Accessing Your Courage in A World of Diet Fads & Restrictions with @sophie.jaffe

Accessing Your Courage in A World of Diet Fads & Restrictions with @sophie.jaffe

Accessing Your Courage in A World of Diet Fads + Restriction 

Having the courage to be real and human in this world of health & wellness that seems to have so many rules

The place I’m at today was not an easy journey, but I didn’t get here by manipulating the image of myself and my business. From early on, I made it a mission to remain authentic and vulnerable no matter how much I was risking. Why? Because it’s so powerful. 

I first began my wellness journey when I worked at a raw juice bar. I was so excited to enter this community that I immediately transitioned into a raw and plant-based diet. I began to heavily immerse myself in the rules - the shoulds + should not - and soon, my body began to feel restricted. It was draining. Eventually, I no longer felt satisfied and nurtured by the food I was eating. My diet became a chore.

That’s when I decided to make my own rules. I decided what I could and couldn’t eat. I started listening to my intuition. I received a lot of shame both online and within my circle in the wellness community. It didn’t matter. I finally felt balanced.

I can’t tell you how many times I’m asked how I remain authentic and vulnerable as a wellness influencer. It’s not easy. I’m constantly challenged and being someone who’s very open with what I eat on a daily basis, I’m even more put up against “society standards” and people telling me what I should or should not be doing. 

When you cultivate a social following you’re up against it all. Everything you put on your feed is risked for judgment and negative comments. It almost forces you to create the image you want people to see. I think this is absolutely the wrong way to go.

What it means to access your courage + authenticity

I encourage everyone to remain authentic and have the courage to be real + human. The true you is so beautiful and the world deserves to know it.

By opening up and being the REAL YOU, you can inspire others in such a profound way. Listen to your body - each one of us is so uniquely different. No one is going to crave the same thing, and similarly, we’re all not all going to feel nourished by the same things. What diet may work for someone may not work for another. Ultimately, what matters is if you do everything from a place of love - love for the way you fuel your body, love for the way you move your body and love for yourself. 

At this point, the only challenge you’re left to face is blocking out negative talk and surrounding yourself with support. This took years of practice, but what I can tell you is to remind yourself of all the love you’re worth.

Repeat this mantra: I am abundance.

Turn to self-care and know when to step away from a situation or maybe, when you may even need to let go of a relationship. Develop healthy eating habits that fuel you from the inside out. Be careful about the circles you enter and what you follow on social media. If you’re in need of a little body positivity then follow a boss lady who’s all about it. Most importantly, find out what works best for you. For myself, sometimes that’s a piece of chicken here and there, sometimes it’s smoothies every morning for a month and most times its chocolate late in the evening. Your body knows what it needs - listen to it. 

Accessing your authenticity is a challenge but once you do, it can be so releasing. The world will open up and you’ll find an inner strength you never knew you had.

If I walk away each day inspiring one person to live their truth and walk their own path, I feel aligned with the truest version of ME. And that, ignites me.

Sophie Jaffe

Mindful mama, raw food chef, spiritual gangster + founder of @philosophielove 

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