The main headline this month is the career. The past two years have been difficult. You’re made much progress but you earned your success every step of the way. This month Jupiter (along with many other planets) enter your 10th house. Things are getting easier. The hard work you’ve put in is paying off. The month ahead (and the coming year) will be super successful. The career heights are either attained or much progress is made towards them. A Solar Eclipse on the 26th also occurs in your 10th house and signals dramatic career change – no question that this will be for the better. The disruptions and dramas created by the eclipse will open doors for you – blast away obstructions. Take a reduced schedule that period. Every Solar Eclipse affects children and children figures in your life, so they too need to take a more relaxed schedule. The marriage of a parent or parent figure gets tested. The eclipse happens during a strong travel period in the world – the Christmas season. But travel is best avoided this period. If you must travel schedule around the eclipse period. Arrive earlier than planned and leave a bit later. This eclipse impacts on Jupiter, so college level or college bound students are affected. They either change schools or educational plans. Health needs more care all month but especially from the 22nd onwards. Keep your focus on essentials and “don’t sweat the small stuff”. Finances should be good this month as Venus spends most of the month in your 10th house. This can bring raises or promotions at work.


Jupiter’s move into your 9th house on the 3rd is positive for you. It shows more travel and travel opportunity in the coming year (and this month). College level students have been working very hard the past two years and now things get easier for them. There is huge – even greater than the past two years – interest in religion, philosophy and theology. These are now more pleasant. You have been reformulating this area for many years now and you will start seeing the results. Since your personal religion and theology determines how you live your life, there are positive changes in the life and life style. So much power in your 9th house in the coming year (and especially this month) shows that a juicy theological or philosophical discussion is more interesting than a night out on the town. The sex life, which was probably over active this year) starts to tone down a bit. You need to focus on quality rather than quantity. The Solar Eclipse on the 26th is basically benign to you, but since it impacts on Jupiter its probably good to take a more relaxed schedule. This can bring psychological encounters with death – generally not literal death. You are forced to think more clearly about it and come to terms with it. This eclipse brings financial dramas for the spouse, partner or current love interest. Important changes need to be made. If you are involved in legal issues they take a dramatic turn one way or another. Every Solar Eclipse impacts on the home and family – so there are dramas there. Sometimes repairs are needed in the home as well.


Even though Jupiter leaves your 7th house of love on the 3rd, the love life still sparkles this month Mercury, the Lord of your Horoscope, will enter your 7th house on the 9th and stay there until the 29th. So you are in the mood for love and social activities. You are popular and well liked. People appreciate how you go out of your way for them. You are more proactive in love as well. You make things happen rather than wait for them to happen. Jupiter’s move into your 8th house shows changes in the love attitudes – this is happening this month but will be in effect for the coming year as well. Love is more sexual. The sexual chemistry seems the most important thing. You also seem more conservative in love. You prefer older, more settled kinds of people. You become aware that love brings with it responsibility. It’s not just fun and games. A Solar Eclipse on the 26th, occurs in your 8th house and impacts on Jupiter. So love is getting tested. Often, in the case of singles, there is a change in the marital status – people often get engaged or married under this kind of eclipse. Since this eclipse occurs in your 8th house it can bring encounters with death – generally psychological encounters. Sometimes it brings a surgery (or the recommendation for it) or a near death kind of experience – a close call. There are a few reasons for this. One, is to get you to think more clearly about it. The other is to nudge you to focus on your life’s work – the reason you were born. The spouse, partner or current love interest has a financial drama and needs to make changes. There are dramas in the lives of siblings and sibling figures. There can be disruptions at school or your neighborhood. Cars and communication equipment get tested. Drive more carefully this period.


Love is the main headline in the coming month. Your 7th house will chock full of planets – 60% and sometimes 70% of the planets are either there or moving through there. Not only that but a Solar Eclipse on the 26th also occurs there. A hyper active, frenetic, social situation this month. Operatic. First off Jupiter will make a major move from your 6th house where he’s been all year, into your 7th house on the 3rd. On the 22nd the Sun will move into the 7th house initiating a yearly love and social peak. Love has been challenging for the past two years, but now becomes much easier. Singles can meet a special someone this month – and if not now in the year ahead. The Solar Eclipse of the 26th brings dramas in love. Existing relationships get tested. Good ones will survive and thrive but the “iffy” ones can go down the tubes. There are job and financial changes and dramas happening too. Probably your financial thinking and planning – your strategy – hasn’t been realistic and the events of the eclipse reveal this to you. Health is delicate this month – but especially after the 22nd. So, make sure to get enough rest and to keep your focus only on the essential things in your life. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Jupiter’s move into Capricorn shows a shift in your health needs. Now (and for the next year) the spine, back, knees, teeth and bones become important. Regular visits to a chiropractor or osteopath would be good – back and knee massage likewise. The eclipse on your health planet shows important changes in your health regime. Sometimes it shows a health scare. Take a nice easy schedule during this eclipse period as it is strong on you.


You’re still in a strong party period until the 22nd, but perhaps less so than last month. Jupiter moves out of your 5th house on the 3rd and into your 6th house of health and work. Jupiter’s moves are always significant as they only happen once a year. Jupiter in the 6th house shows wonderful job opportunities for you. Even those already employed will probably be working overtime or have side jobs. Health is good this month and should be good in the coming year as well. But the health needs are different. You seem to have a more holistic attitude to it. Good health for you means more than just no symptoms. It means a healthy creative life, healthy children, a healthy family life, a healthy career and healthy finances. Problems in any of these areas could impact on your actual physical health. A Solar Eclipse on the 26th occurs in your 6th house showing job changes and perhaps disturbances at the work place. Job changes need not be feared as you have many opportunities. There is no shortage in that department. As with every Solar Eclipse, you get a chance to re-define yourself, your self concept and how you want others to see you. We are growing, evolving beings and these periodic re-definitions are healthy. If you haven’t been careful in dietary matters there can be a detox of the body. This eclipse impacts on Jupiter your planet of children and creativity. So there can be dramas in the lives of children and children figures. You make important changes to your creativity. Speculations should be avoided during this eclipse period as well. The home and family situation seems a bit depressing.


Love is steadily improving this month. Your love planet, Neptune, is moving forward and receives good aspects after the 22nd. Also, from the 1st to the 9th and from the 29th onwards, Mercury will make good aspects to Neptune. But love will sill need more work from the 9th to the 29th. Jupiter makes a major move from your 4th house to your 5th house on the 3rd. Virgo’s of childbearing age have been more fertile this past year and this continues in the month and year ahead. There is a great focus on children and children figures this month. A Solar Eclipse on the 26th occurs in your 5th house. This can signal a pregnancy or a drama in the lives of children and children figures. Some of these dramas can be quite normal – puberty, first love, first break up, going off to school etc – but still life changing as far as the child is concerned. Parents and parent figures – the family as a whole – is impacted by this eclipse. There can be dramas in the lives of family members. Perhaps repairs are needed in the home. A parent or parent figure has a financial drama and needs to make changes. There are spiritual changes happening for you as well – often there are changes in the practice, teachings and teachers. There are disruptions in charitable or spiritual organizations that you’re involved with. There are dramas in the lives of guru figures. Your finances don’t seem affect by the eclipse and should be OK. Like last month you’re still outside your sphere in your financial life until the 13th.


Health is an issue all month but especially after the 22nd. There are many planets – including 3 long term ones – in stressful alignment with you. On top of that the Solar Eclipse of the 26th is also strong on you. So, take an easier schedule this month – especially around the period of the eclipse. Make sure, as

always to rest more. If you feel tired, stop what you’re doing and take a rest break. Schedule more massages this month – especially of the feet. If you feel under the weather see a spiritual healer. There’s a lot of action happening at home and with the family this month. Jupiter will make a major move from your 3rd house to your 4th house on the 3rd. He will stay there for the next 12 months. This can show a move (always a stressful thing), a renovation of the home, repairs etc and the expansion of the family circle. Usually the family circle expands through birth or marriage, but not always. Sometimes you meet people who are “like” family to you. Often this shows the fortunate sale or purchase of a home. Libras of childbearing age are more fertile now – and for the next year. Since this eclipse impacts on Jupiter it can test cars and communication equipment. Often repairs are needed. Students below the college level change their educational plans and perhaps change schools. There are disruptions at school and the neighborhood. Every Solar Eclipse affects friendships and high tech equipment. This one is no different. There can be dramas – life changing dramas – in the lives of friends. Make sure your important files are backed up. Make sure your anti virus and anti hacking software is up to date. Don’t open e-mails from people you don’t know.


Jupiter leaves your money house on the 3rd. The past year has been prosperous. Many financial goals have been attained. Now he will bless and expand the affairs of your 3rd house. Even though he will no longer be in the money house Jupiter will prosper you in other ways. In the coming year – not this month – he will be traveling with Pluto, the Lord of your Horoscope. This will bring windfalls and opportunities to you. In the meantime Jupiter will be impacted by the Solar Eclipse of the 26th. So, important financial changes are happening. You need to readjust your financial thinking and planning. Probably it has been unrealistic. This eclipse also brings career changes. There can be shakeups in your company and industry – shakeups that change the rules of the game. There can be personal dramas – often life changing – in the lives of parents, parent figures, bosses and elders. Students – both at the college level or below – are making changes to their educational plans – changing majors or schools or dealing with disruptions at school. Cars and communication equipment get tested. Make sure to drive more carefully during the eclipse period. Mars will be in your sign all month. You’re a dynamic person these days. You don’t back down from confrontations. You get things done quickly. But you need to watch the temper and to avoid rush and impatience. Love will be happy this month – this is a relative term. Love is still unstable, but it is a good period within the instability. You’re still outside your normal sphere in love issues. This changes after the 13th.


A happy month ahead with a few challenges thrown in just to keep things interesting and to keep you on your toes. First off you are in the midst of a yearly personal pleasure peak. You’re enjoying all the sensual – bodily – delights. Foreign travel is likely though you should do this before the 26th. Love is also happy this month – especially from the 9th to the 29th. Your love planet, Mercury, is in your own sign. You look good, have much charisma, and the opposite sex takes notice. Love pursues you, you just need to go about your business and it will find you. Health is also good. The main action is in the money house. It is chock full of planets. This shows tremendous focus and by the spiritual law we get what we focus on. Jupiter makes an important move into the money house on the 3rd. So both the month ahead – and the year ahead – is very prosperous. A Solar Eclipse on the 26th occurs in the money house as well. This shows a need to make important financial adjustments. Your thinking and planning hasn’t been realistic (probably you have underestimated your potential). In spite of the eclipse you are prospering this month. This eclipse affect students on the college level – they are forced to make important changes to educational plans. Probably they are dealing with disruptions at their school. There are disruptions and shakeups at your place of worship as well and dramas in the lives of worship leaders. Every Solar Eclipse affects your personal religion and theological beliefs. This one is no different. This is good. Some of these things will need modification and some will need to be dropped entirely.


Jupiter’s move into your sign on the 3rd is a wonderful transit for you. It shows prosperity – not only this month – but in the year ahead. The past year has been very spiritual and this will continue this month and in the year ahead. But the spirituality will be more practical – more down to earth. You will learn in coming months, the power of spirit over the body. You will learn how to mold, shape and sculpt the body by spiritual means. Also the body will become more refined – more spiritualized – raised in

vibration. So, be more careful with drugs or alcohol as you can over react to these things. Though health is good this month a Solar Eclipse on the 26th is strong on you, so take a reduced schedule that period. The Solar Eclipse in your sign shows a need to redefine yourself – your image and self concept. Better that you do it for yourself than have others do it for you. The latter is usually not pleasant. So, in coming months you will be presenting a new image – a new look – to the world. Your self image will change as will the image you present to the world. Every Solar Eclipse affects the finances of the spouse, partner or current love interest and this one is no different. He or she is forced to make important financial changes. Ultimately these changes will be good, but not so pleasant while they are happening. This eclipse can bring psychological confrontations with death. Sometimes a surgery is recommended (it doesn’t mean that you actually have to do it), sometimes there is a close call – a near death kind of experience – sometimes there are dreams of death. The purpose is to get you to think more clearly about it. Also to get you more focused on your life’s mission – the reason for your incarnation. Since Jupiter is impacted by this eclipse there are spiritual changes happening too. Often there are changes in the practice, in the teachings or teachers. There are often upheavals in spiritual or charitable organizations you’re involved with and personal dramas in the lives of gurus or guru figures.


The past year has been very spiritual. Many spiritual breakthroughs have happened. You have made in enormous progress on your spiritual path. Now as Jupiter enters your spiritual 12th house on the third the focus on spirituality increases even further. Your challenge will be to keep both feet on the ground and not get lost in the higher worlds. The dream life has been hyper active all year and becomes even more so this month and the year ahead. We wonder why you even bother to get up in the morning as the dream life is much more interesting than the mundane world. Spiritual changes are seen in other ways too. A solar eclipse on the 26th occurs in your spiritual 12th house. Thus there will be changes in your attitudes, practice, teachers and teachings. The whole approach to your spiritual practice will change. It seems to this astrologer that these changes come from interior revelation- thus they are good. This is how change should happen. This eclipse impacts very strongly on your social life. The eclipsed planet, the Sun, is your love planet. Jupiter which is also impacted by the eclipse rules your 11th house of friends. So there are social shake ups happening. It seems that these things are not your fault or the fault of the relationship as you seem to be in harmony with both the beloved and your friends. Most likely dramas are happening in their personal lives which impacts on your relationship. Once the excitement of the eclipse passes love and friendship seem happy.


Health still needs watching this month. But you should see gradual improvement as the month progresses. Enhance the health through thigh massage and through the massage of the liver reflex until the 22nd. After the 22nd back and knee massage is powerful. You’ve had a very successful career year thus far and it is still successful in the month ahead. Short term career goals have been attained. Now the focus will shift to the social life, especially friendships. Jupiter, your career planet, moves into your 11th house on the 3rd. The Sun will follow him on the 22nd. And, Mercury will follow on the 29th. On top of that there will be a solar eclipse on the 26 that occurs in your 11th house of friends. So there is a whole shift happening in your social circle. Many dramas and changes - all for the better ultimately. This eclipse brings career changes - shakeups in the career, in your company or industry. Your approach to it will change - probably you will pursue the career by social means and through the use of high tech. High tech gadgetry will be tested by this eclipse and probably upgraded. Job changes are also likely - either where you are now or with a different company. The conditions of the work place change. Those who hire others can have employee turnover. The health regime is also impacted here. In coming months you will be making important changes to the health regime. Finance is good this month. Your financial planet is making very nice aspects to Neptune. Money comes easily and in enjoyable ways.