Immunity Tonic

Taking a tea break during the day is not only a great way to disconnect from the busyness of the day, but always a wonderful way to take a moment to assess your mind, body, and soul. In our culture, the idea of health is often times limited to the physical realm - made up of eating right and exercising regularly. But what about our emotional and spiritual health? A healthy body can only take us so far, for if your body is not also filled with self love, balance, and peace, it is ultimately an empty vessel. So take a moment today to do something kind for your mind and body. Take a stroll to your nearest coffee or juice shop, and enjoy a healthy and soul nourishing tonic.
Our favorite local spot to raise our vibration and fill our bellies is Café Gratitude. This delicious Immunity Tonic infuses reishi mushrooms which reduces stress, Himalayan shilijat which is packed with anti-oxidants, and cinnamon which helps with focus, calming nerves, and controlling blood sugar. Combined with steamed almond milk and raw honey, it’s our favorite way to nourish our entire being.