Festival Essentials with Sonya Esman

Festival Essentials with Sonya Esman


Music is the heartbeat of the earth. It brings people together and spreads happiness through blissful vibrations. That’s why we’re so excited that music festival season is here at last! With our favorite bands, beautiful destinations, amazing style and new harmonies to be discovered, this is our favorite time of year. 


From Indio to Chicago, New York to Australia, and everywhere in between, style blogger Sonya Esman has the perfect music festival essentials to keep you fresh, stylish and feeling your most inspired.


Sonya is music festival ready in our Choose Happiness Favorite Tank 


Sonya shared with us her music festival survival tips, what being a Spiritual Gangster means to her, and the soundtrack to her life. 





What are your 5 survival kit essentials for music festival season?

- Lip Balm with SPF

- Dry Shampoo

- Phone Charger (JUST in case)

- Disposable Camera

- Band-aids



What does being a Spiritual Gangster mean to you?

To me, being a Spiritual Gangster means being a modern day badass! Someone who is extremely conscious, is a leader instead of a follower, and is in sync with their truest and highest self. It means seamlessly bringing together our modern day society with the ancient wisdom shared with us by yogis and healers. Being a Spiritual Gangster means exuding undeniable internal beauty.



What song is the soundtrack to your life right now?

I think everyone needs to listen to the song Sincerely by Stephen. He's one of my favorite artists. When I first heard the lyrics to this song, my eyes just about popped out of my head. His lyrics were so truthful and perfectly captured my thoughts. We need more artists spreading this type of positive and powerful message! 


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