Finding Your Spirit Animal

Finding Your Spirit Animal

Humanity once fully embraced that they were apart of nature, and nature apart of itself. There was no separation between humans and animals, in the respect that both were powerful creatures that had so much to contribute and teach – for we all are connected.


We can use animals and animal totems as a way to learn more about ourselves and about the invisible and visible world around us. When we pay attention and acknowledge a spirit animal or totem, we are honoring the essence that lies behind it. We can share in it’s power or “medicine”, as animals are symbols of specific kinds of energy that we are manifesting and aligning with in our own lives. The characteristics and patterns of these totems can revel so much about our own inner powers and abilities.


Spirit animals can enter into our lives in many different ways. They can be an animal you have always been drawn to, one that appears to you in dreams, one you are afraid of, and others that you come across often in your daily life. They can come to you at different times in your life depending on the lessons and positon of your life. Once that animal has helped you learn your lesson, they often leave to be replaced by another that is more applicable to helping you on your self-journey. They are here to help guide, teach, protect, motivate and move us in the right direction to fulfill our soul’s purpose.


When you encounter a spirit animal in your daily life, stop and take a moment to connect with them. Look at them and concentrate your energy to connect with theirs. Acknowledge and thank your spirit animal for being there and showing themselves to you. Then ask them how they can share with you the lesson they are there to show. It is also helpful to look up the meaning behind your spirit animal, and allow the knowledge to be applied to the area of desired growth and change in your life.


Often times an animal that you greatly fear is there to help you come to terms with something in your life. When we embrace that fear, it then becomes a power, and their totem magic begins to work for us, not against us. For example, say someone was very afraid of crows. Their whole life they feared the presence of crows and thought that they were bringers of bad omens. They researched that crows are the smartest of all birds and have the largest vocabulary of any aerial species. They have immense power and magic, and call for us to create and manifest our soul’s creative purpose. They are fearless creatures who are not afraid to speak up. From then on, when this person saw a crow, they would thank them for being there and ask themselves what they were not speaking up about and how they could be more vocal about creating the life they wanted to live. The fear was changed into a power.

Here are a few basic meanings of Spirit Animals: 

Butterfly: Transformation and Joy

When a butterfly crosses your path, it asks us to see where changes need to be made and to be open to changes happening. It is also a bringer of joy, so that it is a reminder that changes do not have to be so traumatic, but instead can happen as gently, sweetly, and as joyfully as we wish.



Hawk: Visionary Power and Guardianship

Hawks are incredibly powerful totems. They are tied to the kundalini; the seat of the primal life force. They enter a person’s life when the chakras and kundalini have been activated, most importantly the root chakra. That is why hawks teach us how to soar to great heights while still keeping your feet on the ground. When a hawk appears in your life, they awaken our vision and inspire us to a become closer to our soul’s creative life purpose.  


Panther: Reclaiming One's Own Power

Panthers, as well as other large cats, represent great ferocity and valor. They are ancient totems, who are symbols of awakening us to our heroic quest, especially the black panther, who represents great feminine energies. More than helping us come into our own power, panthers help us reclaim the power we have always possessed but have lost. It is the ultimate symbol of rebirth.


Dolphin: The power of Breath and Sound

When a dolphin is one of your totem animals, it is asking you to take a look at the quality of your life. Breathing is a very important part of a dolphin’s life, as it is in ours. Just as breathing is the life force behind yoga, it is the life force behind our quality of life. When a dolphin shows itself to you, ask yourself how your thoughts and words are creating the world around you. Assess if you are holding in any tension and how you can release anything that is no longer serving you.