We welcome the season of Aries! Find out what's in store for you for April and see which style best matches with your sign.


Your 12th house of spirituality which has been strong all year becomes even stronger in the month ahead. The dream life will be hyper active and revelatory. Your spiritual faculties are very much enhanced -- especially from the ninth to the 12th. The main headline this month is the solar eclipse which occurs in your money house on the 30th. But you will feel this even sooner. This shows a need for a course correction in your financial life and planning. Since finances are always shifting and changing it is good, periodically, to review and make changes. But here it is forced on you by the events of the solar eclipse. Perhaps there was some emergency in the family or an unexpected repair in the home which prompts the changes. But other things could also happen. This eclipse impacts on Uranus shows upheavals and disruptions in the lives of friends. Often these are life-changing kinds of events. Marriages and relationships of friends are being tested by this eclipse. Also it would show that high tech equipment can be erratic and often repairs are necessary. Love seems very happy. The solar eclipse of the 30th can bring challenges in other areas of life but love seems happy. Singles have very important romantic opportunities. Love is in spiritual venues this month. Every solar eclipse impacts on the lives of children and children figures, and this one is no different. So they should take a more relaxed schedule this period. The eclipse will shake up the financial life but your spiritual intuition which is super excellent, will guide you through.


You’ve been dealing with major changes for many years now and the solar eclipse of the 30th brings even more change. As has been the case for many years you need to learn to be comfortable with change, in fact to embrace it. This is not Taurus’ strong point. The solar eclipse of the 30th occurs in your own sign and impacts on Uranus, your career planet. Thus there are many personal and career changes happening. Generally these are for the best but not so comfortable while they are happening. So, there can be changes in your corporate hierarchy, industry and perhaps in the government regulations that rule your industry. The rules of the game are changing. Also you will be reviewing your self concept, the way you think of yourself, the kind of image you project, and the way that you want others to see you. This has been going on for a long time but now it is accelerated. So, in coming months you will once again be changing your wardrobe, hairstyle and overall presentation. You want others to see you in a certain way. This is not an especially romantic month but it is very social. But the social life is more about friends groups and group activities. New and very significant friendships are coming into the picture especially around the time of the eclipse on the 30th. Perhaps you are buying new computers or high-tech gadgetry as well. Finances look good especially from the 11th onwards. Though Saturn is still impacting on you and overall energy could be better, health looks good you really benefit from spiritual healing techniques this month and especially from the fifth onwards.


You are in one of the most successful periods of your life. Your 10th house of career is not only strong quantitatively but also qualitatively. It is filled with benefic planets. Even the solar eclipse of the 30th will not impede your success. This solar eclipse of the 30th occurs in your 12th house of spirituality. Thus, it brings spiritual changes to you, changes in your practice, teachers and teachings. There can be disruptions and upheavals in spiritual or altruistic organizations that you are involved with. There can be dramas in the lives of guru figures in your life. Since the Sun rules your third house, cars and communications equipment will get tested. It will be a good idea to drive more carefully around the eclipse period. Health still needs more watching. As always make sure to get enough rest. Enhance the health with back and knee massage. Love seems happy. Singles are allured to high status people. This has been the trend all year and it continues. Someone high up seems to have fallen in love with you. As we saw last month, focus on the career and love will find you.


Overall health is much improved over the last month however until the 20th it will be good to rest and relax more. The demands of the career seem very strong and this takes much energy. Enhance the health with thigh massage and massage of the liver reflex - foot reflexology is also excellent. You are in your yearly career peak until the 20th. The solar eclipse of the 30th occurs in your 11th house and it seems strong on you so take a nice easy schedule that time. It occurs in your 11th house of friends. So there are disruptions and dramas in the lives of your friends. Often this impacts on your relationship with them. This can also impact on your computers, software and high-tech equipment. Sometimes repairs or replacement are needed. Be vigilant about hackers and scammers. Protect yourself as best you can. Like last month if you are involved in legal actions you get best case scenarios. You have good fortune in these matters. College level or college bound students still have wonderful aspects. Since the Sun is your financial planet it every solar eclipse impacts on the financial life in your case this is actually a good thing though perhaps not pleasant. Because you experience this twice a year and by now you know how to handle this. It is a good thing to make course corrections in finances every now and then - as the financial picture is always changing. But here the cosmos sort of forces you to do it. Since this eclipse impacts on Uranus, the Lord of your 8th house, the spouse, partner or current love also needs to make financial adjustments. There can psychological encounters with death - not actual physical death and perhaps near death kinds of experiences - close calls. These should be seen as educational and not punishment.


Health needs more watching from the 20th onwards but especially around the time of the solar eclipse on the 30th. Since the Sun rules your horoscope every solar eclipse affects you strongly, so do take a more easy schedule that time. Since this eclipse impacts on your love planet both you and the spouse, partner or current love are very much impacted. Your relationship gets tested. Good relationships tend to weather the storms and get even better. But fundamentally flawed ones are in danger. Sometimes the testing is not due to the relationship itself but to personal dramas affecting the beloved. Be more patient with the beloved, and with friends in general while the eclipse is in effect. Since this eclipse happens in your 10th house career changes are brewing. Usually one does not change the actual career, though sometimes it does happen, but there can be a dramas in the hierarchy of your company or industry that change the rules of the game. Sometimes the government changes their regulations of your industry and this also produces change. Make sure to get more rest from the 20th onwards. Enhance health with back , knee, ankle and calf massage. Although the eclipse brings career turmoil and change you still seem successful in the month ahead. From the 20th onwards you are in a yearly career peak. The Sun, which denotes you, is right on the top of your chart. So, you are elevated and looked up to. You seem above everyone in your world. Finances look good this month. Mercury is moving forward and receiving nice aspects. The family circle seems enlarged this month. And it is fortunate to buy or sell a home. The spouse partner or current love has been prospering all year and this month even more so. Here in the USA this is tax time. And you seem fortunate in this area. There is much help available to you. It is also a good month to buy insurance if you need it or to receive insurance payments. A,good time to pay down the debt. A good time to attract outside investors to your projects.


Love and the spiritual life are the main headlines in the month ahead. The love life is still red hot. Many of you are walking down the aisle or preparing to. Love is both happy and ultra idealistic. It seems ideal. The solar eclipse of the 30th is relatively benign to you as far as eclipses go. However if it hits something important in your personal horoscope cast especially for you it can be strong indeed. The eclipse happens in your ninth house. So college level students or those bound for college are making important changes in their educational plans. Perhaps the college that you wanted doesn’t accept you and another one (even better)does. Or your favorite professor retires and you decide to change majors. There are a dramas at your place of worship and in the lives of worship leaders. Job changes can also be afoot. There are dramas at the workplace and changes in the conditions of work. If you are involved in legal issues they take a dramatic turn one way or another. spiritual changes are also happening and this can be with your practice, with teachers or teachings. Spiritual attitudes are also being changed. Guru figures in your life are having personal dramas. There are disruptions in spiritual or charitable organizations that you are involved with. Friends are forced to make dramatic financial changes. Health needs watching this month but there should be improvement from the 20th onwards. Finance looks excellent this month especially on the 30th - the day of the eclipse. There should be a nice payday happening. Perhaps there is a happy opportunity for a partnership or joint venture. In coming months you will be making important changes to the health regime.


Though your financial planet goes retrograde at the end of the month, the month ahead looks prosperous. Like last month there are many many job opportunities available to you. Pluto‘s retrograde on the 29th will not stop earnings but slow things down a bit. He will be retrograde for many more months. The solar eclipse of the 30th occurs in your ninth house. Thus there are shake ups and disruptions in your place of worship and dramas in the lives of worship leaders. College level students or those college bound are also impacted here. There can be changes in educational plans, changes of majors and sometimes even changes of schools. The eclipsed planet, the Sun, is your planet of friends. So there are a dramas in the lives of friends and the testing of friendships. Children and children figures in your life are having their relationships tested. Children and children figures should take a nice easy schedule while the eclipse is in effect. This is usually a few days before and a few days after it actually happens. But, sensitive people feel an eclipse even two weeks before it actually happens. Though the eclipse brings all kinds of turmoil and turbulence, for you personally things look happy. Venus will be traveling with a Jupiter on the 30th bringing prosperity and overall happiness and success.


Although the eclipse of the 20th will bring all kinds of turmoil the month ahead seems basically happy. Health looks good and you seem focused on it. You are productive and job opportunities are coming to you. Your good work ethic impresses superiors and could lead to promotions down the road. On the 20th as the Sun enters your seventh house of love you begin your yearly love and social peak. Love is active and exciting but still highly unstable. Not only is Uranus in your seventh house but the solar eclipse of the 30th will occur there further destabilizing things. So you are attracting romance but the question is how stable is it? All the planets, with the exception of the Moon, are in the western social sector of your horoscope. So you are very much other oriented now and this will be a big help in dealing with the various challenges that arise - you’re paying attention and that’s the most important thing. The solar eclipse of the 30th will impact on your career. Usually it doesn’t change the actual career but the rules of the game get changed. Sometimes there are shifts and shuffles in your corporate hierarchy or in your industry. Sometimes there are personal dramas in the lives of bosses, parents of parent figures. Sometimes the government issues new edicts that change how your company or industry functions. And a superior who was friendly to you can have a personal drama that changes things.


Health and energy are much improved over last month but needs watching from the 20th onwards. As always rest when you feel tired. Do your best to maintain high energy levels. The home, family and domestic life still seems very happy. Like last month you are still in a yearly personal pleasure peak until the 20th. So you’re managing to have fun. The solar eclipse of the 30th occurs in your sixth house of health and work. This can bring a job changes or changes in working conditions. It will also bring changes to the health regime. Probably dramatic ones. The eclipsed planet, the Sun, rules your ninth house. Thus it’s probably not a good idea to travel while the eclipse is in effect. College level students and those who are college bound make important changes to their educational plans. Sometimes they change majors, sometimes they even change schools. There are a disruptions in your place of worship and dramas in the lives of worship leaders. If you are involved in legal issues they take a dramatic turn one way or another. Your religious and philosophical beliefs will get tested. Though this is not comfortable, it is basically a good thing. Many of your beliefs need to be modified, amended or even let go of completely. This will change the way you live your life. Women of childbearing age are still unusually fertile.


The solar eclipse of the 30th, the main headline of the month, occurs in your fifth house of children and impacts on them. So they should take a nice easy schedule while the eclipse is in effect. It brings personal dramas to their lives. Sometimes, these are perfectly normal. They can start going to school, or they experience puberty and sexual awakening. Or they move out of the house on their own. There are many scenarios here. A parent or parent figure is forced to make important financial changes. If you are in the creative arts important changes will be happening in your personal creativity. The eclipsed planet, the Sun, rules your eighth house. This gives many messages. The spouse, partner, or current love is forced to make important dramatic financial changes (and because your financial planet is also affected the situation is the same for you).There can be near death type experiences or other psychological encounters with death. Often people have dreams of death. None of this is punishment. These are only gentle reminders from the cosmos to get focused on the serious things of life. Life is short and can end at any time. Get busy on the reason you were born, your mission for this life. The other headline this month is the power in your 3rd house. The mental and communication faculties are much stronger than usual. This is good news for students, writers and intellectual workers. Marketing people also have a successful month.


Prosperity is still incredibly strong. You have the Midas touch. The planetary geniuses are sitting in Council conspiring to enrich you. Aquarians always have a strong mentality and excellent communication skills. But now, especially until the 20th, these are even further enhanced. Students are doing well in their studies. Learning comes easily. Writers, programmers, and those involved in intellectual activities have a sensational month. The solar eclipse of the 30th occurs in your fourth house of Home and family. Thus there are dramas in the family and in the home. Now home and family has been unstable for many years now and the eclipse adds to the instability. Be more patient with family members as passions seem to run high there. This eclipse seems strong on you so do take a more relaxed and easy schedule while the eclipse is in effect. This is usually a few days before and after. But you will feel this. The eclipsed planet, the Sun, is your love planet. So your relationship or marriage is getting tested. You go through these testings twice a year, so by now you know how to handle it. Good relationships generally survive these things, but fundamentally flawed ones are in danger. Uranus, The Lord of your horoscope is also impacted by this eclipse. So, you are re defining yourself, your image and self concept. This is basically a healthy thing. We are constantly changing and evolving and every now and then it is good to redefine ourselves. This will bring a change of the wardrobe and a change of your presentation to others as the months go by. Sometimes, it brings a detox of the physical body - especially if you haven’t been careful in dietary matters. This is not disease but just the opposite, it is the body cleaning itself out. But this is not always pleasant.


A very happy and prosperous month and even a solar eclipse on the 30th will do little to diminish this. It will just add some excitement to the mix. The eclipse occurs in your third house. So students below the college level are affected here. There can be dramas in their school, changes in educational plans and even a change of schools. Siblings and sibling figures can have personal dramas. The money people in your life are making important financial changes. Cars and communication equipment will get tested. Sometimes repairs and replacements are necessary. A good idea yo drive more carefully this period. The eclipsed planet, the Sun, is your health and work planet. Thus, There can be job changes or changes in the conditions of work. If you employ others there can be employee turnover this month or in coming months. Though your health looks good this month, Important changes are happening in your health regime. Sometimes there is a health scare, but since your health is good it is not likely to be more than that. You’re still in a yearly financial peak until the 20th. So, you’re not only living on higher standard, but also earning the wherewithal for it. Love seems happy. Romantic opportunities happen as you pursue your financial goals or with people involved in your finances. Mercury in Aries until the 11th shows a tendency to jump into relationships too quickly. Look before you leap.

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