Spiritual Gangster Muse: Missy Faul

Spiritual Gangster Muse: Missy Faul

Meet our Muse, Missy Faul! 
Not only is she a killer yoga teacher at one of our favorite local yoga studios CorePower in Santa Monica, but our Spiritual Gangster muse is a leader in this new generation of spiritual thinkers, creative souls, and passionate yogis. We spent the day chasing the sunrise along El Matador beach, practicing asanas in the warm surf, and talking all things love, spirituality, and yoga over a delicious acai bowl from SunLife with photographer Patricia Pena. 

Spiritual Gangster: What does being a Spiritual Gangster mean to you?

            Missy:  To me, a Spiritual Gangster means living each day to the fullest—to cherish all the moments and experiences in life. It means challenging myself to learn and grow mentally, physically and spiritually each and every day. It also means being fun, free spirited, positive, humble and loving.  

SG: How did your journey to becoming a yoga teacher begin?

In Boulder, Colorado (where I’m from). Before becoming a yoga teacher I noticed that each time I came to my mat it allowed me to connect to what was happening inside my body. I loved the physical practice- the asanas, but more importantly it calmed my Chitta Vritti  “mind chatter” or  “monkey mind”.  This allowed me to find a truer sense of self love and peacefulness. This new found inner peace allowed me to deepen my practice and share my knowledge with my students as a yoga teacher. 


SG: What does the new generation of yogis and consciousness mean to you?

            It means more peace and unity, more love in the community, greater awareness of health, and overall wellbeing.


SG: What is your favorite mantra of the moment?

            My favorite mantra of the moment is “you are grounded, you are balanced” nothing fancy—just a reminder to stay grounded and balanced in life.  It's a good reminder to keep up with my own meditation and physical practice but also have fun! 

SG: What chakra are you working on right now and why?

            Right now I am working on the Root Chakra, Muladhara—to create emotional and physical balance. The rook chakra is located at the base of the spine and by balancing this chakra through my personal practice it sets up the pathway for the others above it to open. 


SG: Who has been your biggest inspiration in the yoga community and in your journey as a yogini?

            The biggest inspirations in the yoga community are the teachers that I “work” with at CorePower.  I feel a sense of home when I am surrounded by them. They are loving, supportive and inspire self-growth.


SG: Are you a moon child or a sun goddess?

Both! I am a sun goddess because I love the way it makes me feel—the warm sensations on my skin and the happiness that it fills me with.  To me the sun symbolizes power, light and love.  But the moon—the moon pours down tremendous amounts of energy. The moon allows for my mind, body and soul to feel connected. As well as opens up pathways for new opportunities in my life


SG: Who/what bands do you love playing during your yoga classes? 

Music inspires me to teach uplifting, energizing, freeing, and fun yoga classes! I love to teach to and flow to —ODESZA, alt-J, MC Yogi, DJ Drez, Ellie Goulding, Catching Flies, Massive Attack, Emancipator, Pretty Lights, Bonobo... I could go on forever! I love music!