Cooling Kombucha Cocktails

Cooling Kombucha Cocktails


Summertime means sunset concerts, long bike rides, boat parties, and beach bbq’s. We love having non-alcoholic options to enjoy with our favorite summer activities, and that's why we love Kombucha! Kombucha, due to it’s natural fermentation properties, has a trace amount of naturally occurring alcohol (between .25% and 1%). This is balanced out with amazing digestive properties, probiotics, and a naturally sparkling quality. Kombucha supports healthy gut bacteria and digestion and helps assimilate food more easily to provide energy without caffeine. We wanted to share our favorite summer kombucha cocktail recipes to incorporate into your next summer event!




Blackberry Mint:

Fresh mint leaves

Original kombucha 

Blackberry juice

Blackberries as garnish


Lemon Rosemary:

Lemon ginger kombucha

Fresh rosemary – muddled and added as a garnish

1 teaspoon of organic honey



Lavender Rose:

Lavendar kombucha

Essence of Rose (4 drops)

Fresh rose petals (4-5)

Spring of lavender – for garnish