March 2019 Horoscopes

March 2019 Horoscopes


Looks like a happy and healthy month ahead. Health is much, much better than it was in January. Your health planet, Mercury, will spend the month in Pisces, your 12th house of spirituality. Give your feet more attention - a foot massage is always good, but now even more so. You’re in a very spiritual kind of month so spiritual healing is unusually effective for you. If there are problems, a spiritual type healer can help. Spiritual healing is good all month, especially from the 24th to the 31st as your health planet camps out - making station - on Neptune, your spiritual planet. Writers are very much inspired this month. The New Moon of the 6th occurs exactly in Neptune - so there are spiritual breakthroughs happening. Also, many spiritual issues will clarify as the month progresses. Spirit has the answer for a family problem. Finances seem good. Mars, the Lord of your Horoscope, is in your money house all month. This shows focus and interest - also good fortune. Uranus will enter the money house for the long term on the 7th. So, your financial life is becoming very exciting for the next 7 years. Earnings will be volatile. The highs will be ultra-high and the lows ultra-low. You have to learn to be comfortable with financial change - this is the spiritual lesson for the next 7 years. Uranus in your money house shows the importance of the high tech, online world in finances. Your financial planet will also spend most of the month in Aquarius reinforcing what we say. It is good to spend on high tech as you earn from it. It’s a good investment.


Taurus is generally not comfortable with too much change - especially not sudden change. Taurus like stability - predictability. Uncertainty brings anxiety. Now with Uranus, the planet of revolutionary change moving into your sign on the 7th, you’re going to have to learn to become comfortable with change. Learn to make it your friend. This is the spiritual lesson for the next 7 years. Also, while the status quo might be comfortable, it is probably the reason why your prayers are not being answered as they should. The whole status quo needs a revamping - and this will start happening. Your social and professional status is wonderful this month. Venus, the Lord of your Horoscope, will be in your 10th house until the 26th. She is the most elevated planet in your Horoscope. You will be on top, successful, and above everyone in your world. Uranus’s move into your sign on the 7th adds to the success. You are seen as successful by others. You project this image. Happy career opportunities are coming to you as well. The powers that be in your world seem very devoted to you. Saturn is very near your love planet this month (and also for the rest of the year). So, go slow in love. Let relationships develop as they will. Choose quality over quantity. The sex life however seems active. Health is good too. Health is a form of wealth. Though you are conservative in most things, in health you seem more adventurous - ready to try new things - ready to experiment. Until the 26th massage the ankles and calves, after the 26th foot massage enhances health.


Overall, your health and energy are reasonable in the year ahead, but this is not one of your best months. It is great for the career (you’re in a yearly career peak this month) and you’re successful, but you need to watch your energy more. Low energy doesn’t cause disease, but it makes one more vulnerable to opportunistic invasions. Genetic vulnerabilities (read karmic vulnerabilities) can become more vulnerable. If there are pre-existing conditions, they can act up now. So be sure to get plenty of rest. Since you seem very busy in the outer world - the demands of the career are strong - very important to focus on essentials and let lesser things go. As the saying goes “don’t sweat the small stuff.” The New Moon of the 6th not only brings career success, but also clarity in the career. Mercury’s station on your career planet from the 24th to the 31st brings more success (and probably opportunity too). A pay raise - official or unofficial - could happen this month. The Full Moon of the 20th (in the USA, in Europe and Asia it’s on the 21st) is almost a “Super Full Moon” - it occurs with the Moon very close to perigee - this should be a good financial day. The love life is great this year, but this month career demands complicate things. They distract you from the beloved. Be more patient with the beloved on the 15th and 16th. Health and energy will improve after the 20th but still needs more watching. Back and knee massage will enhance the health - but more important than that is maintaining high energy.


Your 9th house is where the action is this month. It is easily the strongest house in your Horoscope. 50% of the planets are either there or moving through there. So, the focus this month is on religion, philosophy, higher education and theology. A good juicy theological discussion or a visiting guru is more appealing than a night on the town. It is a great period for college level students - it shows focus on their studies. Focus tends to bring success. The Moon, your ruling planet, becomes new right on Neptune (on the 6th) this shows a religious or philosophical type breakthrough. Mercury will make a station on Neptune from the 24th to the 31st - this can bring both religious and spiritual type breakthroughs. Foreign travel opportunities are coming and you’re likely to take them. If you’re involved in legal issues, they seem fortunate now. On the 20th the Sun crosses your Midheaven and enters your 10th house. You begin a yearly career peak. Much progress will be made. Also, with Uranus leaving your 10th house on the 7th, the career is going to be more stable, less frenetic, than it has been for the past 7 years. Health will need more watching from the 20th onwards. So, as always, make sure to get enough rest. Regular thigh massage will also enhance the health. The Sun’s move in Aries brings financial windfalls and increased earning power. Finances will be excellent.


The month ahead looks prosperous, but with delays and glitches. Do your best to avoid unnecessary delays by being perfect in all your financial dealings. Checks should be dated and signed properly. Payments should be addressed properly. Watch all the little details. Career is a major headline this month as Uranus moves in - for the long haul - to your 10th House of Career on the 7th. This is going to bring much career change and excitement - also instability. It’s a good transit for a freelancer. This suits you much better than working in an office from 9 to 5. Your love life always tends to be exciting - operatic is more like it, but now it becomes a bit more stable. This transit will be good for love, for it shows a strong focus. Uranus, your love planet, will be at the top of your chart - high on your agenda - for years to come. Your social grace is perhaps more important career-wise than your actual abilities (those these are important). Who you know - and you are mixing with the high and mighty now - is more important than professional skills? You’re allured to high profile, high status kinds of people. Power turns you on romantically. The month ahead is sexually active - and for a Leo that is saying a lot. Whatever your age or stage - libido will be stronger than usual. Mars in your house of career all month shows business travel.


Love is the major headline this month. Your 7th house is chock full of planets - and beneficial ones. For singles, the problem is one of abundance rather than lack. There is too much to choose from - too many opportunities. With Mercury, the Lord of your chart, retrograde almost all month - from the 5th to the 28th - you’re not sure what you want. The good news is that the New Moon of the 6th will clarify the love situation as the month progresses. All the information to make good decisions will come to you. But the problem is really with you. You need some mental clarity. Mercury spends all month in your 7th House of Love. So, you are proactive here. You’re not waiting around for the phone to ring. Also, you are very popular. You’re there for your friends or the current love. You’re on their side. They come first. People feel this and respond to it. There are happy love opportunities all month - and you seem to get on with all kinds of people - but the 24th to the 31st seems especially strong. Singles meet a special someone that period. Those already in a relationship are more romantic - closer - with their partners. Health needs watching this month. Make sure to get enough rest. The ankles, calves, neck and throat need special attention after the 7th (and for the next 7 years). Finance is not a big deal this month. Your money house is basically empty. This tends to the status quo. You seem content here and have no need to make major changes. Until the 26th money comes the old fashioned way - through work. After the 26th you’re more focused on prospering others - especially the beloved.


Health has been an issue for you for the past year (and all of 2018 too). There is a brief respite until the 20th, but afterwards you need to slow down a bit. With many long- and short-term planets arrayed against you your energy levels are not what they should be. Things you did with ease a year or two ago, are now more difficult to do. Low energy makes you more vulnerable to infections and invasions. Preexisting conditions can act up as well. There is a simple solution - maintain high energy. Focus on essentials and let lesser things go. The good news this month is that you are very focused on health. You’re on the case - as you should be. Spiritual healing is always powerful for you but this month even more so. I doubt whether there are any unemployed Libras these days, but if you are one of them, there are plenty of job opportunities out there. Even employed Libras have opportunities for overtime or side jobs. Uranus’ move into your 8th house on the 7th - a long term move - brings more stability to the marriage and love life. Many of you have been divorced in the past 7 years. Now there is a greater chance for love to last. On the 20th the Sun moves into your 7th house and you begin a yearly love and social peak. So, the social life is active and happy. Finance doesn’t seem a big deal - a status quo kind of month. You have been conservative in finances for some years now and this year even more so. Financial judgement is sound


A happy month ahead. Your 5th House of Fun, creativity and children is where the action is. 50% of the planets are either there or moving through there this month. You’re in a party period - a period for exploring and enjoying the rapture side of life. This could distract you a bit from your financial life - perhaps you are overspending on leisure and fun - but this is short term. The year ahead is very prosperous. Health is excellent. Most of the planets are either in harmony with you or leaving you alone. Your health planet, Mars, spends the month in Taurus. So, if you want to enhance your health even further massage the neck and throat. Cranial sacral therapy is always good for you, but especially this month. Your main challenge now - and this will be for the next 7 years - is the love life. Uranus moves into your 7th house of love on the 7th. This will test existing relationships. Marriages can survive but they will need much more work and effort. For singles love becomes very exciting. Anything can happen at any time - in the most unexpected ways and places. The only issue is the stability of these things. Singles should probably not marry. Just enjoy the excitement for what it is. Until the 26th love opportunities are at home or through family connections. After the 26th, love opportunities happen at the usual places - parties, resorts and places of entertainment. Spiritual type venues are also good.


Your health is basically good this year, but this is not one of your best months for it. Don’t be alarmed if you feel an ache here or a pain there. These are not trending for the year. These are short term issues that will most likely pass. The short-term planets are in stressful alignment right now, so be sure to get enough rest. Ankle and calf massage are powerful until the 26th. A foot massage is powerful afterwards. Air based therapies - breathing exercises and fresh air - are powerful until the 26th. Water based therapies- baths, swimming, water bottles - are powerful after the 26th. This is not really a career month. Your career planet, Mercury, is retrograde from the 5th to the 28th. Not only that but he is in the 4th house - far from his natural home. The focus should be on the home, family and your emotional wellness. In fact, this is your real mission this month. You may as well focus here as not much seems to be happening career-wise. This is a month for psychological type breakthroughs. The love life could be better as well. Your love planet (also Mercury) is retrograde and in stressful aspect with you (signified by Jupiter). So, there is some conflict with the beloved. For singles there is a lack of clarity in love. You’re not sure what you want. Avoid making important love or career decisions this month. You’re probably going to socialize more from home and with family members. You yearn for someone with whom there is a good emotional and spiritual connection.


The love and social life don’t seem a major interest this month, yet there is romantic opportunity for singles on the 6th and the 20th. Your empty 7th house shows a more or less status quo kind of social month. The important thing in love is to be more warm and friendly to others. With Saturn in your own sign, you can be seen as cold and aloof even through you don’t mean it. It's as if you have taken “Saturn” pills these days. More warmth is necessary. Important financial changes are happening this month. Your financial planet, Uranus, makes a major move into Taurus your 5th house. I read this as a good thing. You’re enjoying the wealth that you have more. You’re spending on fun kinds of things. There is luck in speculations (but only speculate under intuition, not blindly). Your financial planet in the 5th house shows that you earn in happy ways too. Very important that you enjoy the act of earning. You have a good feeling for the entertainment and music industry - industries that cater to the youth market. Real estate (especially rural or agricultural real estate) also seems good. With your 3rd house ultra-powerful this month your mind and communication skills are sharp. A great month for students, writers, teachers, sales and marketing people. Traders should do well too. Health is basically good, but after the 20th needs more watching. A foot massage and spiritual healing methods are very powerful this month (especially from the 24th to the 31st).


This is a happy, healthy and ultra-prosperous month Aquarius. Enjoy. Money is the main headline this month. Your money house is chock full of planets and beneficent ones to boot. This shows focus and by the spiritual law we get what we focus on. The whole month is prosperous but the 6th and the 24th to the 31st seem the most. The New Moon of the 6th brings more than just wealth and opportunity, it brings financial clarity as well. As the month progresses - until the next New Moon - all the information you need for good financial decision making is coming to you - naturally and normally. Health also looks good. This is another form of wealth. Energy levels are high and things that were impossible when energy was low are now eminently possible. Your challenge is to use all this extra energy in positive ways - not to fritter it away. Uranus is in your ruling planet. So, his move from Aries to Taurus shows a major, long term shift for you. It shows more personal stability. You’re calmer and less frenetic than you’ve been. Home and family are going to be a major interest for years to come - emotional wellness too. Mars will be in your 4th house all month. Thus, there can be construction or repairs going on in the home. Family members seem more spiritual. Love also seems happy. Singles will find love opportunities as they pursue their financial goals and perhaps with people involved in their finances. After the 20th, love opportunities happen at school, school functions, the library or book store.


Pisces is about transcendence. They long to rise above mundane reality and see and experience things from a higher and larger perspective. All too often, if they are unschooled, they will do this via alcohol or drugs - shortcuts to these states. But the educated Pisces does it through discipline. This month your transcendent powers are multiplied many folds. Your challenge is not about “rising above” but about keeping both feet on the ground. Your challenge is to keep your connection to earth - especially when driving or doing mundane tasks. Dreaming is wonderful (and your dream life is hyper-active this month) but not while doing earthly tasks. Health is excellent - there is only one long term planet stressing you. You have plenty of energy, drive and self-esteem. You look great and the opposite sex takes notice. Your love planet spends the month in your own sign showing that love is pursuing you rather than the other way around. Those already in relationships find that their partners are more devoted to them. The month ahead is prosperous as well. On the 20th the Sun moves into your money house and you begin a yearly financial peak. But you will feel prosperity even before that - on the 7th Uranus leaves the money house and enters your 3rd house. There is going to be more financial stability in your life from now on. Love gets red hot from the 24th to the 31st. Singles are likely to meet someone significant.