The first full moon of 2020 is here and it’s a big one. In conjunction with the first eclipse, you may find yourself feeling deeply intense energies right now. These may be leaving you feeling exhausted or ready to step fully into change! 


As one of the zodiac’s water signs, Cancer is connected with the emotional body, nurturing energies, and home, family and foundations. The Moon, ruler of Cancer, influences our lives at a profound level. Her powerful lunar energy has an amazing impact on our creativity. The Moon connects us to the feminine aspect, regardless of our gender. This is doubly powerful during this Cancer Lunar eclipse, as the goddess energy and the ebb and flow of our collective consciousness is shifting. 

How to honor the Cancer Full Moon

Tend to your Foundation:


Look at how you relate to the idea of abundance, especially in the material world. Cancer is asking you to get clear in what you want and how you want to create the life you want to life. 

This full moon spotlights financial security and a need to be prudent with your funds, for it’s not only how much you make; it’s what you do with it.


Sacred Space: 


Your physical space is a direct reflection of your inner spiritual space. Cancer is the domesticated goddess of the zodiac and is asking you to clear out all that no longer serves you from your home base. Remember that less is more as you clear out and make space for the new. 


Your Body is a Temple:


You may find yourself wanting to numb your feelings after the holiday season, where often times we eat and drink in ways that we usually do not indulge in. Be conscious with how you are eating during this week…are you mindlessly snacking, avoiding doing inner work by eating, or indulging in foods that make you feel sluggish and foggy? Consider doing a detox or mini cleanse during this time. 


For more on the Cancer Eclipse, check out the Moon Book by Spirit Daughter