Your weekly OMSTROLOGY horoscopes are here! And just in time for Leo Season. Ruled by the sun, this is the season to allow all your gifts, talents, and joys to be front and center. Leo Season about being seen, taking up space, and being your own biggest fan. Embrace the warm energies in our hand-chosen styles here.


You’re still in the midst of yearly personal pleasure peak. Its play and party time now. But all is not play. Mars will move into your 6th house on the 30th showing that you’re working hard too. You work hard and play hard. Like last week money comes through work and productive service. Those of you unemployed have at least two job opportunities now. Health is excellent since July 23. The 28th to the 30th are particularly happy days as the Moon moves through your sign. Family seems devoted to you. The 31st and 1st are good financial days.


Career starts to improve on the 30th as Jupiter retrogrades back into your 10th house on the 30th. Your challenge now is to balance a successful career with a happy home life. Not easy right now as both pull you in opposite directions. Your financial planet will be in your 4th house until the 27th and then moves into your 5th house for the rest of the week. You’re definitely more speculative now - but perhaps more so until the 27th than after. Family support is good until the 26th and family connections are important. After the 27th money is earned in happy ways and spent on happy things.


Jupiter retrogrades out of your 10th house on the 30th and career becomes less important. By contrast, your 4th house of home and family becomes much stronger this week. So focus on the home. Mars moving into your 4th house on the 30th makes this an excellent time for renovations or repairs in the home. Venus has been in your 4th house since last week. So it is good for beautifying the home as well. Committed love is not advisable right now. But friendships and group activities seem happy. Friends seem supportive financially on the 28th, 29th and 30th.


A prosperous week ahead. You’re still in the midst of a yearly financial peak and this will go on for a few more weeks. Career is boosted on the 28th, 29th and 30th - you seem personally successful. The 26th also seem successful. The 27th brings religious and philosophic insights. Perhaps opportunities to travel come as well. If you’re traveling allow more time to get to and from your destination. Health is basically good. But health needs will change after the 30th. Focus more on the ankles and calves. Breathing exercises are good too. There can be some dramas at the work place on the 28th and 29th.


Now that Mars is leaving you’re sign on the 30th you’re a lot more mellow and easy to get along with. You seem happy. You’re in a yearly personal pleasure peak now. Mercury in your sign all week brings financial windfalls and opportunities. Friends seem devoted to you - they bend over backwards for you. You are very independent these days and have the power to create conditions as you like them. Use the opportunity as later on in the year it will be more difficult. Avoid speculations on the 28th and 29th. Focus on the career on the 31st and 1st.


Mars moves into your sign on the 30th. This brings extra energy, a can-do spirit, and courage. But along with these things, this often brings impatience, rush and combativeness. So be careful on the physical plane. Be more patient with family members on the 28th and 29th. Mars in your sign is good for weight loss and detox regimes. Venus in your sign is excellent for finances. It's as if money seeks you rather than the other way around. You dress more expensively and people see you as prosperous. Overall you have wonderful aspects for love, but this week it’s a bit slow.


A happy week. Your 11th house- a benefic house- is very strong. The social life goes well. You meet new and significant people. Love is more spiritual this month as your love planet, Mars, moves into your spiritual 12th house. Avoid the bars and clubs and get involved in spiritual or altruistic activities. This is where romance is found. Finances are much improved this week. They are not yet what they should be or will be as Pluto is still retrograde. But there is improvement. Health is good. Avoid making drastic changes to the health regime right now.


Health needs watching. There are many planets in stressful alignment with you this week. So make sure to get enough rest. Health needs change on the 30th as your health planet moves into Virgo. Enhance the health with abdominal massage and massage of the small intestine reflex. Schedule more massages this week. Your love planet in Virgo can make you too critical and perfectionistic. Be careful of that. Finances are still slow as your financial planet is still retrograde. But a pause here can be a healthy thing. It gives you time for review and to make the right adjustments.


Mars moves into your 10th house on the 30th, activating the career. You need to be more aggressive now. You and perhaps your company are fending off rivals and competitors. Children and children figures seem successful this week. Many planets are retrograde now but the love life seems unaffected. Romantic opportunities happen at your place of worship or college. Foreigners seem very alluring as well. The problem in love - as it has been for a while - is you. You’re not clear about what you want though the opportunities are there. The 26th is an erotic kind of day. The 27th is about home and family. Be more mindful on the physical plane on the 28th and 29th.


Your 8th house has been strong since July 21st and is still strong now. This is a time to give birth to the person you want to be - your ideal self. Good to purge yourself of undesirable mental and emotional patterns. Love is close to home this week - especially from the 26th to the 30th. The 31st brings some love turmoil but it is short term. Venus in your 9th house shows that your willingness to travel and mentor others enhances the career. Health is good but take it easy on the 1st. The 1st is good for detox regimes. The 26th and 27th are good for intellectual interests. The 28th to the 30th are good for dealing with the home and family.


The love life is still very active and happy. You’re still in the midst of a yearly love and social peak. Mars leaves your house of love on the 30th and this should improve the love life further. The spouse, partner, or current love is less belligerent - less argumentative. Two important planets change signs this week - both on the 30th. Jupiter moves back in to your sign (in retrograde motion) and Mars moves into your 8th house. Jupiter’s move brings more of the good life to you. You enjoy all the pleasures of the body. Mars in your 8th house brings enhanced libido and risky financial behavior on the part of the spouse, partner or current love. Health needs watching.


Jupiter leaves your sign on the 30th but this is temporary. He will move back there in December and spend the 1st half of 2022 in your sign. This move enhances your spiritual life. Your career is enhanced through spiritual and altruistic activities. Mars’ move into your 7th house is challenging for love - but good for finance. You are more careful in financial matters - more detail oriented and less likely to take risks. The 26th and 27th are wonderful days for you as the Moon moves through your sign. Self esteem and self confidence are good. The personal appearance shines. A fun kind of period. On the 28th, 29th and 30th the Moon moves through your money house - a monthly financial peak. Earnings should be good. You spend on children of children figures and enjoy the wealth that you have.

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