Costa Rica Giveaway!

Costa Rica Giveaway!



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Photo by Santiago Bisso.
       Tierra De Milagros, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica 



Embrace your inner fire with world renowned yoga teachers Simon ParkSam Breschi, Catherine Zack, and Coco Borscheon. Join us for a week of in-depth immersions aimed toward elevating and refining your practice and teaching to another level. 


Sleep among the trees in Tierra de Milagros- a secluded, off-the-grid jungle hide-out nestled between pristine pacific beaches and virgin tropical rainforest. 


Completely immerse yourself in your practice on and off the mat among world class surf breaks in immaculate waters, jungle hikes up the river, hidden waterfalls, horseback riding on the beach or in the mountains, zip lining, and quite moments in sunset-lit hammocks.


Get to know Simon Park ! We sat down with Simon to talk about yoga, travel, and how to be mindful on and off the mat. 


Spiritual Gangster : What tools do you think are essential for starting a yoga practice? 

Yoga is for everybody! Just a healthy, open attitude for getting in tune with your body and mind. Just be ready to enjoy the process and take it as it comes. 


SG: How did you come to your yoga practice? 

Literally by accident. I rode a motorcycle as a student attending UCLA. One day while riding home, a driver who was not paying attention, ran a stop sign and knocked me and my friend off my bike. I injured my knee and back. Living in Venice Beach, my neighbor suggested that I try yoga to rehab my injuries. I enrolled in a yoga class offered at my school in the World Arts and Cultures Department. On the first day of class, I met Shiva Rea who was teaching that class. The rest is history…that was 20 years ago. She is still one of my beloved teachers and I am still very much a student. 


SG: What are three fundamentals for a successful yoga practice?

  1. A healthy, laid - back attitude, but at the same time you have to be willing to go for it when the moment calls! 
  2. The ability to listen and learn many different ways…listening, observing, checking in with yourself. 
  3. Ultimately, you have to translate the lessons you learned on the mat and carry it into the actions of your life and all of your relationships with others.


 SG: What is your favorite part about Costa Rica? 

Its a coin flip between the incredible, lush tropical rainforest jungles and the epic beaches and incredible water temperature for surfing, playing and chilling out!  


SG: What has been your favorite yoga retreat memory?

Ahh, great question.. there's been so many!  One of them is the feeling I remember at the end of one of my classes on the Osa Peninsula. We were all sitting on the edge of the yoga deck and looking out at the ocean, with the sounds of the jungle all around us. Because of the experiences of the week, we all felt so connected to each other. The inspiring nature that surrounded brought out the best and worst of what we were going through in our lives. We knew that we would grow and evolve by reflecting on our experiences with self - love and compassion. 


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