Astrological Yoga: Poses For Maintaining Balance With @SpiritDaughter

Astrological Yoga: Poses For Maintaining Balance With @SpiritDaughter

Your Personal Guide From The Stars To Maintaining Balance Over The Holidays with Spirit Daughter

Astrology is a wonderful tool for understanding your personalities, energy, and  emotions. It also can help you understand your body and bring balance to it. Each  zodiac sign corresponds with a set of muscles, tissues, organs or bones. Depending  on your sign, you will feel imbalances in these areas when your energetic field is out of  tune. 

While there are many things in life that throw off our frequency, the holiday season is a  universal destabilizer. For as many fun and exciting events this season brings, it also  imparts an equal amount of stress into our lives. Most of us feel drained and out of  balance within our entire system at some point during this period, resulting in a shell of  person. The good news is you can bring balance back and ground yourself by  connecting with your body through yoga. You can further this reconnection with  yourself by focusing on specific areas determined by your sign. Below are a few yoga  poses to incorporate over this holiday season to help you zero in your astrological hot  spots and bring balance to your entire energetic field.


Aries is the headstrong ram, who bestows motivation and fire. Aries need to constantly  balance their fire. They often suffer from burn out because of their willingness to keep  working, even when their body tells them to stop. While stamina is their strong suit,  they need to take breaks from mental activity. Aries rules the head, eyes and brain.  When out of balance, Aries tends to suffer from headaches, eye strain, and exhaustion  to the point that they can’t sleep from over tiredness. If you’re an Aries and are feeling  any of these issues, try rabbit pose, dolphin pose, or if you are an advanced yogi, try a  headstand. You can also try gently massaging the forehead and scalp with peppermint  oil.


Taurus is the peaceful bull, who reminds us to value ourselves above anything or  anyone else. Tauruses are on a life mission to develop their self worth and speak that  worth to others. They often suffer from fear of leaving their comfort zones but once  they learn to rely on themselves they can easily wander into the unknown. Taurus rules  the throat, neck and vocal cords. When out of balance, Tauruses tend to suffer from  sore throats, thyroid issues and loss of voice. If you are a Taurus and feel as though  there is a lump in your throat, try singing or chanting your favorite mantra, deep neck  stretches, backbends like bridge pose to open through compression, or wheel pose to  open the front of the throat.


Gemini brings us the element of air, quickening our mind and our communication.  Geminis are on a mission to understand the world around them. They are curious and  inquisitive. They generally communicate a lot in order to gain the answers they seek.  Gemini rules the nervous system, lungs, hands and arms. When out of balance,  Geminis often suffer from anxiety, as they can become overstimulated from their  constant quest for information. If you are a Gemini and feeling like your nerves are  unraveling, try some deep breath work, especially the yogic breath, and joint freeing  exercises like the one pictured below. From a seated position, extend your arms out to  either side. Gently roll the wrist in either direction for a minute. then flex the hands,  pressing through the palms, spreading the fingers on an inhale. Then make a fist  curling the hands down on the exhale. Continue for 3-5 breaths.


Cancer brings us the ability to nourish ourselves and our intuition. Cancers are on a  mission to balance their need for security with the growth that comes from being  vulnerable. Cancer is the sign of the mother, and they are generally wonderful nurturers  but need to learn to nurture themselves. They need to spend time on self care and self  love to feel their true power and the divine feminine nature. Cancer rules the breasts,  chest and stomach. When out of balance, Cancers often suffer from indigestion, ulcers  and chest pain. If you are a Cancer and feel that your emotions are stirring up your  insides, try gentle chest openers like locust pose, thread the needle pose, or cat/ cow  for 5-10 breaths.


Leo brings us courage and open heart. Leos are on a mission to define their  individuality and express their unique personality to the world. They are the leaders of  the zodiac and must constantly maintain both their compassion and their dignity. Leo  rules the spine, heart and upper back. In order to maintain their regal demeanor, they  must constantly work to keep these areas free and aligned. When out of balance, Leos  suffer from heart issues like high blood pressure or heart palpitations, upper back pain  and upper spinal issues like herniated disks. If you are a Leo and find yourself suffering  from pain of the heart or tend to hunch over closing your heart, try backbends of any  kind. Camel is a favorite, but bridge pose, wheel pose or any variation of locust pose  with help. Also practice twists of any kind to free up the spinal column like; twisted  triangle, supine easy twist or revolved half moon.


Virgo brings us order, structure and healing. Virgos are on a mission to be of service,  helping the rest of the world catch up to their perfection. Virgos are powerful healers  because they help others digest events and traumas which they have endured. They  also inspire organization in the world around them, bringing their attention to detail to  every project. Virgo rules the digestive system, the spleen and the intestines. When out  of balance, Virgos can not properly discern what is good or bad for them. They struggle  with eliminating waste physically, mentally, and energetically. Like Leo, twists are also  very good for Virgos with the emphasis, though, on the lower abdomen. Twists like  Ardha Matsyendrasana, and Marichi's Pose. Also knee to chest pose and seated  forward bend are also helpful for helping Virgos process life.


Libra brings us balance, harmony and reminds us that we live in the world with other  people. Libras are on a mission to find their center and then attract partners which  reflect that center. They also are the social warriors of the zodiac. They fight for justice  when needed, attempting to create equanimity in every system. Libra rules the  buttocks, the lower back, the kidneys, and the adrenal glands. When out of balance,  Libras literally feel off their center. They have trouble regulating their stress level,  become clumsy in their movement, and may even be prone to falling often. If you are a  Libra who is feeling a bit tipsy, try stabilizing poses like Warrior 1, Warrior 2, or  extended Warrior. You can also practice alternative nostril breathing to help balance the  two sides of your body.


Scorpio brings us magic, mystery and intense emotional energy. Scorpios are on a  mission to unravel the inner workings of the universe, including their own mind. They  have a heightened intuitive sense and rely on it above logic, as it’s generally more  useful to them than practicality. Scorpios can be intense, as they view life from the  deepest angles possible. This intensity allows them to break through to new levels of  consciousness, which are not available to everyone. Scorpio rules the reproductive  organs, bladder and the genitals. When Scorpios become imbalanced they can  experience problems with their sex drive, both over and under active. They can also  have issues claiming their sexual power and speaking their sexual truth. If you’re a  Scorpio who isn’t quite connecting to your libido, try spending some time in Goddess  pose, malasana, and side lunge. A wonderful breath work to help stoke your  reproductive fire is Kapalabhati breathing.


Sagittarius brings us expansion, optimism and the desire to travel. Sagittariuses are on  a mission to explore the world. They are a magnet for serendipitous encounters,  leading them to truth and knowledge. Sagittariuses bring joy and positivity everywhere  they roam, making people feel comfortable in their presence. This is how they gain the  information they seek, through opening the hearts of those around them. Sagittariuses  are generally in constant motion and their body parts reflect that. Sagittarius rules the  hip flexors, the thighs, liver and femur. When imbalanced, Sagittariuses feel blocked in  their movement, unable to traverse forward physically, mentally and emotionally. If you  are a Sagittarius who feels her feet are stuck in the mud, try deep hip openers like  crescent pose, pigeon pose and lizard pose. Once the hips are free you can try some  backbends like bridge and wheel pose.


Capricorn brings us focus, clarity and perseverance. Capricors are on a mission to  bring order to the universe. They love their solitude, as it gives them insights into how  things should be in their lives and the lives of others. They are grounded, connected to  their body, and keep an even disposition no matter the circumstance. Capricorn rules  the skeletal system and the joints. When out of balance, Capricorns experience joint  pain, early arthritis, dental issues, and are prone to breaking bones. If you’re a  Capricorn with creaky knees, then try poses which help align and stack your body like  mountain pose, plank pose, and tree pose. You can also try the joint freeing series by  Mukinda Stiles.


Aquarius brings us authenticity, progressive thinking and independence. Aquariuses  are on a mission to change the world. They desire to impart new ideas and new ways  of thinking into the systems which govern our lives. They are known for their outspoken  ways and ability to incite a crowd. They are ofter the leaders of large movements.  leading with charisma, vulnerability and realness. Aquarius rules the circulatory system,  the ankles and the calves. When out of balance, they suffer from circulatory problems  and nervous systems issues. If you are an Aquarius who suffers from cold hands and  feet, try doing five sun salutations a day, while spending extra time in downward facing  dog. Other great poses for you are eagle pose and chair pose. To soften your fast  paced mind, try spending time in child’s pose.


Pisces bestows grace and fluidity, helping us trust the rhythm of our lives. Pisces are  the empaths of the zodiac. They feel everything, including other people’s emotions.  Due to this ability, they are amazing healers and have the capacity to shift other  people’s energies. Pisces understand, better than any other sign, the power of  observation. They inherently know how to take a step back and watch the world  around them without getting swept away in its drama. Pisces governs the feet and the  lymphatic system. When imbalance, Pisces lose their connection with the Earth and  float away into the ethers. This can feel wonderful, but can cause them to miss  opportunities and not be present for those around them. If you are Pisces who has her  head in the clouds, try poses which restore your connection to your feet and  subsequently the Earth like cobblers pose, jana sirsasana, and lotus pose. To protect  your energy, envision a white light encasing your body every morning to help shield you  from other people's vibrations. You can also use a walking meditation to help clear  your energy and connect with the restorative energy of Earth.

Jill Wintersteen is the founder of  Spirit Daughter  and our resident cosmic contributor. Follow Jill on Instagram  @spiritdaughter

Photos by Jill Wintersteen + Becca Reitz  

Model: Rein Short