Demystifying Vastu Feng Shui

Demystifying Vastu Feng Shui

Think about how you feel at the end of a really great yoga session. Michael Mastro aims to bring the same free-flowing sense of inspiration and vitality to your home through an ancient Indian Feng Shui practice called Vastu. Here, he breaks down the core principles and easy ways to take your spring cleaning to the next level this year.

First, could you tell us a bit about the principles of Vastu? 

We call Vastu “Yoga for your Home or Office”. Vastu identifies and eliminates the stress that impedes your success. It is the 7000 year old science of living in harmony with nature that aligns you and your environment with two forces: the positive magnetic energy that comes from the north and the positive solar energy that comes from the east. When you are aligned with these forces of nature and the five elements—earth, water, fire, air and space—you experience a balance and harmony that supports your success and fulfillment. About 2500 years ago, the science of Vastu was carried over the mountains from India to China by Buddhists monks, where it was adapted to the local culture and climatic conditions of the time and became known as Feng Shui. In my opinion the positive changes we all want—better health, improved relationships, career success and abundance—come more quickly and are more lasting with Vastu.

Vastu consultations end with an offering and prayer — could you explain a bit more about the ceremony?

The blessing and prayers done at the end of a Vastu home or office consultation comes from the Vedas, a sacred, ancient body of knowledge from India that is also the source of yoga. The blessing involves clearing environmental stress and awakening the energetic balance of the five elements so they support the success of all your endeavors.

What are the most important areas of focus for people who want to make their home more Vastu compliant?

A few tips to make your home more Vastu compliant are:
1. Align your desk to face north or east for optimum productivity.
2. Reduce the clutter in all areas of your home as clutter blocks the flow of positive energy that supports your fulfillment.
3. Place the head of your bed on a south, east or west wall to support better health and improved sleep.

For a complete elimination of environmental stress, a certified Vastu practitioner trained to improve energy flow and rectify all imbalances will enhance the quality of your life and success.

Is there an ideal position for your bed for restful sleep?

Your headboard should be on any wall except north. Our body is like a magnet with the positive polarity in the head. If you sleep with your headboard on a north wall, it's like bringing two positive ends of a magnet together — they repel. This disturbs your breathing, circulation and blood flow, causing stress in the body, which affects the quality of your sleep.

Any tips for making your desk at the office more conducive to productivity? 

Your desk is a microcosm of your entire office and it should be set up so that you receive maximum support for productivity and career growth. Vastu is a directional science. Use a compass app on any smart phone to identify the directions and proper placement. Position yourself so that you face north or east while you are working. Place incoming correspondence and new work on the NE part of your desk. Place your phone and other electrical items on the SE part of your desk. Place work in progress on the SW part of your desk. Place completed items on the NW part of your desk. These placements will support good energy flow for your success.

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