September 2018 Horoscope

September 2018 Horoscope

september 2018 horoscope


Retrograde activity is lessening day by day. After the 6th retrograde activity will be 50% less than it was at its height last month. A big reduction. So, the pace of life is quickening now - I wouldn’t call it fast paced - but faster than the last few months. The career is starting to clarify as well. Saturn, your career planet, pauses in the heavens and then changes direction. He starts to move forward from the 6th onward. Your 10th House of career is strong and Mars there until the 11th shows that you are successful. Your good work ethic and strong management skills are a big plus. Health will need more watching from the 22nd onwards. Your normal high energy is not what it should be. So, as always, make sure to get more rest. Often when energy is lower, things we are able to do with ease even a month ago, are more difficult to do and sometimes there are accidents or injuries. So, listen to your body. The good news is that you are focused on health until the 22nd and this will help for afterwards. Enhance the health by giving more attention to the heart until the 6th - chest massage will be good. From the 6th to the 22nd give more attention to the small intestine - abdominal massage would be good. After the 26th give more attention to the kidneys and hips. On the 22nd you enter a yearly love and social peak - an active social agenda is happening. There can be some social and financial upheavals from the 10th to the 13th, but these are short term issues. Love is going to be even better next month.


Your spiritual planet, Mars, has been “out of bounds” since July 9th and will be this way until the 24th. You’ve been in a period of intense spiritual searching which took you, and continues to take you, outside your normal sphere - outside the traditions you’re accustomed to. There were no answers there for you, you had to go outside and explore the more exotic paths. By the 24th you will have your answers and can return to the “fold.” There are still happy career opportunities happening, but they need more study. Uranus, your career planet, is retrograde all month. It is good to advance your career through being involved in charities and causes - especially from the 11th onwards. Finances are much improved over last month as Mercury is moving very fast this month. This shows confidence and fast progress. Until the 6th you spend more on the home and family but can earn through that as well. From the 6th to the 22nd well hedged speculations seem favorable. Financial judgement is good. For investors the health sector is interesting all month. This is a fun kind of month. You’re still in the midst of a yearly personal pleasure peak. You’re spending more on fun things too. A parent, or parent figure, is having a banner financial month. Love seems happy this month. Jupiter has been in your House of Love all year and on the 9th, Venus moves into this House. You are proactive in love. Personal popularity is increased. But don’t walk down the aisle just yet, your love planet, Pluto, is still retrograde. There’s no rush.


Though career is not a major focus this month - you need to focus more on the home and family - many nice things are happening there. You’ll see the results later on. The night side of your chart is the strongest this month and your 4th House of home and family likewise. So this is a month for making psychological progress and for returning to your point of emotional harmony. From that point career success will happen rather easily. Finance doesn’t seem too important this month. Your money house is basically empty - only the Moon moves through there on the 4th and 5th. This tends to the status quo. It can be read as a good thing. You seem content with finances as they are and have no need to give it any special attention. Earnings should be stronger from the 9th to the 24th as the Moon waxes. The 8th, 9th and 24th are strong financial days in the period. Though marriage is not likely this month - your 7th House of love is empty - love is going well. Your love planet is moving forward and Venus, the generic planet of love, begins to travel with Jupiter from the 9th onwards. Like last month - and the past year - singles are allured to health professionals, coworkers and people involved in your health. Romantic opportunities happen as you pursue your health and work goals. Health is basically good but needs more watching until the 22nd. There is no major problem, only less energy than usual. You’ll see great improvement after the 22nd. In the meantime, enhance the health through detox and perhaps an herbal colon cleanse. Most importantly keep the harmony with friends and the beloved.


Love has been challenging all year but will become a bit less challenging after the 11th when Mars leaves the 7th House. This is basically a happy month. On the 22nd the Sun and Mercury enter your 4th House of home and family - your favorite House. The cosmos impels you to do what you most love to do. Until the 22nd it is good to pursue your intellectual interests - read more, study, take courses in subjects that interest you, attend lectures and seminars. It is a great period for students as the mental faculties are sharper. It is good for sales, marketing, trading, teaching and writing too. In fact, there are profits to be made in these kinds of activities. Health is perhaps the main challenge this month - especially after the 22nd. Watch your energy. Never allow yourself to get over tired - this is when opportunistic invasions can happen. Schedule more rest periods and perhaps more massages and health treatments. Safe sex and sexual moderation is important. Avoid depression like the plague. A creative hobby will be both fun and therapeutic this month. Keep harmony with the children and children figures in your life. (The beloved’s health and energy could be better too). Finances are better before the 22nd than afterwards. After the 22nd, you have to work harder to attain your goals. There can be some financial disagreements with the spouse, partner or current love and you have to compromise. Very important to maintain emotional harmony after the 22nd. If there is emotional harmony, earnings will straighten out.


The beloved seems stressed out from the 9th onwards so be more patient with him or her. The month ahead is prosperous. You’re in the midst of a yearly financial peak until the 22nd. The New Moon of the 8th occurs in your money house and will bring financial clarity as the month progresses. All the information you need to make a good decision will come to you. Also, your Financial Planet, Mercury, zips through three signs and Houses this month. His speedy motion makes up for the slowness of last month. Financial confidence is strong, and progress is rapid. You Financial Planet will be in your sign until the 6th. This brings windfalls and opportunities to you - with little effort on your part. (Sure, you will have to do things afterwards, but the opportunities come with little effort). On the 6th, Mercury enters your money house - his own sign and House - where he is powerful on your behalf - this spells increased earnings - increased financial power. The money people in your life are favorably disposed to you. Friends too, seem helpful. On the 22nd both Mercury and the Sun enter your 3rd House. This shows earnings from sales, marketing, good PR, advertising, trading, buying and selling. Whatever you are doing, good marketing is important. Health needs more watching this month. After the 9th there are 4 planets in stressful alignment. As always be sure to rest and relax more. You tend to be conservative in health matters in general, but this year even more so. Back and knee massage will enhance the health.


A happy and prosperous month ahead Virgo. Enjoy. Personal independence is at its maximum for the year right now, so take the initiative and make the changes you need to make for your happiness. The cosmic power is with you - supporting you. Later on, when the planets shift, the changes will be more difficult to make. You’re in the midst of one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks until the 22nd. So, it is good to pamper the body and enjoy the sensory pleasures. Also, good to get the body in the shape that you want. With your spiritual planet in your sign until the 22nd, you are seeing how spiritual practices and techniques can shape and mold the body. Self-confidence and self-esteem are strong this month. Mercury, the Lord of your Horoscope, is moving very quickly and will be in your own sign from the 6th to the 22nd. This not only shows confidence, but happy career opportunities and the favor of bosses, parents, parent figures and elders. If you believe in yourself anything is possible for you. On the 22nd you begin a yearly financial peak. Finance is the main headline. Intuition and personal involvement in finance (things shouldn’t be delegated) will bring more prosperity. Like last month the challenge in love is to balance your interest with those of the spouse, partner or current love. There is a need to bridge differences. If you can do this your relationship will be stronger than before. Health is good this month. Mars’ move into your 6th House shows the need for exercise and scalp and face massage.


Love is still challenging this month - you will just have to work harder on your relationship - but otherwise the month ahead is happy and prosperous. Until the 22nd you’re in a strong spiritual period. This is good for spiritual type studies and your spiritual practice. Often spiritual type breakthroughs happen under these transits. Libra is not especially comfortable with too much personal independence - and you’re in this kind of cycle right now. The good thing is that you can make the changes that need to be made for your happiness. You don’t need to worry about how others feel or think - they will eventually support your changes. On the other hand, personal independence is not always good for love. Mars, your love planet, is in the 4th House of home and family until the 11th. This shows that love is close to home. There is more socializing with at home and with the family. After the 11th Mars moves into your 5th House of fun, creativity and children. This will enhance your personal creativity, but also give a “non-serious” attitude to love. Love becomes another form of entertainment - like the theater or movies. It is not conducive for serious romance - its more about love affairs. The good thing about it is that there will be more fun in your current relationship. Jupiter has been in your money house all year - a great financial aspect. This month on the 9th, Venus also moves into this House. The two benefices of the zodiac are in your money house from the 9th onwards. This spells good fortune and prosperity. (Next month will be even better).


A prosperous and happy month ahead Scorpio, with a few challenges thrown in just to keep things interesting. Jupiter, your Financial Planet, has been in your sign all year – showing prosperity, financial windfalls and happy opportunities. This month, on the 9th, Venus also moves into your sign. The planets that rule love and money are now in your sign and in your 1st House. You’re having finance on your own terms and now you have love on your own terms. If you are in a relationship, the beloved is more attentive and devoted. If you are single romance is chasing you, not the other way around. Jupiter in your sign shows a need to watch the weight. For women it makes them more fertile. Though there are plenty of love opportunities this month, love is unstable. The durability of the love is in question. On the other hand, there is more excitement in love as it can happen at any time in any place. You’re coming off a yearly career peak the past two months. Now (and since last month) the focus is more on social issues - friendships, groups, organizations and online activities. This is a good month to learn more about high tech, science and astrology. Also, good to purchase the high-tech equipment or software that you need. Your Health Planet, Mars, will be out of bounds until the 24 (it has been “out of bounds” since July 9th - an unusually long time.) This shows that in health matters you’re exploring regimes and therapies that are outside your normal sphere. The answers you need are not in your sphere and you have to look elsewhere. By the 24th you will have your answers. In many cases this shows that demands of the job take you outside your normal sphere.


The month ahead is both spiritually and materially successful. You’re still in the midst of a yearly career peak until the 22nd. Career, rather than home and family, should be the focus. The retrograde of your family planet, Neptune, reinforces this. Family issues need time to resolve, so focus on the career. The New Moon of the 9th also occurs in your House of Career. Thus, career issues will clarify as the month progresses. All the information you need to make good decisions will come to you - naturally and normally. With Jupiter, the Lord of your Horoscope, in the spiritual 12th House all year, spirituality has been an important focus. Venus’s move into your 12th House on the 9th increases the focus and shows success - breakthroughs and advancement. Though your 7th House of love is basically empty this month - only the Moon moves through there on the 2nd, 3rd, 29th and 30th – love seems happy. First off, the Moon will visit your 7th House twice this month - unusual. Also, your love planet, Mercury is moving very quickly this month. Social confidence is strong. You make rapid progress towards your social goals. Mercury’s speedy motion can make you more fickle and changeable in love. The needs in love change quickly. Until the 6th singles are allured to foreigners, religious and highly educated people. From the 6th to the 22nd, the allure is to power and prestige. You’re allured to highly successful people - people who can help you career wise. A lot of your socializing is career related. After the 22nd you’re more into friendship than romance. There are romantic opportunities in the online world.


Things are starting to move forward in your world. Retrograde activity for the world is drastically reduced. More importantly, on the 6th, Saturn, the Lord of your Horoscope (a very important planet for you) starts to move forward. You have more clarity about your goals – also more self-confidence. On the 22nd as the Sun and Mercury enter your 10th House you begin a yearly career peak. A period of professional progress and success. Mars, your family planet, leaves your sign on the 11th. It starts to make stressful aspects to your career planet, Venus. So, you have to balance your career with the demands of family. Most likely you will lean to the career more than family. Finance is temporarily stressful from the 11th to the 15th. Perhaps issues at home are stressing the finances. But this will get easier later in the month. The home and family might be costing you money, but they can also prosper you. Family and family connections are important financially (especially from the 11th onwards). Health needs more watching from the 22nd onwards. As always, the first line of defense is to get enough rest. Enhance the health after the 22nd with hip massage and perhaps an herbal kidney cleanse. Love doesn’t seem a big issue this month – career is much more important. This would tend to the status quo in love. Social grace and enthusiasm will be strongest from the 9th to the 24th as the Moon waxes (the Moon is your love planet).


Mars once again moves into your sign on the 11th - this time in forward motion. So, beware of rush, haste, impatience and anger. This is especially important from the 11th to the 15th as Mars makes stressful aspects to Uranus, the Lord of your Horoscope. The good news is that there is faster progress in your life this month. You get things done much faster. You excel in sports and exercise regimes. Your Financial Planet is still retrograde but receives fabulous aspects from both Jupiter and Venus – so prosperity is happening. It might happen more slowly, with some delays, but it happens. Though you are not yet at your career peak for the year, career looks happy and successful. The two benefices of the zodiac, Jupiter and Venus are in your 10th House. Social connections are important. Friends, children and children figures in your life are helping the career. A raise (official or unofficial) and promotion (official or unofficial) are likely. Love is happy - especially until the 22nd. The only problem is that you are unsure of things. Until the 22nd it is the sexual magnetism that allures you. After the 22nd you prefer education, refinement and philosophical harmony. Until the 22nd love and social opportunities happen at funerals, wakes or as you pursue your goals of transformation and re-invention. After the 22nd they happen at school or religious functions. Health is basically good - it gets even better from the 22nd onwards. Detox and weight loss regimes go well until the 22nd. As always health is enhanced through right diet and abdominal massage.


Your Financial Planet, Mars, moves into your 12 House of spirituality th on the 11th and stays there for the rest of the month ahead. Thus, intuition is ultra-important financially. There is some short-term financial disturbance from the 11th to the 15th – but spirit will show you how to handle it. You need to make some financial changes and adjustments. Love seems happy and active this month. Your love planet, Mercury is moving ultra-quickly and you are in the midst of a yearly love and social peak. So, there are many romantic opportunities for singles. The only issue is the retrograde of Neptune, the Lord of your Horoscope. You are not sure of what you want or how you feel. Nevertheless, the opportunities are there. Mercury’s speedy motion show social confidence and rapid progress. Singles are probably dating more - and attracted to different types of people. Like last month there is an allurement to health professionals, co-workers and people involved in your health. Romantic opportunities happen as you pursue your health goals. After the 22nd you are more interested in the sexual chemistry. In general, it is a more sexually active kind of period. The spouse, partner or current love is having a banner financial month after the 22nd and is likely to be more generous with you. Health is much improved after the 22nd. Your normal energy is back. You can enhance the health even further through abdominal massage until the 22nd and through hip massage afterwards. Good social health seems very important this month. If there are problems here restore the harmony as quickly as possible.