Boys of Yoga: Handstands

Boys of Yoga: Handstands

We've teamed up with the Boys of Yoga to explore one of our favorite inversions: the handstand. 


Pose: Handstand

Sanskrit: Adho Mukha Vkrsasana


What’s it all about?:

First of all, this is not what yoga is all about. Yes it’s a handstand, and it’s a great peak pose to build strength and stability, but that’s not what yoga is all about. Handstands are great for focusing the intention and controlling the movements of the body. 

How to do it?:

_ Start from a forward bend with bent knees and hands flat on the floor.

_ Pressing down on the floor, draw your shoulders up to your hips and lift one of your legs (either, we don’t mind).

_ Rock the weight forward into the hands and start to push the floor away.

_ Think more about stacking your hips over your shoulders, and over your hands (not flinging your legs to the sky).

_ Slow it down, there’s no rush to stand on your hands. Now what? Just stay and breathe.


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