Grateful Dead x Spiritual Gangster

Introducing the limited edition Grateful Dead X Spiritual Gangster collaboration. Spiritual Gangster has always been committed to fostering a positive mind and body. Furthering this commitment, we are pleased to align with both Backline and Feeding America, making a donation to both organizations in support of mental health and hunger relief. We share this collection with love and hope it fosters a positive mindset for all.

We’re with the band.
We’re excited to introduce the Grateful Dead x Spiritual Gangster collaboration.
Featuring vintage inspired tie-dyes and iconic Grateful Dead graphics, consider this collection your
VIP pass to doing more of what makes you happy. Turn on your love light and honor the peace, love,
and legacy of the music that shaped a generation of good vibrations.

For us, music is a source of inspiration. It shapes our yoga practice – on and off the mat – and flows through every collection we design.


The Grateful Dead has deeply influenced the movement that Spiritual Gangster is today. Over the last five decades, their music and shows have been more than just concerts – they were emotive experiences that mobilized the power of collective positive energy, forming a global community that continues to live on and grow to this day. We are honored to collaborate with the Grateful Dead and create a limited edition collection that aligns our collective conscience of building a community grounded in gratitude, generosity and good vibrations.


We share this collection with love and hope it inspires you with “nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.”


With gratitude,

Spiritual Gangster