Boys of Yoga: Samakonasana

Boys of Yoga: Samakonasana


Chris Magee @mageesy


Pose: Splits


Sanskrit: Samakonasana


What’s it all about?:

Splits is one of those poses that everyone knows, but probably can’t do. And that’s ok. There’s nothing to prove. This pose isn’t about how deep your splits is, but how it feels on the way down. The best part of practicing the splits is the journey and experience.

How to do it?:

- Start with your feet wide, pointed parallel & forward

- Begin to walk them wider to the point where the outside edges of each foot is still connected the floor (don’t let your knees buckle inward)

- Let your hands reach towards the floor, but try not to round your spin or hunch your shoulders.

- Use a block so your hands are supported.

- Don’t go too deep, you don’t have to touch the floor

Now what? Just stay and breathe.

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Stay Fresh.