A Full Moon Practice by @SpiritDaughter

A Full Moon Practice by @SpiritDaughter

(photo via @guillerminaxx)

Full Moons are beautiful beacons in the sky asking to be celebrated. While New Moons ask us to be still and travel inward, Full Moons urge us to experience their powerful energy with others. It’s a time to dance in the desert, run to the waves of the ocean, or simply sit by a bonfire and have exchanges with like minded souls. Below are some suggestions to help you align with the Full Moon’s energy each month. 

Gather Your Tribe

While Full Moon Practices can certainly be done alone, the energy of this phase supports us in gathering with others. For centuries people have met under the Full Moon simply because there was light. What started as a practically grew into a magical experience because we are more willing on a Full Moon to show our true self and fully collaborate with others. The Moon’s energy gives us the confidence to be more outgoing than normal, making it a perfect night to share ideas and inspirations. You can gather outside or in, but make sure at some point you bask in her reflected rays. 

Gather Your Supplies

Nothing is essential to celebrate the Full Moon, but there are items which will enhance the experience. To start with, have all the elements present in your practice space. Full Moons carry the energy of fire—have that element represented by a candle or outdoor fire. Also include a small dish of water and a scented spray for air. Represent the Earth with flowers or crystals. For Full Moons have Selenite, Labradorite, Quartz and Citrine, among others. You can even leave the crystals outside overnight and the light of the Full Moon will cleanse them of any negative energies.

Also, have your favorite deck of cards present. Cards provide intuitive guidance.

This, coupled with the energy of the Full Moon, can give you access to otherwise unheard knowledge. Along with your crystals and cards, also have some palo santo or sage.

Set up your supplies in a circle, placing something (crystal or candle, etc..) to mark North, South, East and West. Image a white line tracing the borders, giving you protection and containing the energy of the night. Before beginning your practice, use the sage or palo santo to smudge each person, including yourself. 

Share your Magic

Full Moons support you in showing up fully within yourself to be seen and heard. It’s a great night to tell others about your ideas, bounce thoughts off each other and exchange perspectives. If you’ve set New Moon intentions, now is the time to talk about their progress and also explore any questions that have come up along the way. You may find the answers you seek are in the minds of others.

Also, align with the high energy of this phase to move your body and let go. Dance, run freely or do yoga. Share in these joyful experiences with others and remind yourself what it feels like to be alive.

Release and Set Intentions

While New Moon intentions are about staring anew, Full Moon intentions are about breaking through external and internal limits. Address limiting beliefs and energies which are preventing you from manifesting your dreams. Make a list of what habits and mental constructs are no longer serving you and then safely burn them in the fire.

Now that you’ve made some space energetically, set intentions that call in qualities which match your visions.These can even be the opposite of what you just burned. Each Full Moon brings about a new version of you, reinforce this energy with bold “I am” statements such as “I am courageous,” or “I am aligned with my highest potential,” or “I am ready to receive guidance.”

Full Moons are also a time to forgive. Forgiveness can be one of the hardest acts, but essential to realizing your dreams. Anger and resentment energetically block higher vibrational energies like love and gratitude. Utilize the power of the Full Moon to release old feelings of hurt. Forgiveness is not about the other person, it’s about you and the energy you choose to carry. Let it go and allow yourself to grow into a new vibration.

Closing the Circle

Once you’ve finished with your intentions, pull cards and ask questions of the universe. Allow yourself to receive the answers and be open to new ideas. Share your intentions with others and talk about the future.

Close the circle by giving gratitude for yourself, your tribe and for the Moon’s support. Gratitude always leads to abundance, so be thankful for all you have and all you’re going to receive.