In this month's energy update, we welcome in Libra season and the new month of October.

Libra season brings powerful change and transition as it coincides with the fall equinox. This energy of new beginnings signals it’s time to reflect on where you are, and what changes you wish to make.  It’s all about infusing balance into your life – and since you’re a social butterfly, strengthening those relationships that spark positivity to bring more peace and harmony into your world.

Embrace your new cosmic chapter in Libra’s seasonal hues of pinks and blues. Shop our Astrology Edit.


Health and energy still need watching until the 22nd. But hang in there, many positive things are happening this month. Retrograde activity is still at its yearly maximum but is being reduced day by day. You begin the month with 60% retrograde and we will end it with only 20% retrograde – a huge reduction. The pace of life is gradually speeding up. Stuck projects are getting unstuck. Life is moving forward. Your health planet is still retrograde until the 15th so it is best to avoid tests and procedures – if possible. They might not be accurate. Also avoid making major changes to the health regime. Enhance the health with more rest and with hip massage and massage of the kidney reflex. After the 22nd the health improves dramatically. You’re still in the midst of a yearly love and social peak. It began on September 22 and continues until the 22nd. You are more popular, like last month, and solidly behind and supportive of friends and the beloved. Also you are more aggressive in love – more pro-active. You make romance happen. You’re not waiting around for the phone to ring. You are always direct in love but this month even more so. Your love planet spends most of the month “out of bounds”. This shows a need to go outside your comfort zone – outside your normal orbit – in the pursuit of love goals. This also applies to the financial life. Sometimes there are no answers in our normal orbit and we must go outside. Mars makes dynamic aspects with Pluto on the 21st and 22nd. Be more mindful on the physical plane that period.


Health needs more attention from the 22nd onwards. Not only do you have 3 long term planets stressing you out but some of the short term planets are also joining the party. So, as always, make sure to get enough rest. Listen to the messages of the body. If you’re working out and feel some pain or discomfort – take a break. Don’t be alarmed if you can’t run, bike or jog your usual amount. It is natural given the circumstances. Enhance the health with detox regime, safe sex and sexual moderation until the 7th. Massage of the colon and bladder reflexes are also good until the 7th. After the 7th thigh massage and massage of the liver reflex will be good. Hip massage and massage of the kidney reflex are good all month. Your financial planet, Mercury, is still retrograde until the 18th so avoid major purchases or investments until afterwards. The financial landscape is not what you think it is. Love is much improved this month. Pluto, your love planet, begins to move forward on the 6th. So there is more clarity in love. Also, on the 22nd, the Sun moves into your 7th house and you begin a yearly love and social peak. You are more focused on love these days as well – focus brings success. The Sun in your 7th house from the 22nd onwards shows more socializing with the family and from the home. Family and family connections can be playing a big role in your love life.


Health and energy are good all month. You have all the energy you need to achieve whatever you set your mind to. The power this month is in your 5th and 6th houses. Until the 22nd you are still in a yearly personal pleasure peak. A time for fun, games and leisure activities. A time to recharge the mental batteries with fun and recreation. Joy is a great tonic for many things. On the 22nd your 6th house of health and work becomes powerful. You become more serious. You’re ready to work. Those of you unemployed will have good job opportunities. If you employ others good applicants come. There is a focus on health as well. Hopefully it will be more of a focus on healthy lifestyles. The danger with a strong 6th house when health is good is hypochondria – a tendency to magnify small things into big things. Not every twinge is something serious. Venus moves into your 7th house of love on the 7th and spends the rest of month there.. so there is romantic opportunity happening. But this doesn’t seem serious, its more likely a love affair – not something committed. Your love planet is still retrograde until the 18th so avoid major love decisions before then. When the love plane starts to move forward the love life improves. There is more clarity about things. The social judgement is stronger. Finances are status quo this month. Your money house is basically empty. Only the Moon will move through there on the 26th and 27th. So you seem content with finance as it is and have no need to make drastic changes or overly focus on it.


Like last month home and family are the major interests until the 22nd. Your career planet Mars spends the whole month (almost) in your 4th house. So home and family and emotional wellness is the actual mission for the month. Women of child bearing age are very fertile this month. After the 22nd your 5th house becomes strong and you begin a yearly personal pleasure peak. The children and children figures in your life become a focus. It is good to study children this period. They truly know how to enjoy life. They are naturally happy. Have fun personally and with the children. The month ahead should be prosperous. Your financial planet will be in your 4th house until the 22nd. This shows spending on the home and family (you’re in an excellent period for making renovations and for house projects in general). You can earn from the home as well. It favors buying or selling a home. Family and family connection still seem important in your financial life. Family support should be good. The Sun and Mars travel together on the 7th and 8th. This can bring pay raises - official or unofficial. On the 8th and 9th the financial planet travels with Mercury. This brings a good financial intuition – spiritual guidance in your financial life. On the 14th and 15th the Sun makes beautiful aspects with Jupiter – a strong financial period. On the 22nd your financial planet moves into your 5th house. This is also good financially. It shows happy wealth – wealth that is earned in happy ways and spent on happy things. It brings luck in speculations, but only do this under intuition – not blindly.


Early in the month we are the maximum of retrograde activity for the year – 60%. But as the month progresses, this lessens. By the end of the month only 20% of the planets will be retrograde. So the pace of life quickens – both personally and in the world. You are much more comfortable with this. Your love planet will be retrograde all month, but the other planets involved in your love life – the occupants of your 7th house - are moving forward. Saturn moves forward on the 11th and Jupiter on the 18th. So the love situation is starting to get unstuck little by little. Your love aspects are much better before the 22nd than afterwards. Afterwards, you have to work harder at it. Your 3rd house is powerful until the 22nd. So your mental and communication faculties are very strong. Students (below the college level) should do well in their studies. A great month for reading, attending lectures and seminars and expanding your knowledge. The mental body is similar to the physical body – though on another level – it needs proper care and feeding. This is the month to take care of it. On the 22nd your 4th house of home and family becomes powerful. This is where the focus should be. Your career planet is retrograde all month. Career issues will need time to resolve, so you may as well focus on the home, family and your emotional wellness. You can work on your career (for it is still important) through interior work – meditation, visualization and putting yourself in the emotional mood of success. This is better than the overt ways right now. Health needs more watching from the 22nd onwards. Make sure to get enough rest.


Health is good this month, yet your 6th house of health is very strong. Be careful of hypochondria tendencies. It is good to take care of problems right away, but elevating small things into large things is not good. You create problems where none exist. Finances are good this month. You’re still in the midst of a yearly financial peaks until the 22nd. The financial intuition is good and trustworthy. With Mars in your money house almost all month, it is still good to pay down or make debt – depending on your need. It is still good for tax and insurance planning and for dealing with estates. Mercury – a very important planet in your chart – will move forward on the 18th. He spends the month in you money house, so financial judgement is much better. You are personally involved in finance and not delegating things to others. You dress expensively and project an image of wealth. You spend on yourself. On the 22nd your 3rd house of communication and intellectual interests becomes strong. Your mental faculties are sharper than usual. Learning happens easier. Students (below the college level) should do well in their studies. It is a good period to give the mental body what it needs – exercise, good nutrition (ideas of wisdom and truth) and right expression. Take courses or attend lectures in subjects that interest you. Love is still complicated as your love planet is still retrograde. But love will improve after the 22nd. Your spiritual work and attitude attracts love.


A happy and prosperous month Libra. Enjoy. You’re still in the midst of a yearly personal pleasure peak and are enjoying all the physical and sensual pleasures. You are personally more independent these days as well. It is good for Libra to be more independent – to express one’s own position on things and to pursue personal goals. Too much “people pleasing” – a trait that Libra is very subject to – is not healthy. Other people are important but so are your own interests. A good time to make the changes that need to be made for your happiness. Love looks very happy. Your love planet, Mars, is in your sign almost all month. Thus love chases you. Not much you need to do. Just go about your daily business and it will find you. (Probably it already has). If you are in a relationship, the spouse, partner or current love is solidly in your corner and eager to please. He or she caters to you. The personal appearance shines and the opposite sex takes notice. On the 22nd as the Sun moves into the money house you begin a yearly financial peak. Earnings will be strong. Finances are improved even further with Pluto’s forward motion on the 6th. There is more financial confidence and clarity happening now. Financial decisions will tend to be good. Health is still excellent this month. Energy seems stronger before the 22nd than afterwards – but it is good afterwards too. With your health planet still retrograde all month avoid major changes to the health regime. If you much do these things study things more.


Health is reasonable this month. True, there are 3 long term planets in stressful alignment with you, but the short term planets are helping you out especially after the 22nd. Still, if you feel tired rest. Don’t be alarmed if you can’t run, jog or bike at your normal level. This is natural considering the astrological weather. The month ahead is basically happy. The intense retrograde activity that we’ve had for the past few months is abating as the month progresses. Pluto, the Lord of your Horoscope, starts to move forward on the 6th. Thus there is more personal confidence, self esteem and clarity about personal goals. The Sun’s move into your sign on the 22nd adds to this. It also brings happy career opportunities and the devotion of the authority figures in your life. You looks successful this period and dress the part. People see you as successful and look up to you. Venus, your love planets moves into your money house on the 7th and spends the rest of the month there. So your social connections are playing an important role in finances. A business partnership or joint venture could happen – the opportunity can come. Finances improve further after the 18th as your financial planet, Jupiter, starts to move forward after many months of retrograde motion. Stuck and stalled projects become unstuck. There is more financial clarity as well. Things at home are improving. They are far from perfect, but most of the planets involved are starting to move forward. Things are going to resolve there in coming months. Love continues to be unstable – but nevertheless exciting.


A happy, healthy and spiritually rewarding month Sagittarius. Enjoy. The first thing that should be mentioned is that it comes in like a lamb and ends likes lion. Retrograde activity is at its peak – 60% of the planets — until the 6th - and then gradually diminishes as the month progresses. By the end of the month only 20% are retrograde - an acceptable percentage. So events are starting to move forward in the world and in your life. Stuck projects get unstuck. The pace of life quickens, just the way you like things. Finances are good until the 22nd. Your financial planet, Saturn , will start to move forward on the 6th after many months of retrograde motion. So the financial life starts moving forward again. Financial judgement is sound. Finances will be more stressful after the 22nd. But it just means you have to work harder to achieve your goals. These stresses are short term and will pass by next month. Venus moves into your sign on the 7th and stays there for the rest of the month. This is a happy transit for you. It brings beauty and grace to the image. You dress more stylishly. It is a good time to buy clothing and personal accessories as the taste will be excellent. Love though, is a bit complicated as your love planet is retrograde until the 18th. The problems is not with you – as you look good and have much social grace. It seems more on the part of the partner or current love who seem indecisive and directionless. But this will change after the 18th.


Career success is still happening as you’re still in the midst of a yearly career peak. But this is only part of the good things happening. The Lord of your Horoscope, Saturn, starts moving forward on the 6th after months of retrograde motion. You feel like you’re moving forward again. You have more confidence and self esteem. You know the direction to move in. Finances need more work after the 22nd but most of the planets involved with money are moving forward this month.. Only your financial planet, Uranus, is retrograde. So caution is still needed, but things are moving forward again. On the 22nd the Sun moves into your 11th house expanding the social life. And, though your career peak is over with, there is still success happening. Your career planet Venus moves into your 12th house on the 7th and stays there for the rest of the month. Career is boosted by charitable and altruistic activities. Your career planet spends most of the month – from the 11th onwards – “out of bounds”. Thus the demands of the career are pulling your outside your normal orbit. Another way to read this as your success depends on “thinking and acting outside the box” – outside your normal comfort zone. Children and children figures are having a strong social month, but love is unstable for them. Your personal love life seems status quo. You seem content with things as they are and have no need to pay special attention here. Health improves after the 22nd and improves even further on the 31st. In the meantime enhance the health with hip, arm and shoulder massage and massage of the kidney reflex.


Health is good until the 22nd but afterwards needs more attention. As always watch your energy levels and don’t allow yourself to get overtired. If you can’t run, jog or bike up to your norms, or workouts overtire you, don’t be alarmed. The body is sending you a message – rest – take a break. Your normal energy levels are not up to par. Enhance the health with more rest, right diet and abdominal massage. Women should massage the reflexes to the breasts. Though health and energy could be a lot better, many nice things are happening. On the 22nd you begin a yearly career peak – there is much success and progress happening. Your career planet, Pluto, is moving forward on the 6th also helping the career. Things are moving forward. Stuck projects get unstuck. You have more career confidence. Foreign lands call to you early in the month but you might be better off scheduling a trip after the 18th. Until then the two planets that rule travel – Mercury (local travel) and Jupiter (long distance travel) are both retrograde. Though your financial planet, Neptune is still retrograde this month, prosperity is happening – especially from the 22nd onwards. Neptune might be retrograde but he receives wonderful aspects. There are plenty of love opportunities for singles but the problem is you – you seem indecisive, not sure of what you want. Until the 22nd love opportunities happen in college or religious settings. This is the kind of month where you can fall in love with your professor or worship leader. Foreigners are also alluring. After the 22nd the allurement change. You favor people of power and prestige – people above you in status – and, you are a mingling with these kinds of people this period. There can be opportunities for romantic liaisons with bosses or with people involved in your career.


Health is excellent this month. But if you want to enhance it further hip massage is powerful until the 22nd. Detox regimes, safe sex and sexual moderation are important all month. There is a tendency to surgical procedures this month as well - a good month to do these things (if necessary) as your health and vitality are good. Recovery should be good. (If you need to do these things wait until after the 18th when Mercury moves forward.) Massage of the colon and bladder reflexes are also good. Your financial planet, Mars, spends almost all month in your 8th house. Thus it is important that you focus on the financial needs of others. Prosper others and your own supply will happen quite naturally. The whole month is good for either paying down debt or making it - depending on your need. It is good for tax and insurance planning. If you are appropriate age it is good for estate planning. The month ahead should be prosperous. Though the month ahead is sexually active, love seems more complicated as your love planet Mercury is retrograde until the 18th. The 2nd and 3rd brings happy romantic experiences. Venus is “out of bounds” from the 11th onwards. Thus your taste in reading is outside your normal fare. Sexual preferences are also outside your normal sphere. The spouse partner or current love is having an excellent financial month. He or she is in the midst of a yearly financial peak and you seem very involved with this.

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