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Inside Imire Conservation Park with @moonstrucktraveller

jaclyn decell

Posted on April 22 2018

Inside Imire Conservation Park with @moonstrucktraveller

When Sarah Kohan (aka @moonstrucktraveller) told us she was headed to volunteer at an elephant and rhinoceros conservation park in Zimbabwe, we tried to find a way to hop on the next flight, and when that didn't work, asked her to let us live vicariously through her experience.

Imire Conservation Park has been successfully breeding the critically endangered black and white rhinos for release into the wild since the 1970s, with an incredible hands-on program where volunteers can help with feeding and tracking these beautiful animals from two to eight weeks. Scroll down to get inspired to book your ticket.


Head to our Instagram Story for more of Sarah's adventures, and follow her on Instagram at @moonstrucktraveller 

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  • Supremely Conscious: May 20, 2018

    Amazing, very inspirational!

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