but you will feel this even before that. Mercury will enter the 10th on the 3rd and spend the rest of the month there.


Love, travel, education and religion are the main interests in the month ahead. Health needs more watching as Mars joins three other long term planets in stressful alignment with you. So, as always

make sure to get enough rest and to maintain high energy levels. Ever since Jupiter, your health planet, moved in to Capricorn last December, the spine, knees, teeth and overall skeletal alignment have become important for you. So regular back and knee massages, good dental hygiene and regular visits to the chiropractor or osteopath are helpful. Good social health is also important. Problems in the marriage or with friends can be the root cause of a health problem. So, if problems arise (god forbid) restore the harmony as quickly as you can. The power in your 9th house shows a strong interest in religion, philosophy, theology and higher studies in general. These are important studies. Insights here change the way we live our lives. Your personal philosophy has more to do with your well being than psychology. Venus moves into your 10th house of career on the 7th. This shows that friends and family members are succeeding and helping in your career. Family supports your career activities. Mars and Venus are in “mutual reception” from the 16th onwards. Each is a guest in the house of the other. This shows good cooperation between the two planetary energies. Thus you advance your career by social means. Much of your socializing is probably career related. You are mixing with people of high status and power. Parents or parent figures – perhaps bosses too – are playing Cupid.


You’re still in the midst of a yearly love and social peak. So the love life is active and happy. The Lord of your chart, the Sun, is far away from his natural home – sort of in exile. So he is not as strong as he usually is. But this is a good thing this month. Self confidence and self esteem don’t need to be strong now. Your light doesn’t need to blind the eyes. Others come first. Down play yourself and your personal desires and let others have their way – so long as it isn’t destructive. With your love planet moving forward now the love life moves forward. You are meeting and mixing with people of high status and prestige and this is a romantic turn on. Power is an aphrodisiac as the saying goes. Napoleon famously said that “power is my mistress”. His love planet was probably in the 10th house. The only problem in love is a tendency to get involved in relationships of convenience rather than real love. It is tempting. Health is going to improve from the 19th onwards. In the meantime enhance the health with physical exercise, scalp and face massage, back and knee massage and good dental health. Overall health is basically excellent. Your 6th house has been strong for years now and is very strong this month as well. Thus you are focused on health and healthy life styles – a good thing. You have many job opportunities too. Even those who are already employed have opportunities for overtime and side jobs. You have an excellent work ethic these days. Finances are good as your financial planet is in the bullish, expansive 9th house. But on the 17th he (Mercury) starts to retrograde, so try wind up important purchases or investments before that. Financial intuition is good until the 17th but afterwards needs more verification.


Although some short term planets stress you out after the 19th, overall health is still excellent. There are more planets making harmonious aspects than there are making stressful ones. However, health and energy will be better before the 19th than afterwards – everything in life is relative. You are in a strong work period until the 19th – a very comfortable situation for Virgo – what could be better than being busy and productive? The main headline this month is love. Your 7th house is strong all month but especially after the 19th. Mercury, the Lord of your Horoscope, will move in there even earlier – on the 3rd. Thus you are popular. You’re giving yourself over to others. You are there for your friends and your beloved. You’re in the mood for romance – and this makes all the difference. A successful love and social month. Adding to this is the power in your 5th house all month. You’re in the mood for fun and for love. Personal creativity is unusually strong. The power in the 5th house shows a desire for fun type relationships – non serious ones. But the power in the 7th house shows a corresponding desire for something more serious. You waver between the two desires. The financial intuition is extremely good until the 7th. Pay attention to your dreams. Financial guidance can come through psychics, astrologers, tarot readers, spiritual channels – these kinds of people. You learn that spirit is concerned about your finances. It doesn’t consider it unspiritual. After the 7th be careful of too much financial risk taking. Sleep on things before making important purchases or decisions. Focus on the financial interests of others (but don’t be a victim) and your own prosperity will come by the spiritual law.


Health needs much watching all month. 5 and sometimes 6 planets are in stressful alignment with you. So enhance the health through foot massage and spiritual healing techniques. Regular visits with a spiritual healer would also be beneficial. The good news is that your 6th house is very strong and you are paying attention to health. You’re on the case. It would be more dangerous if you were ignoring things. Though overall energy could be a lot better, there are still many nice things happening. Most of the planets are in the social Western Sector – including Venus, the Lord of your Horoscope. So the focus is on others – this is your favorite configuration. You enjoy getting your good through consensus and cooperation. You like “soft power”. On the 7th Venus moves into your house of love and stays there for the rest of the month. So you are there for others. You put others first. Your social genius is operating in over drive. You are popular. You are proactive in love. You’re not waiting for things to happen but making social events happen. You’re in the mood for romance (more so than usual). The family situation is bittersweet – some good things, some challenging things. Family seems involved in your love life. Family connections seem important. There is more socializing from home and with the family. A good month for renovating and beautifying the home. With the love planet in your 4th house an old flame can come back into the picture. Sometimes its not the literal person, but someone who has the same patterns as the old flame. This happens to resolve old issues.


A happy month ahead Scorpio. Enjoy. Your mission this month – until the 19th – is home, family and your emotional wellness. Your career planet, the Sun, is in your 4th house until the 19th. So here is where you need to focus. In addition 70% and sometimes 80% of the planets are in the night side of your horoscope. So outer affairs are not a big issues now. You are building the psychological foundation for future career success now. If the foundation is solid, the edifice – your career – will also be solid. It is also a good period for psychological type therapies. It is good for reviewing your past – especially some of the traumatic events of the past – and looking at them from your current state of consciousness. Things that infant sees as “trauma” only bring a smile to an adult. A lot of this will not need to be forced – much will happen spontaneously. This is nature’s way. On the 19th as the Sun enters your 5th house you begin a yearly personal pleasure peak. Your mission is your children and the children figures in your life and to have fun. It’s kind of like a cosmic vacation. Often insoluble things resolve just by taking your attention off of them. The problems were being exacerbated by too much focus. As you take your mind off it, you find they are resolved almost by themselves. Finances are good too. Your financial planet in Capricorn for the year ahead shows sound, conservative and realistic financial judgement. Jupiter traveling with Pluto this month – especially later in the month – shows windfalls and increased earnings


Mars is still in your sign until the 16th. So, avoid rush, impatience and arguments. Make haste slowly and mindfully. Children and children figures seem very devoted to you these days. The month ahead is prosperous as well. Mars moves into the money house on the 16th making this house one of the most powerful in your chart. This shows focus and by the spiritual law we get what we focus on. Earnings will increase by a mixture of hard work and good luck. Both are at play this month. You tend to be speculative – a risk taker – by nature, but this month be more conservative about it – especially after the 16th. Well hedged, calculated risks will work, but casino type risks should be avoided. The financial intuition is good and you’re going deeper into the spiritual laws of affluence (very different from the material laws). Your are in the midnight of your year (symbolically speaking). So your focus is on the activities of night rather than the activities of day. Night is for resting, dreaming, visualizing. The body seems inert but powerful actions are happening internally. The focus is on the home, family and emotional wellness this month – especially after the 19th. All kinds of memories will come up – don’t be disturbed by this, it is natural. Just look at them from your present state of consciousness and they will lose their power over you. This is Nature’s therapeutics. Your mission is the home and family now. Avoid making important family decisions after the 17th as Mercury starts to retrograde in your 4th house. Love is happy this month too. You socialize more at home and with the family and family (or family connections) seem important socially. You can be a bit moody in love (and perhaps you’re meeting these kinds of people).


If anything, personal independence is even stronger than it was last month. Mars will move in to your sign on the 16th and your 1st house of self is one of the strongest in your chart right now. Self esteem and self confidence is probably at the maximum for the year. So, personal initiative matters now. Make the changes that need to be made for your happiness. You’re generally not a hasty kind of person but this month – especially after the 16th you are. You get things done in a hurry. You don’t back down from conflict and don’t suffer fools gladly. A parent or parent figure seems very devoted to you and you return the favor. In fact you both see each other as your “mission” this month. Your career planet, Venus will be in your 4th house from the 7th onwards. So your family and emotional wellness is the real career this period. This is a great period – from the 7th onwards – for redecorating or otherwise beautifying the home. Your taste is good and the choices will be good. You have a special flair for this now. Finances are good. You’re still in the midst of a yearly financial peak until the 19th. This is a great period to either pay down or make debt – according to your need. If you have good ideas this is a good time to attract outside investors to your projects. Also it is excellent for tax and insurance planning. If you are of appropriate age it is good for estate planning. The spouse, partner or current love seems active in your finances. Your 3rd house is powerful all month. So this is a good month for students below the college level. There is great focus on their studies and focus leads to success. Love doesn’t seem a big issue this month. Your 7th house is basically empty – only the Moon moves through there on the 6th and 7th. So love is status quo. The “Super Full Moon” of the 10th should be an excellent love and social day.


Love is happy this month. Your love planet is in your sign until the 19th. So, like last month there’s not much you need to do to attract romance or social opportunity. It finds you. Love is physical – hands on – this period – a lot of touching, hugging etc. On the 19th your love planet moves into the money house and the needs in love change. Singles are allured to the wealthy. Material gifts turn you on. This is how you feel loved and this is how you show it. You find love opportunities as you pursue your financial goals and with people who are involved in your finances. If you are in a relationship the beloved is very devoted to you until the 19th and afterwards is helping – or involved – in your finances. The month ahead is very prosperous. Your money house is chock full of planets. This shows focus – and this tends to success. Health is also excellent this month. There is only one long term planet in stressful alignment with you. All the rest are leaving you alone. You can enhance the health even further through right diet and maintaining your emotional harmony. Health is another form of wealth. Your 12th house of spirituality is also very strong this month (it vies with the money house in terms of power). So your intuition is firing on all cylinders. You’re having supernatural kinds of experiences. The higher world is letting you know that its around. Though this is not a strong career month, there a nice things happening behind the scenes. You will see this later on.


Mars, your money planet, is still in your 10th house of career until the 16th. So the career is hectic but profitable. Earnings are good. Bosses are still favorably inclined to your financial goals. Raises – official or unofficial – can still happen. Your good career reputation brings increased financial opportunities. On the 16th Mars moves into Capricorn, your 11th house. So, the social connections are important in finance. Online activities are favored. You probably spend more on high tech but these are good investments – you profit from it too. Good to be technologically up to date. This is a happy month. Health is fabulous all month but especially after the 16th. On the 19th the Sun enters your 1st house and you begin one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks. Self esteem and self confidence is strong and you are in a period of maximum personal independence. You have the power to have things your way – and you should. You know best what is right for you. Make the changes that need to be made for your happiness. Others will cater to you this month, rather than vice versa. You look great and the opposite sex takes notice. Love pursues you rather than the other way around. If you are in a relationship the beloved is unusually devoted to you. But on the 17th as your love planet, Mercury, starts to retrograde, love becomes more complicated. There are no tragedies here – you go through this 3 and sometimes 4 times a year – so you know how to handle this. No need to make important love decisions one way or another.