July 2017 Horoscopes

July 2017 Horoscopes

Make sure to get enough rest this month - especially until the 22nd. Family issues seem very demanding and can be tiring both physically and emotionally. Finances don’t seem a big deal. After the 5th, the money house is empty. This tends to the status quo. However, there is a nice financial windfall on the 18th and 19th as Venus makes positive aspects with Jupiter. On the 17th and 18th, financial intuitions will come, but verify them before leaping into action. This is a month for making psychological kinds of breakthroughs. Nature herself will insure that old memories come up for resolution. Your 5th House of fun, children and creativity becomes very strong from the 20th onwards. Thus it's party time. Time to enjoy life. You are in a yearly personal pleasure peak. Health will improve dramatically - almost magically - after the 20th. Perhaps some herb or pill will get the credit, but the real reason was the shift in planetary energy. Until the 6th, enhance your health through diet and staying in emotional harmony. After the 6th, give more attention to the heart. A carefree attitude will release worry and anxiety—the two emotions that stress the heart. A night out on the town can do as much good as a visit to the health professional. After the 16th, give more attention to the small intestine. Love is close to home this month—from the 5th onwards. It is there in your neighborhood and perhaps with neighbors. The 18th and 19th bring happy romantic experiences (and opportunities).

Uranus, the planet of sudden change, is moving ever closer to your sign and those of you born early in the sign of Taurus (April 20-23) are feeling the stirrings of it now. In coming years, all of you will be feeling and experiencing it. Your world is getting ready to be turned upside down - and it will be good. Sometimes the only way out of a rut is to blow it up. Taurus is always focused on money, but this month perhaps more than usual. Venus, the Lord of your Horoscope, enters the money house on the 6th and spends the rest of the month there. It should be a prosperous month ahead. Mercury, your Financial Planet, moves speedily this month - he moves through 3 signs and Houses and is back “in bounds” after the 1st. So you are back in your normal financial sphere. Mercury’s speedy motion denotes financial confidence. You make fast progress to your goals. Your spend on your self. You’re more personally involved in finance and not delegating this to others. Family support is strong until the 16th, and you're probably you’re spending more on the home and family too. You seem more of a risk taker from the 6th onwards, but the good news is that you’re enjoying your wealth. Your 4th House of home and family is powerful from the 20th onwards. If you’re planning major repairs or renovations, it's a good time for that (Mars is in your 4th House from the 20th onwards). Career is less important now. Keep the focus on the home and family.

Venus moves into your sign on the 5th and spends the rest of the month there. This gives high glamour to your image - a sense of style. Your social grace is stronger than usual and the opposite sex takes notice. Love is basically happy this month - especially on the 18th and 19th. But with Saturn still in your 7th House, there's no need to rush into anything. This is not a time for marriage. Avoid foreign travel on the 17th and 18th. College students can have dramas at school or with their studies. The month ahead is prosperous. You’re in the midst of yearly financial peak until the 22nd. The 21st seems like a strong financial day. Your Financial Planet, the Moon, is in the money house and also at perigee - her closest distance to earth. Your 3rd House (your favorite House) becomes powerful from the 22nd onwards. A great transit for students below the college level. It is also good for writers, teachers, sales, marketing and PR people. Your communication faculties are supercharged, so learning goes much easier. The only problem with this is you might overdo a good thing. The mind can be easily over stimulated and go round and round - churning and turning - wasting energy and achieving nothing. Health is basically good. Saturn and Neptune are still stressing you out but the short term planets are in positive alignment. Avoid making important changes to the job or health regime. Pluto, your health and work planet, is still retrograde. You can enhance your health even further through detoxing and back and knee massage.

A happy and prosperous month ahead, Cancer. You’re in the midst of a yearly personal pleasure period until the 22nd. Your Financial Planet in your sign brings windfalls and happy financial opportunities - they come with little effort on your part. You look great. Mars and the Sun in your sign give energy and charisma - star quality. You have that gleam in the eye, that others notice. The Sun and Mars give other gifts too. The Sun brings an aura of wealth and prosperity. Mars brings the aura of success. Happy career opportunities are coming, and it could have happened last month too. On the 20th, the Sun enters the money house and you enter a yearly financial peak. The Sun, in his own sign and House, is more powerful than usual. He is comfortable here - thus earning power is stronger. Mars in the money house (from the 20th onwards) brings the financial favor of bosses, elders, parents and parent figures. They are supportive of your financial goals. Pay raises could happen (official or unofficial). The love life is OK until the 22nd but nothing special. But after the 22nd, it starts to become more active. There are many romantic opportunities for singles. Singles are dating more. But with your love planet still retrograde, there’s no need for rushing into anything. Let love develop as it will. Health (another form of wealth) is excellent this month. The Sun and Mars in your sign supercharge you energetically—it's as if you took energy pills. You get things done quickly. You excel in exercise and athletics (at your personal best). Your Health Planet, Jupiter, is now moving forward and its safe to make changes to the diet and health regime.

Internal growth, though invisible, always leads to external growth. And, this is what’s happening this month. Until the 22nd, you’re behind the scenes, so to speak. You’re more involved with spirituality, your connection to the Divine, your spiritual practice. On the 22nd, you will see the results of this in your body and affairs. Mars enters your sign on the 20th and the Sun on the 22nd. You enter a yearly (one of them) personal pleasure peak. It is never wise to disrespect a Leo - they won’t stand for it. Perhaps more than any other sign, Leo knows who he or she is. But now, this high sense of self esteem is even greater. The star quality that Leo has burns even brighter. It is a time for having things your way. Your way is the best way (at least so far as you’re concerned), so create your own happiness. Make the changes that need to be made. It is wonderful to be concerned for others, but its also wonderful to have things your way—to be independent. This is one of those times. Mars in your sign (from the 20th onwards) brings foreign travel and involvement with foreigners. It is a good aspect for college aspirants—they should hear good news. A great period to get the body and image in the shape you want it to be. The month ahead is also prosperous. Studies have shown a strong connection between wealth and self esteem. Mercury, your Financial Planet, will be in your sign from the 6th to the 16th. This brings windfalls and happy financial opportunities. Love becomes much happier from the 22nd onwards.

Love is happy until the 22nd. Singles will date more and attract happy opportunities, but your love planet, Neptune is still retrograde - and he will retrograde for many more months. So enjoy your love life and opportunities, but go slow and don’t rush into anything. Time and time alone will resolve all doubts. Love is OK after the 22nd, but nothing special. You are in a prosperous year (though there have been financial delays) and the month ahead also looks prosperous. Your Financial Planet enters your 10th House on the 5th - this is the highest point in the chart - Venus is thus the “most elevated” planet in the Horoscope. This shows focus. It shows aspiration. Finance is high on your agenda. This tends to lead to prosperity. We get what we focus on - good, bad or indifferent. Jupiter in your money house since last September is also showing prosperity. On the 18th and 19th, Venus will make beautiful aspects to Jupiter and it looks like a nice payday. The Financial Planet in the 10th House often shows pay raises - official or unofficial. Your good professional reputation is like money in the bank and leads to all kinds of other financial opportunities. You have the financial favor or bosses, elders, parents and parent figures. You still seem involved in some big major project. There is a Grand Square in the heaven from the 6th onwards. This denotes “manifestation”. These things are always complicated, but you have the energy for it.

A very active, hectic and successful month. Health needs more care until the 22nd. The demands of your career are strong and you’re working very hard (perhaps overtime) but make sure to schedule some rest periods. Low energy makes you vulnerable to all sorts of problems. Enhance health with foot massage and spiritually oriented therapies. If you feel under the weather, see a spiritual type healer. Health will improve dramatically after the 22nd. In fact you will note improvement after the 6th and the 20th as well. Jupiter now moving forward in your sign shows the good life - a higher standard of living - a person who is indulging in all the physical pleasures. So, keep your health in mind. Your love planet spends most of the month in your 10th House of career (until the 20th). This shows, like last month, mixing with high status kinds of people. You further your career by social means. Likeability, social grace and the ability to get on with others is a major factor in your career. Happily you have these qualities naturally, so the career should be good. You’re still in the midst of a yearly career peak until the 22nd, so the month ahead is successful. Finances are still stressed until the 22nd. Your Financial Planet is receiving difficult aspects and is retrograde to boot. This is not a trend for the year ahead, just a temporary problem. It will pass. Mars will make stressful aspects with Uranus on the 17th and 18th. This can create temporary love problems. Also best to drive more carefully and avoid confrontations. Venus, the Lord of your Horoscope, enters your 9th House on the 5th. This brings travel and educational opportunities.

The power this month is on the day side of your Horoscope. You are a day person now. The focus should be on daytime activities - the career and your outer goals. The month ahead is successful but very hectic. Your 10th House of career becomes very strong after the 22nd. Mars in your 10th House from the 20th onwards shows that you’re working very hard. Aggressiveness pays off in your career. Your good work ethic will impress superiors. Health needs more care from the 20th onwards. Yes, you need to work hard and the demands of career are strong, but schedule some rest and relaxation time too. With a little bit of creativity, it can be done. The good news is that your Health Planet is very elevated from the 20th onwards. This shows that you’re paying attention. On the 17 and 18th, Mars and Uranus are in Square aspect. This can bring a health scare for a family member and sudden changes to your personal health regime. A good idea to avoid confrontation those days as well. This is a dynamic kind of aspect. Until the 20th, health is enhanced by right diet and emotional equilibrium. Good emotional health will bring good physical health. After the 20th, give more attention to the heart. One can work hard and achieve without worry or anxiety. Replace worry with faith. Love doesn’t seem a big issue this month. Venus leaves your 7th House on the 5th. Sexual magnetism seems the most important romantic component. Your spouse, partner or current love is focused on finance and should be successful. Your Financial Planet, Jupiter, is now moving forward greatly improving your financial confidence and judgement. Trust your intuition. Don’t avoid the extra financial burdens on you. If you take them on, help will come in unexpected ways.

Your 8th House is strong until the 22nd, so this is a good time for detox regimes on all levels - physical, emotional and mental. De-clutter your life and watch the improvement in your affairs. The 8th House is about “expanding through cutting back”. Much in the same way that a farmer will increase the yield of a tree by pruning the branches. Eliminate what doesn’t belong in your life. Uranus is getting ever closer to your 6th House of health and work. It is not there yet, but will be in future years. Those of you born early in the sign of Sagittarius (November 22-25) are already feeling the upcoming changes. Job changes - probably serial ones - are happening. If not this year, then in future years. There are also important changes happening in your health regime too. In the meantime, job prospects are bright - especially on the 18th and 19th. Venus enters your 7th House of love on the 5th this shows some romantic involvement or opportunity. It can be a friend, someone you meet online or someone you work with. Your love planet, Mercury, speeds through the heavens this month. He moves through 3 signs and Houses. This shows confidence in love - someone who makes fast social progress. But it also shows “fickleness”. Your needs and desires in love change quickly. Those involved with Sagittarius romantically have trouble keeping up. Until the 6th, it is sexual magnetism that matters most. After the 6th, philosophical and religious compatibility matters. You need to be on the same page philosophically. After the 16th, you’re allured to power and prestige.

Health still needs more attention until the 22nd. Until the 6th, diet and emotional harmony are important. It's also important to have harmony in your love life and with friends. From the 6th to the 16th, detox regimes are important. The heart needs more attention. After the 16th, give more attention to the small intestine. Health and energy will improve after the 22nd. Love and libido are the main headlines this month. You’re still very much in a yearly love and social peak until the 22nd. For singles, there are at least 3 important romantic prospects this month. You’re allured to various types of people these days - intellectuals, health professionals, athletes and family kinds of people. The perigee of your love planet on the 21st looks like an especially strong romantic day. The Full Moon of the 9th and the New Moon of the 23rd will also be powerful days. Your social magnetism is extra strong. Uranus, your Financial Planet, is still in Aries right now (where he’s been for many years) but he’s getting very close to Taurus. Next year he will enter Taurus. You’re getting ready for more stability in your financial life. You’ve been very much the risk taker for the past 7 years. You’re getting ready for some change. In the meantime, finances will greatly improve after the 22nd. Until then, you just have to work harder to achieve your goals. Venus’ trine to Jupiter on the 18th and 19th brings career success and fun. Children or children figures in your life prosper.

Love and work are the main headlines this month. Both are enjoyable and successful. There is a strong focus on health until the 22nd and this is good. The preventives you take then will keep you in balance after the 22nd when health is more stressed. As always, the important thing is to get enough rest (especially after the 22nd). The social demands are strong and you seem hyperactive, but try to schedule some rest periods too. Job seekers have at least 3 opportunities this month, and even if you are already employed, there are outside opportunities coming. Children and children figures have a strong financial month until the 22nd. They are in a yearly financial peak. A parent or parent figure has a nice payday on the 18th and 19th. If you’re buying or selling a home, those days seem very fortunate. Your love life, as we mentioned, is happy and active. But Mars in your 7th House could complicate things. Avoid power struggles and arguments - they can escalate beyond what you think. The 20th and 21st bring a brief spat with the spouse, partner or current love. It will clear the air, and harmony is restored next month. Finances are good until the 22nd, but Neptune is still retrograde so financial decisions and investments need more homework. Neptune’s retrograde is slowing earnings, but not stopping them. After the 20th, you have to work harder to achieve your financial goals. If you put in the extra work, you will prosper.

With your Financial Planet, Mars, in your 5th House of children, fun and creativity, it's not hard work that brings in the cash—it’s the enjoyment of what you do. The act of money making needs to be fun and it seems like it is. This position shows “happy money” - money that is earned joyfully and money that is used to enhance the joy of life. There are other ways to read this too. It can show the financial support of children (if they are of appropriate age). Often it shows spending more on the children or the children figures in your life. In many cases it is the children that are the motivating force behind earnings. Sometimes financial ideas come “out of the mouth of babes”. Your 5th House of fun is powerful until the 22nd. Thus you’re in one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks. The message of the Horoscope is - stay happy, stay creative and finances will fall into place. On the 22nd, the Sun enters your 6th House and you’re in the mood for work. The party is over. You work because you want to and not so much because you have to. You will be more productive at your present job. Whether you are employed or unemployed, there are job opportunities coming to you. Your Financial Planet will enter your 6th House on the 20th, thus money comes in the normal way - through work - through your job - perhaps through overtime or through side jobs. Health is good all month.