Meet Trevor Hall. A world famous musician, artist, humanitarian and Spiritual Gangster, Trevor inspires us with his profound lyrics, soul-melting voice, and deep connection to spiritual teachings. Through his extensive travels around the world, Trevor has found inspiration through the presence of art, music, culture, and the experiences that come from opening your heart. In honor of his new album, In and Through the Body, we sat down with the musician to hear some of his life lessons. From our heart to yours, enjoy the magic of this amazing artist.

1. In the spirit of the holiday season, what are three things you feel great gratitude for?


I’m feeling grateful for this time at home. Being a traveling musician, we don’t get too much time in one place so being home has been really special. I’m grateful my family is in good health and also grateful that we’ve had the opportunity to release a new album during this time. 


2. They say that your vibration attracts your community. How does your “village” or community inspire you?


Our community’s openness and acceptance has allowed me to feel free in my expression. This openness and love is something I hope to cultivate in my own heart and everyday life. 


3. Quarantine has been a powerful time to dive deep and do inner work. What is something you have learned about yourself during Quarantine?


I’ve learned how hard it is for me slow down and relax!!! We’ve always been on the go and moving from one thing to the next. I’ve learned a lot about patience and surrender and have worked to cultivate more of those qualities within myself. 


4. How do you show up with love and forgiveness in our world that is often times operating from a place of fear and hate?


I just try and do my best in every situation. If I look too much at the whole picture, I can get overwhelmed by everything going on. I try to bring my attention to the present and doing my best then and there. Taking things slow and a little bit at a time is better than biting off more than we can chew and trying to move quickly. 


 5. What does being a Spiritual Gangster mean to you?


Recognizing your own divinity and not wavering from that place. 


6. Where/what/who inspires you during your writing process?


It is hard to say who or what inspires me. I try to stay open to any and all possibilities. Sometimes, I’ll get a wave of inspiration in a place I least expect it ... like a hotel, or on a long car ride. For me, it is about not building any walls or putting any boundaries on the creative power. Staying open is most important. 


7. Favorite mantra?


Let it happen. 


8. Deepest wish for humanity?


To see ourselves in others and others in ourselves. 


9. What is the best piece of advice you’d like to share for following your passion?


Don’t think. Just do it. You are free. Nobody can keep you from following your passion. Don’t pay attention to others criticism. Stand firm in your own home. All power is within you. 


10. Travel is a huge part of your journey. When the world opens up again, where do you see yourself traveling to first? 


I would like to get back to India and Nepal ... the countries I love most.