An eventful week. The week begins with the Sun moving into your 4th House of home and family - making this an important week for those activities. Also on the 21st Mercury starts to move forward, clarifying the mind and thought process and health and job issues. A Full Moon on the 24th occurs in your 10th house. This promotes the career. The family as a whole seems more ambitious too. Health is more delicate this week - but especially on the 24th. So make sure you get enough rest. Continue to enhance health with arm and shoulder massage. The focus is still on home and family this week but on the 27th, Venus will move into your 5th house. This is good for both love and finance. You earn freely and spend freely. Love is about fun, not to be taken too seriously.


Two important things happen on the 21st. Your financial planet, Mercury, starts moving forward boosting the finances and improving the financial judgement. On the same day the Sun moves into your 3rd house boosting the mental and communication faculties. Time to expand your knowledge and take courses (or teach) on subjects that interest you. The Full Moon of the 24th brings philosophical and theological illumination. A good period for college level students. Finances should be good as Mercury is now moving forward and in your money house. Venus, the Lord of your Horoscope, will move into Leo on the 27th. Health will need more watching.


The Sun’s move into your money house on the 21st makes the week ahead - and the next few weeks - profitable and prosperous. You begin a yearly financial peak. The Full Moon of the 24th boosts the income of the spouse, partner or current love. Libido is higher than usual. Prosperity is still very strong as you’re still in the midst of a yearly financial peak. The Full Moon of the 24th is also good for your personal finances. A good idea to use extra cash to pay down debt. On the 26th and 27th money can come from foreign sources.


On the 21st the Sun enters your sign and you begin a yearly personal pleasure peak - you are in one of the high points of the year. Money will come to you - sizeable amounts. Financial opportunity will also seek you out. You look good - and prosperous too. People see you this way. The 22nd and 23rd seems especially prosperous as Jupiter makes beautiful aspects to the financial planet. But prosperity is there all week and in coming weeks. The Full Moon of the 24th is an excellent love and social day. A monthly love peak. You seem devoted to the beloved and to friends and are more popular as well.


Finances improve from the 21st onwards as Mercury starts moving forward again. Health needs watching now, but the Full Moon of the 24th should ease things. You respond very well to spiritual type therapies this Full Moon. The 26th and 27th are monthly love and social peaks. Spiritual understanding can solve or assuage love difficulties. Venus moves into your sign on the 27th bringing personal beauty, charms and happy career opportunities. Make sure to have some fun on the 23rd. Venus moves into your sign on the 27th bringing social grace and beauty to the image. She will also bring career opportunities.


Love is slowing down from its torrid pace of the past few weeks. The Full Moon of the 24th occurs in your 5th house bringing fun and creativity. Health is much improved over the past few weeks. You still seem very successful. You are at the top of the Horoscope - on top of your world. You are recognized and appreciated. Your financial planet moves into your 12th house on the 27th. You become more charitable. Your financial intuition increases. Solve financial issues by applying the spiritual laws to them. On the 21st the Sun moves into your 11th house of friends and the week ahead is more social - not necessarily romantic. Mercury moving forward on the 21st bring clarity to your personal and career goals.


Health needs more watching from the 21st onwards. This is nothing serious, just short term stress caused by short term planets. Still not a bad idea to get more rest. Mars has been in your 11th house since June 12. On the 27th Venus, the Lord of your Horoscope enters this house. So you seem in pursuit of some person - some love interest - and eventually you will catch him or her. Romance awaits you as you get involved with groups, trade or professional organizations and group activities. Things that start out as a friendship can lead to much more. The Full Moon of the 24th occurs in your 4th house. So this is a good day to deal with home and family issues. It is also great for psychological type therapies. The 25th is an excellent financial day. The 26th and 27th are good for having fun and being involved with children. You’re still in a yearly career peak this week. Much success is happening.


Health needs watching but should be OK. Enhance the health with chest massage and massage of the heart reflex. Head and face massage are also good. The good news is that health is high on your priorities and you’re paying attention. Career is getting ever stronger as Venus joins Mars in your 10th house. Pursue your career goals and romantic opportunities will just happen. The Full Moon of the 24th occurs in your 3rd house enhancing your mental and communication faculties - an excellent day for students, teachers and writers. On the 25th the Moon moves over your Pluto enhancing self esteem and overall energy and perhaps bringing travel opportunities.


With your 8th house strong this week it is good to think about the person you want to be, your ideal self, and work to give birth to it. With Jupiter retrograde for the next few months, it is good to gain clarity on these issues. Health is improved over last week. Your health planet makes a move into Leo on the 27th, so health can be enhanced with chest massage and massage of the heart reflex. Just being joyful will cure many problems. The current love has found his or her direction, but you have not. There is a love interest but you’re not sure of what you want. The Full Moon of the 24th brings financial increase. The 25th is also good for finance.


Venus spends the week in your 7th house of love. On the 21st, the Sun joins her. You begin a yearly love and social peak. The love life shines. There is more socializing - more gatherings - more parties. For singles the problem is not about opportunity, but more about you. You’re not sure of what you want. You probably back away from opportunities. The Full Moon of the 24th is very powerful for you - more than the average Full Moon. It occurs in your sign and is a high point, in terms of energy and self confidence of any month. It brings love and romantic opportunity as well. It brings love on your terms. The spouse, partner or current love goes out of his or her way to please. The 26th and 27th are monthly financial peaks. The 26th is good for love as well - it shows a closeness to the beloved. Your career planet Venus, moves into your 8th house on the 27th. This can show career changes and dramas in the lives of bosses, parents or parent figures.


The Full Moon of the 24th brings spiritual experiences, supernatural interventions in your life and a hyper active dream life. The 25th brings career opportunity and success. The 26th and 27th are also excellent days as the Moon is in your own sign - always a highlight of any month. So you look good, have more energy and self confidence. It is also a spiritual time. Spirit controls the body absolutely and you are shown this in a deeper way. With your 6th house strong this week (the Sun enters there on the 21st) there are job opportunities for the unemployed. There is a greater focus on health - as there should be. Be more patient with the beloved this week as he or she seems hot headed and impatient.


A happy week. Health is improved over the past few weeks. There are job opportunities for the unemployed, and earnings happen through work. Love is also better now that Mercury is moving forward. Love opportunities are close to home. No need to travel far and wide. There is more socializing at home and with the family. The Full Moon of the 24th occurs in your 11th house of friends making it an excellent social day. The 26th and 27th are also good social days - good for groups and group activities - especially those of a spiritual nature. Love is improving as your love planet moves forward on the 21st. With the Sun now in your 5th house make sure to have some fun. Enjoy your life.

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