The Power of the Solar Plexus

The Power of the Solar Plexus

The third Chakra, Manipura, is the epicenter of self-confidence, purpose, and personal power. The term Manipura means “the jeweled city”, so fitting as the third chakra is just behind our navels, where life from our mothers flowed through us from our umbilical cords. It is the center of our Tree of Life, the source of life-giving energy. 

Manipura is the center of gravity and the storehouse of pranic energy. It influences major biological functions of the body; regulating body temperature, digestion, as well as the liver, spleen, stomach, and small intestines. When our pranic energy is low, we may feel sluggish, lifeless, lacking vitality, motivation, and commitment. When the third chakra is out of sync, we may feel anger, resentment, fear, and intimidation. We may be afraid of making decisions, assuming responsibilities, or trusting those around us.

Through meditation and Kundalini, the negative properties are transformed in the purifying fires of Manipura. A well balanced Solar Plexus brings healthy self-esteem, self-respect, appropriate self-discipline, stamina, and an empowered sense of self. We let go of self-doubt and second guessing as our intuition evolves, becoming our own powerful natural source of guidance.


Stones for Solar Plexus:

Kyanite, citrine, yellow labrodorite, pyrite, agate, tigers eye,


Color: Yellow


Sign: Fire