Exploring the Divine Feminine

Exploring the Divine Feminine


As humans, we are made up of both the divine and human, and the male and female. We are all limitless in our potentials and yoga and meditation allows us to explore different sides of ourselves. We spent the day with our OMbassador Yancy Scot Schwartz and talked about the Divine Feminine, the shift in consciousness, and how skateboarding has influenced his yoga practice.  


What does the Divine Feminine me to you?

 It means grace and creation! The most powerful thing is to create. Women have that power because it is innate in there physiology . So in order to create there must be space. When one is present one can create space. This helps us not to set expectations or dwell on the past or future. Being fully present is where one can access that sacred space. Divinity comes into play when intelligence is used, meaning being in tune to subtle vibrations. You can see this in the way a woman gracefully moves. It is so powerful and inspiring to be able to create something in a graceful way, and it is innate to a woman's nature. This divine feminine is also available to men but they have to be attuned to their feminine side.



How does love play a role in your life ?

The role of love in my life is the foundation for all that I do. When things are done with love they are done best and at there highest potential. We all want to give and receive love; it is the such wonderful feeling! When things are done with compassion and with out expectation, they are done in love. When it comes to relationships, one should love oneself first and be ok with oneself and never in need of the other, but instead give freely with also take equally. At the heart of it, LOVE is fun on all levels.

(Yancy in the SG Cities tee)  


How does the idea of rebirth and death play a role in yoga?

They play a big roll! Samsara is the repeated cycle of rebirth and death and is about being incarnated all the time depending on your karmas. One stays in the cycle when one remains stagnant and does not learn from the lessons at hand. They say when you become enlightened the cycle breaks. The techniques of yoga help you break old patterns (samskaras), Shiva the destroyer clearing the space so one can create (brahma) and transform, evolve and grow. In short, the practice of yoga is here to help one to surpass this cycle. So practice diligently.


How has skateboarding influenced your practice?

It has influenced my practice in the best way. In skateboarding anything is possible and you have to figure it out and make it work. You might fall down and get hurt, but after that you learn not to or to be more aware. The same goes for yoga; you do what you need to figure out the postures all with the mindset that anything is possible. There is always a way or a modification to achieve your goal. Both skateboarding and yoga have helped me become open minded and limitless. My teacher Sri Dharma always said, you got to figure out your tricks. Some people might look at me and go wow that’s insane or impossible. But to them I say, with hard work and an open mind I have figured out some tricks and am here to share them!



Have you felt a shift in consciousness as yoga has grown in the West?

I have felt a shift because it is growing and so are people along with it, people who are looking for deeper practices - both physical or spiritual. The asana or workout is not the only part of yoga that is taking more presidency out here it’s definitely changing, and I want to be a part of that change.



‪ What does being a Spiritual Gangster mean to you?

It means being a part of a collective mind; something more greater than myself.  It is being a part of a community of seekers, who are seeking out deeper things and ways of living. Being a Spiritual Gangster means putting forth my energy in a mindful, authentic, and positive way.