Treat Yourself at Now Massage

Treat Yourself at Now Massage

As summer approaches, our busy schedules are allowed to take a back seat to slowing down and treating ourselves. All year long, we are non-stop with work, school, family, and exercise. Summertime is an opportunity to take a mental, physical, and spiritual pause and simply focus your love and attention on yourself. We believe that when we nurture ourselves, we are able to be more loving, compassionate, and energized towards the world around us. That's what we call raising our vibration.



Our favorite Los Angeles based massage boutique, Now Massage, is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and get back to your roots.



What makes Now Massage so special is not only the eclectic decor, beautiful natural light, and unique services, but it's affordability. With massages starting at $35, we love how each massage can be customized with add on’s like the Kama (Love), the Sukhin (Happy), and the Atman (Spirit) which infuses the massages with organic jasmine oils, essence of water lily, sandalwood, sweet almond, and lavender oils to name a few. You leave feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and nourished, from the inside out. 




Start your summer in a glow of health.

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