See Your Aura With HALO Auragraphic

See Your Aura With HALO Auragraphic

From the moment we first stumbled upon aura photography, we had a million questions—and knew that we needed to try it out ASAP. Fortunately, it didn't take long to find an aura photography studio (we love LA), and the couple behind HALO Auragraphic made us fall even more in awe of the mystical medium. Between their awe-inspiring portraits and spot-on readings, we had the chance to sit down and dig a little deeper into how it all works. 

Okay, let’s start with the basics. What IS an aura?
An aura is an electromagnetic field of energy radiating from the body. It's something that's not visible to most people but some people have the ability to see auras. One of the first books on the subject, written in the 1920's, was titled "The Human Atmosphere" and I think that describes what the aura is quite nicely.  

How do you read someone’s aura? And how can you capture it on camera?
Each color holds unique meaning, as does the size of the aura, and the placement of the colors within the aura add another layer of meaning. To capture the aura in our photos, we use special silver hand sensors that hook up to our camera that are built to measure your body's electromagnetic energy directly from the meridian points in your hands. You place your hands on the sensors while we take your photo and hold still for up to 12 seconds for a double exposure. The second exposure reads your energy and sends it through the camera onto film. 

Can an aura change completely, or do people have certain colors that are always present?
Auras can definitely change but it's different for everyone. Some people's auras can change from day to day, week to week or with phases of life. Other people's auras stay very consistent over long periods of time and don't change much. So, it really depends on each person and how they experience the world. It's fascinating to see. Everyone tends to have one or sometimes two core colors that represent them best and these colors can sometimes stay with them for life. Sometimes these colors will show up in the photos as the color closest to your head along with other colors that can change or fluctuate based on whats going on in your life.

We’d love to know more about how you got started with reading auras— how did HALO begin?
In 2012 one of our favorite artists, Carlo Van de Roer, made a book called, 'The Portrait Machine', of aura portraits that he had taken of friends, family and fellow creatives, exploring the idea that a camera could possibly give insight into a person's character. It's a gorgeous book and it was really inspiring to me, and for a long time, I kept thinking about how this would be such an amazing thing to do and share with people. As an artist, musician and truth seeker, there was something about this particular medium of auras on film that really resonated with me on both a spiritual and artistic level. I started reading and researching everything I could about auras and energy. Then about a year and a half ago, almost out of nowhere, I came upon one of the cameras and I took it as a sign and started HALO.

What’s the most surreal aura reading experience you’ve had or seen?
It's hard to pick just one! There have been unexplained anomalies that have appeared in some photos such as orbs, patterns and shapes of light, but the most surreal ones to me have been the people who have had a really profound connection with the experience—some have been blown away at how accurately it described where they were at in life and a few people have started to cry. 

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