Meet our muse, Amy Harrington. A self-love advocate who brings mindful movement and breathing into her daily yoga practice, Amy reminds us that living within our intuition - through food, movement, and thoughts - brings us closer to our highest and most authentic self. Follow along as we get to know Amy, live for her vegan taco recipe, and hear more about the importance of daily movement.

Q: What is your history with yoga/ where did your journey begin?

I found yoga as a teenager soon after I quit professional dancing. I needed an outlet for my intense physical energy and and overactive mind and yoga hit the spot. 

Q: What mantra do you live by? Any new mantras of the moment?

May All Beings Be Happy & Free

The first part of the first and most important limb of yoga is Ahimsa, non harming. Cause no harm to yourself or others with your thoughts, words and actions. 

Q: How do you align your mind, body, and spirit? 

My yoga practice embodies the connection of physical movement, breath expansion and mental control which helps me tap into my most authentic self, keeping me energized, balanced and joyful.

Q: How does inspired movement influence your daily life?

I am a bit like a hummingbird. I need to move constantly as I have so much energy coursing through me. I always have music playing and I am constantly dancing and yogaing throughout my day, utilizing the world around me as props. I love stretching and hand balancing on counter tops. 

Q: What is your greatest life lesson? Any lessons learned from the past year? 

Focus on the positive. Life can throw challenges your way but you get to choose how you react to situations. Breathe intentionally, visualize something joyful and flood your mind with positive thoughts. Mental control is an important skill that helps you develop internal happiness.

Q: How has yoga and movement helped your mental health throughout your life, and especially this last year?

Moving meditation is the greatest elixir. Yoga makes me feel good physically, mentally and energetically. If I am stressed and agitated, yoga calms and centers me. If I am feeling sad or depressed, yoga energizes me. Yoga is auto therapy which keeps me sane and makes me a more patient, loving human. 

Q: Tell us more about your journey with veganism? What is your favorite summer vegan recipe?

I became vegan because of my son who was deeply affected by the ethical implications of how animals are mistreated. It didn't take long for me and my family to become vegan once we realized all the ethical and physical benefits. 

I have been loving making tacos which are easy, healthy and great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They only take a few minutes to make and prep and clean up time is also quick.

Here is one of my favorite taco recipes:

Sautée cubed zucchini, sliced mushrooms and onions in a little oil in one pan.

Add cubed tofu (*optional).

Add taco seasoning and continue stirring until veggies are softened and a little browned.

In a second pan warm up a small flour or corn tortilla (I like the small slider size).

Place veggie mix onto the tortilla and top it with salsa, diced tomatoes, cashew cheese and cilantro. 

Q: What do you have in store for the next year - retreats, travel, new offerings so our community can follow along?

I haven't hosted a retreat since 2019 and I am definitely planning on a retreat for 2022 but nothing is set yet. Currently I teach online classes and will be hosting some virtual and in person workshops soon. 

Q: How do you practice self-love and self-acceptance?

I practice self love and acceptance all day long by thinking and talking positively to myself. I am my own cheerleader which uplifts my mood and boosts my confidence. I celebrate what makes me unique and I try not to compare myself to anyone else. Yoga and eating healthy, vegan food is my greatest act of self love. I make my mental and physical health a priority. 

Q: What is your favorite piece from Spiritual Gangster that helps you move with support and freedom?

I have been a huge fan of Spiritual Gangster for several years and love all my Spiritual Gangster clothes. I have one hoodie that I wear every day and would be lost without it but when I yoga, I wear the new tie dyed Love Sculpt leggings and Amor Crop tank