March 2017 Horoscopes

March 2017 Horoscopes

The year ahead is a fabulous social year. Singles are likely to marry or be involved in a serious relationship - something that is like a marriage. Only now is a time to take stock of your current relationship or love life in general. Venus, your love planet, goes retrograde on the 4th. This is rare, she only goes retrograde every two years. Finances can also be slower than usual. Make sure you handle all the details of finance correctly. Save all your receipts and make sure checks are dated and mailed properly. Earnings will happen, but slower. On the 10th, Mars moves into your money house and stays there for the rest of the month. This is good. It shows focus and attention, which is 90% of the battle. It's helpful to review your financial goals this month too. Avoid major purchases or investments. It's time for mental clarity in both love and money. Until the 20th, you’re in a strong spiritual period - good to meditate or study sacred literature. Spiritual healing is very powerful on the 4th and 5th. On the 13th, your health and work planet, Mercury, moves into your sign. There are happy job opportunities coming. If you hire others, employees are seeking you rather than vice versa. Health looks good this month - especially from the 13th onwards. Good health will do more for your physical appearance than hosts of lotions and potions.You are in your most independent cycle of your year, so make those changes that need to be made. Time to create your own happiness.

The Lord of your Horoscope, Venus, makes one of her rare retrogrades on the 4
th. She will be retrograde until April 15th. You’re in a a very strong independent period right now. You have the power to have things your way and create the conditions you desire, but you need to be clear on what you want. Take the time to review your personal desires before making important changes. The job situation is seems muddy right now - confusing. But don’t make any major moves right now. Gain clarity. Resolve doubts. Important health decisions shouldn’t be taken either. Your career planet, Uranus, has been in your spiritual 12th House for many years. Thus you further your career through pro-bono charitable or philanthropic activities. This is even more so this month. Finances are good this month and will get even better next month. The financial intuition is super on the 4th and 5th. Financial information can come in dreams or through psychics or spiritual channels. Love gets stormy from the 20th onwards. Be more patient with the beloved. The disturbances are temporary. Mars moves into your sign on the 10th. It gives you extra energy and courage. It can also make you more combative - so watch your temper and drive more carefully. Head and scalp massage will enhance health this month. Cranial sacral therapy might also be good. If you feel under the weather, a spiritual type healer could be just the ticket.

Love has been tested for two years now, and the testing is still going on. Your partner has had many challenges in their lives (perhaps surgeries or near death kinds of experiences). The good news is that the relationships that have made it are likely to survive anything. You’re in the midst of a yearly career peak right now and there is much outer success and progress. The 4th and 5th bring special career opportunities or advancement. You are in good rapport with bosses and authority figures. Health needs watching this month, especially until the 20th. Make sure to get enough rest. Children and children figures in your life lack a sense of direction these days. It's natural and normal. Encourage them to resolve doubts and gain clarity. The year ahead is going to be very good for them. Let them not judge by what’s going on now. Finances are not a big deal this month. The empty money house suggests a status quo kind of month. The 3rd and the 30th are strong financial days. Romance might be stressed, but your overall social life is active and happy this month. A good month for friendships, for social media and for being involved with group activities. Also very good for advancing your knowledge of tech, science and computers. College level students seem successful. The retrograde of your spiritual planet from the 4th onwards suggests a need to avoid major changes just yet. Your intuition or dream life needs more study and verification. They are generally correct but need to be interpreted properly.

Moves or renovations are happening this year, but for now, spend more time on planning. Get more information before doing these things to ensure they're realistic. Women of childbearing age are more fertile these days too. The month ahead is a strong financial and career month. This is where the focus should be. You can safely let go of home and family issues and serve your family by succeeding in your career. Your 10th House of career is powerful all month, but especially after the 20th as you enter a yearly career peak. Financial intuition is very sharp on the 1st and 2nd. People at your place of worship or school can play an important role in earnings until the 20th. After the 20th, pay raises and/or promotions are likely (sometimes these are unofficial but the end result is the same - you earn more). The higher ups in your life - bosses, elders, parents or parent figures are kindly disposed to your financial goals. People involved in your career can also be helpful. Watch your health more from the 20th onwards. Rest when tired. Work rhythmically and alternate activities. Do your best to maximize energy levels. Good emotional health is always important for you, but especially now. Keep your mood positive and constructive. Your career planet will move into your 11th House on the 10th. Thus, you have friends in high places helping you. Good use of the online world will be helpful career-wise.

Spring will put a spring in your step - more like a bounce. The fire element, your native element, will be very strong so there will be much action, drama and fun. Health will be wonderful - perhaps too wonderful. Sometimes too much fire will tempt you to push your body beyond its limits. Success in finance this month involves “pruning”. One expands by cutting back - by eliminating redundancies and waste. It is also good to put other people’s financial interests ahead of your own. You prosper by making others prosper. On the 13th, your Financial Planet moves into Aries. This shows risk taking and speculative activity. You’re allured by the “quick buck”. When intuition is on, this can lead to quick profits and speculative success. But if intuition is off, there can be losses. But never mind, this is a month (from the 13th onwards) where you’re developing financial courage. Winning or losing is not the issue. The conquest of fear is the issue. On the 26th and 27th, as your Financial Planet moves over Uranus, sudden money can come to you - probably from an unexpected place and in an unexpected way. The financial life gets very exciting. Foreign travel is in your chart this month, so it is a good month to either travel or plan a foreign trip. It is a good period for college level students as well - there is focus on the studies and this is 90% of the battle. Love awaits you in foreign lands or at educational or religious settings. It looks happy.

Your love life has been turbulent for some months. Your love planet was eclipsed twice in the past 6 months. Relationships have been getting tested. Some have broken up. The good news is that your love aspects are much better than in 2016. Saturn is moving away from his stressful aspect with Neptune (your love planet). There is an interesting romantic meeting on the 4th and 5th. You’re popular these days, You’re focused on others and your social life. You’re there for others. People feel this and respond to it. You’re mixing with high power people. A lot of the socializing seems career related. Venus’s retrograde affects your financial life more than your love life. Be patient in finances. Payments can come late ,but they will come eventually. Avoid major purchases or investments from the 4th onwards. Foreign travel should be avoided this month - the two planets that rule foreign travel in your Horoscope - are retrograde. If you must travel, allow more time to get to and from your destination. Insure your tickets. Do things to protect yourself. On the 13th, Mercury (the Lord of your Horoscope) moves into your 8th House. A great period for weight loss or detox programs. Libido will be stronger than usual. Health needs watching until the 20th, but after that you’ll see dramatic improvement. Head, face and scalp massage - also cranial sacral therapy - will be wonderful. Physical exercise is good too. You need good muscle tone. A happy job opportunity is likely on the 26th or 27th.

Love is the main headline this month. You enter a yearly love and social peak on the 20th, but you will be active socially even before that. 50% of the planets are either in or moving through your 7th House of love this month - a huge, huge percentage. This not only shows a hyper social activity, but also someone who has many, many love choices. Perhaps too many. It can be confusing. With Venus, the Lord of your Horoscope, retrograde from the 4th onwards, the problem is mostly with you. It's hard to make up your mind, hard to decide. Still it will be fun. You get along with all kinds of people - athletes, military people, intellectuals, artists, health professionals and scientific types. Now you lean towards one, now towards another. Clarity will come next month when Venus starts moving forward again. You’re in a very prosperous year, but this month is not your best financial month. The challenges are temporary and you’ll see a big improvement next month. In the meantime, you need to work harder to achieve your financial goals. You will be earning your prosperity this month. Health needs watching from the 20th onwards. The most important thing is to get enough rest. Lack of energy is the primal root cause of all disease. You can enhance your health through foot massage and water-based therapies. Run water - either from faucet or the shower - over any area of the body that bothers you. Long soaks in the bathtub will also be good.

This is the kind of month where you work hard and play hard. Until the 20th, you’re in a yearly personal pleasure peak. A time to explore the fun side of life. It's like a cosmic vacation. Even mundane career activities will be more fun. Perhaps you’re called to meet important clients at the theater or resort or some nice restaurant. Your happiness will bring more success to you. Your 6th House of health and work is powerful all month but especially after the 20th. So this is a good time to handle all those boring detail-oriented tasks that you’ve been putting off. You’re in the mood for work and things will go easier. Both your financial planet and love planet are retrograde this month. This won’t stop earnings, only slow things down a bit. You have an excellent financial intuition, but these days it needs more verification. The important thing is to gain financial clarity. Resolve your doubts before making any important financial decision. Be more patient in love as well. If a current relationship seems to be going backwards instead of forwards, don’t sweat it. Use the space to clarify your love goals and needs. Avoid important love decisions one way or another. Next month things will be clearer and you’ll know what to do. Love is further complicated by Mars in your 7th House (from the 10th onwards). Try not to make matter worse than they need to be - avoid power struggles and arguments.

The home and family situation has been unstable for some months now. Major, major changes going on. Your family planet Neptune, was eclipsed twice in the past 6 months and so the whole situation is being reformed. There have been crises with parents or parent figures and perhaps with other family members. Perhaps repairs were needed in the home. It is good that you are focused on the home and family now. Your 4th House is very strong until the 20th. Career is not a big issue this month. Your career planet, Mercury, is in the 4th House until the 13th. This reinforces what we’ve been saying - your career, your mission, is the family. On the 20th, the Sun moves into your 5th House of children, fun and creativity. This will be a happy period. You will be in a yearly personal pleasure peak. Time to have some fun and spend more time with the children or children figures in your life. Your mission from the 13th onwards is the children. Finance has been good the past few years. It will be even better from the 20th onwards. Many planets in Aries are jazzing up your Financial Planet, Saturn. Earning power is very strong. Mars enters your 6th House of health on the 10th. Physical exercise seems important. You need good muscle tone. Health improves dramatically from the 20th onwards. Love is close to home this month. There is more socializing from home and with the family - especially until the 13th. After the 13th, love is in the usual places - the parties, resorts, places of entertainment. Love doesn’t seem serious now. Its more about fun, games and entertainment.

Capricorns are always ambitious, but this is not a very ambitious kind of month. The year ahead is going to be very successful - Jupiter is moving through your 10th House of career. But right now, career seems directionless. The two planets involved in your career - Venus and Jupiter - are both retrograde this month. Only time will resolve things. In the meantime, focus on the home, family and your emotional well being. With emotional wellness and family stability, your career will go much better in coming months. If you’re planning renovations or construction projects in the home, this is an excellent month for them. Health needs more watching from the 20th onwards. As always, the most important thing is to maintain high energy levels. Make sure to get enough rest. Foot massage is powerful until the 13th. Water-based therapies are also good. Long soaks in a tub or in a natural spring will be a powerful health tonic. After the 13th head, face and scalp massage - and cranial sacral therapy - will be good. Vigorous physical exercise is good. Love doesn’t seem a big deal this month. The status quo will most likely prevail. There is no pressing need to make important love or social changes. The 3rd, 6th, 7th and 30th are powerful love and social days. Finances are excellent this month. There is much prosperity - and probably in sudden kinds of ways. A family member prospers on the 5th and 6th. Money can come to you through a family member too.

Try to avoid foreign travel this month. The two planets involved with this are retrograde. It's OK to plan a trip, but take the trip another time - next month will be better (after the 15th). The summer is probably best. If you must travel - and sometimes life forces us - allow more time to get to your destination. Pay more attention to the little details of the trip. You begin your month in the midst of a yearly financial peak. You always have a good financial intuition, but its especially good on the 4th and 5th. The financial life has undergone many changes in the past 6 months and there will be more in coming months. Your Financial Planet was eclipsed twice. These changes will be ultimately good, but no so pleasant while they happen. It is as if the Cosmos forces the changes (for your own benefit). Still, this month will be prosperous. Students at the college level should avoid making major changes to their major or school. This is a time to get more facts and gain clarity on things. Both the planets involved with college are retrograde. College students are going to be successful in their studies this year (and those about to enter as well). But now is a time for clarity. The same holds true for those of you involved in legal issues. Don’t make major moves yet. Time will resolve things. Students below the college level seem successful. This is also the case with writers, journalists, sales and marketing people. A very active kind of month.

Saturn has been stressing you for over two years now and is still in adverse aspect now. Those of you born late in the sign of Pisces (March 15 to March 20) are feeling it strongly now. For those of you born earlier, the stress is much reduced. This month though is happy and prosperous. You are in one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks. The body is being pampered and you’re enjoying the sensual pleasures. You’re having life on your terms these days. Love opportunities seek you out rather than the other way around. Just go about your daily business and love will find you. If you are in an existing relationship the beloved seems more attentive these days. The month ahead is prosperous. Happy job opportunities are coming until the 20th. After the 20th, you enter a yearly financial peak and it looks stronger than in past years. 50% of the planets are either in or moving through your money house this month. This is a lot of power. Earnings are strong. Money will come through the social and family connections (from the 13th onwards) - family and friends seems very supportive. The financial intuition is always strong but especially on the 1st, 26th and 27th. Your Financial Planet’s move into your 3rd House on the 10th shows that earnings can come from buying, selling, trading and good advertising and PR. The spouse, partner or current love’s earnings are slower this month, but you are taking up the slack. He or she needs to gain mental clarity on finance and this requires time and study.