Modern Meditation

We spent the day with our beautiful and goddess-like ambassador Allie for a day of meditation and inspiration. We headed to the Lake Shrine in Pacific Palisades, where among beautiful walkways, waterfalls, and a shrine incasing part of Gandhi's ashes, we found what it is to be still, to be present, to be one with ourselves and the universe.
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Meditation allows us to be open to a world unknown to us when our eyes are open. By quieting the mind, bringing stillness to the body, and being present with the breath, we can allow our souls to connect with the world around us, simply by reconnecting with ourselves. We can feel infinite by simply being. Today, take 5 minutes to sit with your eyes closed, and just be the infinite being you were created to be.
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Allie's guide to being present:
"How do you feel when you're truly present? For me, It is about learning how to slow literally just be. I feel like I always have to be doing something productive, but the most productive thing that I can do is be present. There is such a sweetness in being still, but it's not always easy because sitting with your thoughts can be uncomfortable. Anytime a judgment of myself or of others comes into my head I look at where it's coming from and think "isn't that interesting," because our minds naturally make judgments about everything we see. To sit with yourself in stillness is to figure out what's true and what is a story. When I am present I can see through eyes of gratitude and compassion."
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Prompt for guided meditation. As you read the words below, allow the any sensations, visualization, and thoughts to simply flow. Allow your mind to be still and embrace what it brings to you.
Fall into your self. Fall seamlessly into the way you were created to be loving and kind, creative and understanding, curious and courageous, witty and wild. Fall into the purple and orange-streaked depths of your highest self. You can't find yourself anywhere outside of your physical body, so why try? Come home to yourself; explore the jewel encrusted depths of your soul. Find the seconds and moments that last a lifetime...the seconds and moments that feel like a sunrise, taste like honeysuckle, and smell like the endless possibilities of fresh rainfall.