August 2019 Horoscopes

August 2019 Horoscopes


Now that the eclipses are behind you, the month ahead looks happy. There is a lot of fire in the horoscope, your native element. Health and energy are vastly improved over last month. On the 18th, Mars moves into your 6th house of health. This shows focus. You seem more into healthy lifestyles and habits. On the 23rd, your 6th house becomes even more powerful. This is a great aspect for job seekers as there are many, many opportunities out there. Even those of you who are already employed have opportunities for overtime and side jobs. You are in the mood for work, so all those boring detail oriented jobs that you keep putting off will get done with ease. Until the 23rd, you are in a yearly personal pleasure peak. Even money and financial opportunity come to you as you are having fun. Perhaps you make important contacts at a party, the ball game, a resort or the theater. Speculations are favorable too. After the 21st, you earn money the old-fashioned way through work and productive service. Love also seems happy this month though not too serious. Romantic opportunities come to you as you are having fun. Enjoy yourself, be happy and love will find you. With the planetary power mostly in the western social sector of your chart (including Mars, the Lord of your Horoscope), the month ahead (and next month) is about cultivating social skills. Likability will do more for you than your personal initiative or professional skills.


Your career planet Uranus goes retrograde on the 12th, so though your ambitions are strong and opportunities are coming to you, important career moves should not be made now. And, because your 4th house is ultra powerful this month, the focus should be on the home, family and your emotional wellness. Symbolically speaking, you are in the midnight hour of your year. This is when the body sleeps but very powerful and dynamic forces are working internally. A good night's sleep makes the day go better. Getting into your point of emotional harmony will make the career go better later on. Mars, your spiritual planet, will be in your fourth house until the 18th. Your spiritual understanding will help you in dealing with family issues. Moreover much of your dream life will have spiritual importance. Emotional wellness will also improve your finances - especially from the 11th to the 29th. Love still requires caution but seems happier from the 18th onwards. With your love planet, Pluto, still retrograde all month, avoid making important love decisions one way or another. If you are doing major repairs or renovations in the home, the 1st through the 18th is best. If you are beautifying the home or buying art objects for the home, the 1st to the 21st is best. On the 23rd, as the Sun enters your 5th house, you begin a yearly personal pleasure peak. The 20th to the 22nd is a great financial period.


Retrograde activity is a bit less than last month but still considerable. 40% of the planets are retrograde this month, so events move slowly in the world. Jupiter, your love planet, starts moving forward on the 11th. This is going to clarify the love situation. Love seems happy this month. The 8th, 9th and the 20th to the 22nd seem especially good. Your social confidence and judgment are much improved now. With your third house powerful until the 23rd, you are in a happy period. All your natural gifts of intellect and communication are very much enhanced. Teachers, writers, sales and marketing professionals are having excellent months. Students below the college level are also doing well. Health needs a lot more monitoring from the 18th onwards. Many, many planets are in stressful alignment with you so, as always, make sure to get enough rest. Enhance health with back and knee massage. A visit to the dentist or the dermatologist might also be a good idea. Your career planet, Neptune, is retrograde all month so the career is on hold for a while. Give attention to the home, family and your emotional well being. If this is right, your career will go much better later on. Those involved in psychological therapy will have breakthroughs this month. Foreign travel is not so advisable from the 15th to the 17th. Earnings of the spouse, partner or current love are slower than usual, but they improve after the 23rd. If you’re planning major repairs in the home, after the 18th is a good time. If you’re redecorating in a cosmetic way, after the 21st is good.


Health is good right now – especially when compared to the past two months. The main headline this month is your financial life. It sparkles. Until the 23rd it is easily the strongest in your horoscope. You are in the midst of a yearly financial peak. Money can come to you in all kinds of ways and from all kinds of people. Mars in the money house shows the financial favor of bosses, elders, parents and parent figures. You even have the financial favor of the government. Mercury in the money house from the 11th to the 29th shows a good financial intuition. Those of you involved in sales, marketing, teaching and writing are also doing well. Writers find their work more marketable this month. On the 23rd, your 3rd house of communication and intellectual activities becomes very strong - and earnings can come from here. Trading - buying and selling - can bring profits. Foreign travel is not so advisable now. But if you must, schedule things after the 11th when Jupiter starts to move forward. Important educational decisions (especially for those on the college level) should be avoided. Get clarity on things. Employment prospects have been good all year, but now with Jupiter moving forward they get better. Job opportunities are better from the 11th to the 23rd. Career is not that important this month, but you can further it through good communication and PR. Your love planet is still retrograde, so love has glitches. Love should go better after the 23rd than before.


If there ever was a time for you to have your way, this month is it. With so many planets in your sign you are a super Leo this month. The planetary power is now in its maximum eastern position. You are in your maximum month for independence. This is the time to make the changes that you need to make for your personal happiness. This is the time to create your happiness. Your way is the best way these days. The problem right now can be too much of a good thing. Be careful of being overly bossy. Try not to run roughshod over others. You might not even realize that you’re doing it. Mars in your sign gives you energy and courage but can also make you argumentative and spoiling for a fight. You have a lot of energy this month, use it wisely. The month ahead is very prosperous as well. Mercury will be in your sign from the 11th to the 29th. This brings financial windfalls and opportunity. You spend on yourself and dress the part of a prosperous person. But this is only the beginning. From the 20th to the 22nd, Mercury makes beautiful aspects to Jupiter - a nice payday. On the 23rd, as the Sun moves into your money house, you begin our yearly financial peak. It’s as if all the benefic planets of the zodiac are conspiring to prosper you. They are geniuses and they know how to do it. Venus in the money house shows that your good career reputation enhances earnings. The Sun in your money house shows your personal focus, and personal appearance also plays a big role in earnings.


Your love planet is retrograde all month, so love is complicated. Further, Neptune, your love planet, receives stressful aspects after the 23rd. There are other issues that complicate love as well. You are intent on having your way (and you should) but this doesn’t help love. Independence is basically a wonderful thing - it allows you to make changes and do things on your own. You’re not in need of others. Relationships are less important to you and you don’t focus here too much. Then, there is the fact that you and the beloved are most distant from each other this month. Distance doesn’t necessarily mean physical distance - it means psychological distance. You see things one way, your beloved sees them in the opposite way. The challenge will be to bridge the differences - it can be done but with more difficulty. If you can do this, you will have a good relationship. For singles, the situation is similar. Love is just not that important. Your freedom and independence is. This is a month where you learn to enjoy your own company. On the 23rd, as the Sun enters your sign, you are in a personal pleasure peak - one of them. So, you are exploring the sensual delights and getting the body and image where you want it to be. When you enjoy your own company, you will find that others enjoy it too. It’s a wonderful skill. The month ahead is prosperous. The 8th, 9th and 20th to the 23rd are excellent financial days. Until the 21st, intuition is very important. After the 21st, your financial planet, Venus, enters your sign and brings financial gifts and opportunities. Money chases you - you just need to show up.


Health is much improved over the past few months, so there is more energy available to you. You can enhance it further (as always) with foot massage and spiritual healing methods. Finances are still complicated, as your financial planet, Pluto, is still retrograde. Earnings are coming, but slower and with more glitches involved. You can minimize delays by being perfect in all your financial dealings. Pay attention to all the little details. The 8th and 9th brings good financial news. Finances will be stronger - and come easier - after the 23rd. The month ahead is very social. In a way, it is Libra heaven. Your 11th house of friends is ultra strong until the 23rd. And though the 11th house is generally not romantic - it is more about friendships and group activities than about romance - for you it can be. Your love planet Mars will be in your 11th house until the 18th. This can be read in a few ways. It can show that you were more interested in friendship than in romance, but it can also show that something that starts as a friendship can become more than that. It can also show that someone you considered only a friend wants to take the relationship further. On the 18th, your love planet moves into your spiritual 12th house. Romantic opportunities happen in spiritual type settings and charitable events. Your spiritual practice flourishes from the 23rd onwards. Breakthroughs and revelations are happening.


The month ahead is successful and prosperous Scorpio. Enjoy. Your 10th house of career is chock full of planets - and mostly benefic ones. So the career is booming. You’re working hard here - perhaps involved with conflicts and aggression - but success is happening. Overall your health is good, but this is not one of your best health months. So try to get as much rest as possible. You can enhance health through chest massage until the 18th and abdominal massage afterwards. Physical exercise is always good for you. You need good muscle tone. Love is still complicated as Uranus is still in your 7th house of love. Marriages are not likely these days. Love will go better after the 21st than before. Until the 21st, your love planet Venus is in your 10th house so you are allured to power and prestige. You are mixing with these kinds of people and they are helping you career-wise. After the 21st, your love planet moves into your 11th house of friends. Power and prestige don’t interest you that much - you like a more equal type of relationship. Romantic opportunities happen as you pursue your career goals - or with people involved in your career - until the 21st. After the 21st, romantic opportunities happen online or as you get involved with groups and group activities. You are a down to earth kind of person these days and you’re that way in love too - especially after the 21st. Avoid destructive criticism after the 21st. Avoid too much analysis. Stay in the heart.


Very often the reason that we don’t get what we want is simply a lack of clarity on this subject. We are not sure what we really want and this reflects on our results. This has been the situation with you for the past few months. Happily, now that Jupiter, the Lord of your horoscope, is moving forward on the 11th, you have more clarity about your personal desires. Thus attaining them will be easier. Strong focus is the basis of all magic and of all attainment. Focus opens up all doors. With the planetary power shifting to the eastern sector of your chart - the sector of self - you are going to achieve your personal desires. As the months progress, your personal power increases. The month ahead though is more about career and outer success. On the 23rd, as the Sun moves into your 10th house, you enter your yearly career peak. 40% and sometimes 50% of the planets are either there or moving through there, so the focus is definitely on the career. The planets in your 10th house are basically benefic, so the career is successful. You’re working hard and have a great work ethic. Superiors take notice. There can be career related travel this month. Love seems happy this month especially from the 11th to the 29th. The 20th to the 22nd seems especially good for love. The 8th and the 9th are also good for love but especially good for job seekers. Until the 11th, love is all about the sexual magnetism. From the 11th to the 29th, you are allured to highly educated and refined people - people you can learn from and look up to. After the 29th, you are attracted to people of status and power and you are meeting these kinds of people. Be sure to rest and relax more from the 23rd onwards.


Health and energy are fabulous this month. You get stronger as the month progresses. After the 18th, there will be a grand trine in the earth element – your native element. This is very comfortable for you. You’re normally wonderful management and organizational skills are even stronger. You can enhance the health even further with right diet until the 11th, chest massage after the 11th, and abdominal massage from the 29th onwards. Uranus, your financial planet, goes retrograde on the 12th. This will go on for many more months. Not only that, but until the 23rd, Uranus is receiving stressful aspects. So avoid major financial commitments, purchases, and important financial decisions after the 12th. Your earnings might be slow but the earnings of your spouse, partner or current love are excellent. He or she will be generous. Finances will improve greatly after the 23rd. In spite of his retrograde, your financial planet will start to receive fabulous aspects. Still more due diligence is necessary. Love does not seem a major issue this month. By the 11th, you’re 7th house of love will be empty. Until the 11th, you seem attracted to health professionals or people involved with your health. You also have the aspects for an office romance until the 11th. The libido is unusually strong until the 23rd. Regardless of your age or stage in life, libido is stronger than usual. On the 23rd, your 9th house becomes ultra powerful. Students at the college level will have a very good month. It is also a good time for religious or philosophical type breakthroughs. Foreign lands call to you and travel is likely.


The main problem in love this month is not opportunity – there is plenty – but the fact that you don’t know what you really want. Sometimes too much of a good thing is as bad as too little. Uranus, the Lord of your horoscope, goes retrograde on the 12th. This will be the case for many months to come. You can feel directionless. Not sure what you really want. In a way this is good, with so many planets in the western half of your chart, you’re in social period. Your personal goals are not that important right now. Clarity on these things is not such a big issue. Let others have their way so long as it isn’t distractive. Although your social life will be less active after the 23rd, curiously it will get better. Active is not necessarily happy. The 25th to the 30th brings a happy romantic opportunity for singles - but again, are you sure? Until the 23rd, social opportunities happen in the normal places - at parties, gatherings, weddings etc. After the 23rd, love is more sexual. The sexual magnetism is all important. Social opportunities come in weird places. Wealth is an important romantic turn on after the 23rd. And, you seem to be meeting money people. Finances are much better before the 23rd than after. They will come easier. After the 23rd, there is more work and complication involved. Health improves dramatically after the 23rd as well.


Join the club Pisces. With so many planets retrograde, many people are feeling directionless. You are not alone. The month begins with your 6th house ultra powerful, so there are all kinds of job opportunities out there for you. The problem is you don’t know what you want. The same is true in love. Especially after the 23rd. The social life is super active as you enter a yearly love and social peak. The opportunities are there but the problem is you. You can’t seem to make up your mind. There is a lot of good news this month. Jupiter, your career planet starts moving forward on the 11th. This is after many months of retrograde motion. Finally there is clarity in the career. And, as the months go by, career is becoming ever more successful. Finances also seem good. Until the 18th, you are earning from work. Your hard work creates your luck. You earn easily and you spend just as easily. Perhaps you are more speculative than usual. On the 18th, your money planet, Mars, enters your 7th house. Thus your social grace is probably more important then your professional skills. Your friends and social contacts are playing a big role in earnings. A business partnership or joint venture could happen - the opportunity will come. Health is more delicate after the 23rd. Good social health will bring good physical health. Chest and abdominal massage will enhance the health. As always make sure to get enough rest.

Horoscopes by Joseph Polansky. To read more astrological and metaphysical insights by this author, visit Spiritual Stories