Press Play at Playlist Yoga

Press Play at Playlist Yoga


Spiritual Gangster is based on the idea of blending together ancient yogic practices with modern culture. So naturally we loved getting to know the yoga community at Playlist Yoga, a LA based studio where music is the backbone to each practice. We spent the day at their awesome West Hollywood location, talking all things yoga, Beyonce, and Drake.  



What is the foundation of Playlist Yoga?


The foundation of PLAYLIST is approachability. We wanted to create a safe space where people with every experience and skill level felt like they belonged. Playing off the idea of music, we put a modern spin on this ancient practice of yoga and the many health and wellness benefits that it provides. Music is a pillar for our studio (how could it not be with a name like PLAYLIST?). It provides an immediate connection within the community and allows people to experience yoga in a more lighthearted way. Life’s just better with a little music.



How did you come up with the name Playlist Yoga?


As a company, our goal is to integrate music & yoga, and what better way to articulate that than Playlist Yoga?  During our beginning stages and countless hours of brainstorming, we always seemed to circle back to PLAYLIST. To many, a playlist is simply a list of songs.  But to us, it is something much deeper than that: a playlist is a journey, a roadmap guiding you through life.



How does music play a role in your studio's community?


Music IS our community.  Music plays an integral role in cultures and communities around the globe. It has an incredible power to connect and motivate people in ways that spoken words cannot. Music is the backbone of our studio’s community, and we set the tone for class the moment you step through our doors.  Our lobby is filled with carefully curated music by our resident DJ Nikki Pennie, and this music carries into the physical studio space, creating a fun, friendly environment that will keep you energized for class. This aspect of the experience is extremely important to us since unlike most traditional studios, we did not want a quiet or sometimes intimidating room.  As class starts, the lights go down, and the volume goes up.


(Featuring our favorite Karma tanks


What are three things you look for in a Playlist Yoga teacher?


 Passion, Experience and that indescribable “It” Factor is a must!



What does being a Spiritual Gangster mean to you?


Being spiritual is such a personal endeavor, so whatever it means to our customers,  we want them to OWN IT.  You Do You.  Nothing more, nothing less.  As our CYO Nicole Sciacca always stresses – don’t worry about the person next to you or what you think a pose should look like from what you’ve seen on Instagram.  It’s your mat, your body, your practice!


And just remember, you are tough enough to handle anything that life throws at you.  Once you recognize that, you are totally a (Spiritual) Gangster. 



What's on your favorite yoga playlist right now?


LEMONADE.  On repeat.



How do you raise your vibration?


We raise our vibration by exploring and appreciating LA:  it’s such an amazing place to call home. Our team loves to practice, eat healthy, listen to music and PLAY all over the city.  Obviously being mindful of others is a no brainer as well. We are big believers that what you put out to the world is what you will receive back.  Just be nice, it's that simple. 


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