Demystifying Essential Oils with @SajeWellness

Demystifying Essential Oils with @SajeWellness

photo by @leefromamerica

Whether you've created an Instagram-worthy eucalyptus shower — or simply smelled a lemon — you know that there's something to aromatherapy. But, have you ever stopped to ask yourself how essential oils are made or the best ways to use them in your everyday? We tapped the experts at Saje to answer your questions (okay, ours too) about the power of plants.


Let’s start with the basics—what are essential oils?

Similar to our basic human needs, plants need to protect themselves, maintain a strong immune system and reproduce in order to grow in their environment. On a molecular level, plants have hundreds of compounds that help them survive and thrive in their unique environments. Essential oils are simply a concentration of these compounds, extracted through the distillation process and recognized as the guiding energy of a plant. In their purest form, essential oils are 80 times more powerful than the plant itself.


How are they used?

A common misconception many people have when they hear the word aromatherapy is that you need to inhale essential oils to receive their benefits. While that’s true, essential oils can be blended with a carrier oil to allow for application directly on the skin. At Saje, we pre-blend 100% natural essential oils with the perfect amount of carrier oil to create synergistic and wholistic treatments for your entire body that are safe for your skin.

Each oil blend is prepared with ingredients from nature that best support a specific area of your wellness. We also recognize that our bodies are extremely intuitive. We use the guiding mantra: ‘your nose knows’ as an invitation to let your mind, body and spirit work in harmony and lead you to the blends that are right for you. 


What are the benefits of essential oils in your daily life?

Anything you apply to the skin – our largest organ – gets absorbed. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that the products you’re using both on your skin and inside your space are made from natural ingredients. It’s also why we feel passionate about making the healing power of plants accessible, convenient and easy.


By diffusing essential oils daily, you bring the healing power of plants into the air you breathe. Using an ultrasonic diffuser creates a rapid transit to nature within the four walls of your home. Adding moisture and essential oils to your indoor environment gives you access to the same kinds of benefits you experience while standing beside a waterfall or the ocean.


How has using them regularly impacted your everyday life?

When we’re not able to physically get our bodies into nature, we can use 100% natural products as a way to feel connected with it. Think about how you’d feel taking deep breaths in the middle of an evergreen forest, or how you feel when you’re next to the ocean. Nature has the power to change your perspective and transport you to a place of wellness and possibility. In this way, they also support our spiritual and mental wellbeing.


Do you need to use them regularly to reap the benefits?

Recognizing our bodies are extremely intuitive, we recommend trying different oil blends at different times throughout the day and seeing which one the body responds to most positively. We like to say: the nose knows. The olfactory system is an incredible communicator and can help tell you what your body needs.  


Okay, now let’s talk blends: Which oils blend together well for…

Stress and anxiety?

We recommend taking a Saje Breath when moments of stress kick in. Roll Stress Release onto your palms, rub them together and then breathe deeply. This will immediately take you to a place of calm because of its mood-balancing blend of geranium, lavender and roman chamomile. When you’re connected to nature, your body releases endorphins which elevate happiness and naturally lift your mood.

The office?

Peppermint Halo is a great introduction to natural medicine, and has been our number one for 25 years. You can feel the cooling and tingling effect of this soother almost instantly – roll it around your hairline in a halo shape, down your neck and upper back. It’s a great revitalizer when you hit that 3pm slump or if you have been sitting at a desk all day.


Diffusing blends with citrus will create an instantly uplifting environment and naturally compliment the aromas of your food. We recommend diffusing Liquid Sunshine which contains lime, bergamot, and grapefruit to fill your space with a cheery radiance and uplift the spirits of all guests. 

Cold/flu season?

To give yourself the vitality you need to battle a cough or cold, we recommend Fortify Antitussive (Cough Suppressant) Oil Blend Rub. Simply roll on the powerful healing benefits of eucalyptus and tea tree found in the blend to create a layer of soothing protection. 

For relaxation?

You can mist your space with Stress Release Mist to create the ultimate relaxation haven with the help of mood-balancing geranium, lavender and roman chamomile. We love it on our pillows and in our living spaces.

We also recommend turning on your ultrasonic diffuser an hour before bed with Unwind Diffuser Blend or Tranquility Diffuser Blend to trigger your mind that it’s time to unwind.


Why do they all affect you in different ways?

Depending on the plant source, essential oils have different intrinsic qualities that connect us to a variety of healing properties. For example, Frankincense, in its purest form is spicy, warm and woodsy which serves as the perfect grounding tool. On the other hand, Peppermint oil brings a distinct cooling sensation to an environment while inspiring feelings of clarity.


Any other words of wisdom for people who want to get started with essential oils?

The first step to easily incorporating aromatherapy into your day is as simple as allowing your intuition to guide you. Whatever aroma you’re gravitating towards is likely what your body needs most that day.

When we connect with nature, we see the bigness of the world. We can stand back, gain a clearer perspective and see the possibilities. Essential oils allow us to tap into the intention in our heart and support the manifestation our wildest dreams.