From Venice, with Love

From Venice, with Love


Venice Beach holds a special place in our hearts. It is the heartbeat of our brand, our culture, and the Spiritual Gangster way of life. We spent the day with yogini, astrologer, dancer, intuitive life coach and all over incredible human being Kelley Koski in the place we are so lucky to call home.


Kelley in our Halter Maxi dress

Venice beach; it's a heart, a soul, and a vortex of love, creativity and salty air. Formed by a beautiful dream, centered around a vast ocean and supported by an incredible community to flow through it, how could Venice not be a vortex? Inspired by Venice, Italy, Abbot Kinney built the Venice canals and the surrounding area for his wife in 1905. Already, this community has a history of being created through love, with love, by love. That love has never left, and people from all over the world feel it when they travel to this Southern California city.


Getting groovy in our Spiritual Gangster Rocker tank 

Venice is filled with the movers, shakers, artists and free thinkers. Every Sunday, Venice’s heart beats during the weekly beach drum circle that is carried along the sea breeze and grounded in each grain of sand. This vortex inspires us to think outside the box, listen to our heart’s deepest desires, and to be authentically ourselves!



Sunshine chasing in our Burnout Retro Gym short

Venice offers a sense of home that fills us up with a sense of belonging - like you’re never really alone. We are all beautifully lost spinning together to create something new within each other, and within ourselves. Each day starts with birds singing, the hum of creativity pulsing through our veins, and the feeling of endless possibilities. Venice is like a blissful spiral of love; a place where our bodies can dance freely and our minds can breathe in our fullest potential.


Salute the Sun in our Salute the Sun Striped pullover

Venice is a vortex, and it touches our minds and souls at just the right time in our lives. You’ll always remember Venice and the faces and places you see. Just let go and let the vortex flow through you!


Puppy love in our super soft Savasana Beach short