Morning Rituals

Morning Rituals

Like the sun rising each morning, we are born again with each morning light. We are given the opportunity to start fresh: to look at the world with new eyes, set our goals and priorities at the forefront of our minds, and conduct ourselves to our highest potential.  Too often we rush through these first waking moments with a torrent of fear and anxiety for the new day, new week, and even new month. Many people look at their phones or check their emails the second they can open their eyes, allowing a rush of information and outside opinions to cloud our minds before we’ve even had a chance to get grounded.



There are a few morning rituals that can help to create a healthier, happier, and a more grateful start to your day.



Good morning meditation

Upon waking, lay in bed with your eyes closed and place one hand on your heart, the other right below your belly button. Take three deep breaths in and out, feeling the center of your body rise and fall. Now imagine a beam of white light starting right under your belly button, and rooting to your core. Imagine that beam of light extending out to your right hip, traveling down your leg to your knee, your calf, your ankle, and pooling it’s brilliant light in your right foot. Feel that warm light traveling out your right toes and over to your left foot, and feel it fill your ankle, calf, shin, knee, thigh, then gently caressing your left side body from your hip, your ribs and through your heart. Now feel it go up your shoulder, down your left arm, into your left palm and out your left fingers. Feel the beam of light travel across your chest to your right shoulder, down your right arm, and back up into your neck, your face, and out the crown of your head. Repeat the mantra, “I see the light. I feel the light. I am the light”. May this light stay with you the whole day through.




Morning journal

Each morning upon rising, write down three things you are grateful for in a special Gratitude journal. They can be as simple as, “I am thankful for my health” and “I am thankful for my family”, or as complex as “I am thankful for the opportunity to inspire and to be inspired”. Thinking thoughts of gratitude help put your mind in a positive place and rearranges your body’s chemistry. An attitude of gratitude brings about infinite opportunities. After your three thoughts of gratitude, write down three goals you have for that day. Again, they can be simple like “Be on time for work” or more complex like “Be a dynamic addition to my company”. Goals help to guide your day and are mental reminders to be your highest self.



Sip on something warm

Drinking warm water with lemon or warm tea first thing in the morning is like a nourishing hug for your body. Warm water or tea (nothing with caffeine), helps to gently awaken the digestive system and move any toxins or build up from the day before out of the body. It’s like restarting your body for a fresh new start.



Get out in nature

Mornings can be very rushed, but imagine what you could do by getting up 30 minutes early rather than hitting the snooze button. Try to go for a gentle 30-minute walk in nature before heading out to your busy day. Being out in nature helps to ground us, inspire us, and nurture us.