Boys of Yoga:  Parivrtta Anjenayasana

Boys of Yoga: Parivrtta Anjenayasana


Pose: Revolving Crescent Lunge

Sanskrit: Parivrtta Anjenayasana


What’s it all about?:

This is a great pose that combines a deepening spinal twist with the strength of a standing lunge. There is a lot going on here, but when you take the time to put all the pieces in place, this posture is hugely beneficial to strengthen the lower half, rinse and cleanse the intestine and internal organs with opening the chest and strengthening the spine

How to do it?:

_ Start from a standing Crescent Lunge with your hands at your chest.

_ Draw the belly in as you lean forward lengthening your spine away from the hips.

_ On the exhale, rotate the torso hooking the left elbow on the outside of the right thigh.

_ Keep the spine moving long, rotate your top shoulder up & back making space in the neck and chest.

_ Draw the bottom rib cage under, helping create a deep and supported twist.

  Just stay and breathe.



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BOYS: @marclawsii

Insta: @boysofyoga

Phot cred: @michaeljameswong


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