Summer Playlist with MCYOGI

Music is the sound of the universe, bringing people together of all walks of life. As music festival season begins, we're excited to explore the summer with our favorite bands. Traveling with Wanderlust Festival to Tahoe, Aspen, Vermont, Canada, and even Australia this summer, we love seeing MCYOGI and taking his hip-hop yoga classes filled with our favorite good-vibe music. We sat down with the yoga-rapper and talked all things yoga, music, and manifestations. Plus check out his favorite summer playlist here!  



How does music help you become closer to your soul's creative purpose?

Music is a vibration, it's subtle, and when it flows through us and we share it with others it helps to harmonize the space. It creates order out of chaos, and allows everyone to vibe together in a very tangible way. When that beat drops and everyone's head starts nodding, it's easier to see how were connected. We all have to share the same water, the same air, the same light, and the same space. Music especially soulful music, helps us to see that everything is connected In space, everything is alive vibrant filled with energy, everything is humming.

We're all a part of the same song, that's why it's called a UNI-VERSE



How do you combine yoga, meditation, and hip hop music? 

Yoga is the practice of harnessing the mind and the senses to the Self or Soul of the universe, mediation is the spontaneous realization that we are already part and parcel of that massive power moving the planets, the energy that turns the world. Hip hop music and all music really is the celebration of that connection that timeless truth that we all move to one universal cosmic drum.



Who is your most influential musical inspiration?

Besides Bob Marley, the Beatles and the Beastie Boys I would have to say The breath. Specifically the inhale. All inspiration comes through the inhalation. I have a lyric in my song breath control inhalation inspiration take a deep breath increase the vibration. Exhalation Exaltation shine a bright light into creation... Breathe deep


Are you traveling anywhere exciting this summer?

We'll be at every Wanderlust festival this year, along with lots of other fun festivals and events you can check out or @mcyogi on Instagram and Twitter stay tuned, we'll be coming soon to a speaker near you!


What is your favorite mantra of the moment?

Only Love is Real,

In Love we trust

Only Love is Real,

In Love we trust

Only Love is Real,

In Love we trust




What does being a Spiritual Gangster mean to you?

I'm part Italian so when I think of a gangster I think of famila - family.

A gang, group, posse or tribe of people committed to the same thing. As a yogi or spiritual aspirant

I'm all about my yogi tribe, being with likeminded yogis, spiritually inclined artist, friends like Micahel Franti, Trevor Hall, Nahko and DJ Drez to name a few. Hanging and vining with musicians and other fellow creative beings, committed to making the world a more awesome place for the people really lights me up. There's power in numbers. The more of us there are committed to changing ourselves and lifting the vibe in our culture the better the future looks for all of us.