How to Dance with the Phases of the Moon

How to Dance with the Phases of the Moon

“The Moon doesn't consider one phase better than the other, she just glows, equally stunning at each turn. Why should we be any different?” - Cristen Rodgers

Most of us are familiar with the Full and New Moon, but the Moon has many phases. Each one carries with it an inherent energy that we can align with to help design our lives. As we follow the monthly dance of the Moon, we can create a natural schedule and order to the flow of our energy. Learning her steps helps us learn more about ourselves and how to realize our full potential in this life.


The New Moon - A Time to Dream

Each Lunar cycle begins and ends with the New Moon, so we’ll begin our journey here. The New Moon is a time when the Moon is no longer visible to our eyes. She’s still in the sky, powerful as always and reminds us of the powers that lie hidden beneath our surface. The darkness of this phase allows for deep introspection, ironically shedding light on our subconscious thoughts and our intuition. It’s a great time to truly listen to ourselves without the influence of external forces.

The New Moon is always positioned in the same astrological sign the Sun is in, creating an extra spark of energy for us to tap into and making this phase great for planting intentions. Intentions can simply be a statement about what energy or qualities we wish to bring into our lives. The extra cosmic energy abound helps us to form new ideas and creatively problem solve larger life questions. We also have the enhanced ability to see clearly within ourselves, giving us the knowledge of our deeper dreams.

As we start the Lunar cycle, we start the cycle of shifting our lives so they become more aligned with our visions. Great things to ask during this phase are: What do I truly want? What am I ready to create? What do I need to call into my life to manifest my dreams? 


The First Quarter - A Time to Build

After the New Moon, we have the First Quarter or Half Moon. At this point the Moon has made its way one quarter around the Earth, building light and brightening up our skies. It’s time for us to build our dreams and put plans into action. Start gathering pieces of the puzzle as the Moon gathers light. Spend time in meditation receiving guidance and knowledge from your intuitions. Also, reach out to potential partnerships for advise and collaborations around this phase.

The First Quarter is about doing the work. Any great dream takes work and this is the phase that will most support us in our endeavors. Ask yourself: What is needed to put my plans into action? What systems can help me manifest my dreams? Where and how can I lay down some foundation to build upon? 



The Full Moon - A Time to Share

 As the Moon continues her journey around Earth, she builds light until she is finally Full, marking the half way point in the cycle. During this phase, the Sun and Moon are opposite one another in our sky, which is why the Full Moon rises as the Sun sets. This dynamic, opposing relationship adds a touch of excitement to the air and charges the atmosphere with its electrifying energy. Harness this energy to help you get over hurdles that may have popped up in the last week or two. Do the really hard work during this phase, the things that seem impossible. Know the energy of the Full Moon with help make them possible.

The Full Moon is also the perfect time to let loose, dance until dawn and exchange long conversations deep into the night. It’s been two weeks since the New Moon and we’ve been doing some work since then on ourselves and our plans. The Full Moon is the phase to share these newly formed pieces of ourselves with others. It’s a time to break out of our fear of vulnerability and let others see us in a different light. Ask yourself: What am I ready to show the world? Who am I now? How can I integrate my dreams into my new identity?


The Last Quarter - A Time to Release

The Full Moon provides a natural peak in the Lunar Cycle. Afterwards, the light of the Moon begins to wane as she makes her way another quarter around Earth to the Last Quarter or Half Moon. This part of the cycle is a time of release, a time to shed those ideas that are not fitting into our plans and to make space for new ones.

This phase takes a lot of awareness on our part. We must be willing to feel and intuit what is not working, which may be unexpected. It’s not always easy to let things go, we have a tendency to cling to the familiar even if it no longer serves us. Go within and ask yourself: What intentions would I like to change? What is not serving my highest potential? What would I like to keep and work on?

The Last Quarter gives us space to let go, and in doing so we create space for new ideas to come in, mirroring the Moon as she resets back to New. We then begin the cycle of dreaming, building, sharing and releasing once again. It’s a natural rhythm that can guide us in creating our best lives once we learn to dance with the energy of the Moon.


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