Into the Mystic: Lightning In a Bottle

Into the Mystic: Lightning In a Bottle

(Allie in our Om Mandala Coachella tank)


It all started with a high-five. Our OMbassador Allie Lerner and our tribe of Spiritual Gangsters headed out to the yoga and music festival, Lightning in a Bottle this weekend, and what we found there touched our hearts and souls. Within the first few minutes after arriving, we saw that the way people connected was so unlike our day to day interactions. As we passed people on our way to our campsite, we observed people waving, high-fiving, and genuine welcomes. How often do we walk around our own cities, inches away from strangers on the sidewalk, without even looking them in the eye?  It is amazing what happens when a collective group of people create a safe place for individuals to be their true and authentic selves. Our barriers and walls came down as we grounded down to the beautiful nature around us, as the music filled our bodies, and as the good vibes filled the air.



Each morning we started the day with yoga under beautiful oak trees. Walking through the expansive grounds, we were met with smiling faces, beautiful art installments, and incredible music at every turn. During a morning meditation, we set our weekend intentions: to be our highest selves, to live in love, and to fully embrace the experience.


(Featuring our Happiness is the Way Muscle tank)

How do Spiritual Gangster’s attend a festival? “We were challenged to live as spiritual gangsters do: embracing the present moment and channeling our inner gangster goddess". - Allie Lerner.



"We rose early for yoga in the morning and then allowed our intuition to guide us for the rest of the day. There was an energy, a vibrancy that felt like a communal heartbeat. Something about festivals, and especially Lightning in a Bottle, allows people to feel safe enough to live with an open heart”.



Allie shared her experience on her blog, and we couldn't have summed it up better ourselves.



 “On the last day, we gathered all our bags (about 6 heavy bags per person) and made our way to the tram. By the time, we arrived at the spot, the trams had stopped running. So, three spiritual gangster women laden down with bags, set off and hiked two and a half miles up steep hills!

We didn’t complain or get upset. Instead, we started laughing uncontrollably. Sometimes life throws you through hoops and rather than staying in a place of suffering, we found the humor in it.

This was a common theme throughout the weekend. No matter how covered in dirt or challenged we were, we still found the magic in every moment. We were joyful because you realize that when you hike that mountain, absolutely anything is possible.

Don’t hold yourself back from things. You can adapt to absolutely anything, and you can fly”.



A few of our favorite things from LIB: 


Favorite artist: Jamie xx

Favorite food: Sushi burritos and fresh-coconuts

Favorite activity: dancing under the sunset in fairy-wings

Favorite moment: Enjoying a tea ceremony in a beautiful yurt under the stars


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